5 ton, gvm truck its 3.1 tons, uh curb weight, and so its got a payload of 2.5 ton. This trucks been imported by JMC Jackson, motor company in in Tasmania theyre, made by Jac a Chinese company Jac. Also make diesel trucks theyve just started importing this electric version. You can see the batteries down the bottom here, theres 97 kilowatt hour of lithium ferrofosphate under here, and these battery packs have a gap in between so aluminum Box by the look of it. Uh might actually be steel uh with with air in between which means air cooled and a very simple nice design of how to air cool this battery. Also, just a few bolts along here looks like you: can remove this battery pack, this battery pack separately and replace them if required. I noticed this here. I looked up what this is. It looks like its a an isolation device, so yeah pull pull this handle down. This thing comes out: your battery is then completely isolated and safe to work on now. Jac would make the chassis and then in Australia, theyve put on this canopy or whatever you call it up the top here. So Im not imagining is black is Jac the aluminum. There is Australian. What theyve done here looking in from behind you can see the again. The the black areas would have been the Jac and the the metal up on top is whats, been added in Australia. Foreign Drive got a diff there and a reasonably short drive, shaft and then back behind.

There is a motor. Its a direct drive straight into here are the two battery packs on the other side cut four all together, I can see some instructions here on how to tilt the cab up. This is dangerous. Giving me instructions like this. Okay, so from the front of the of the vehicle theres, the motor, and just in front of that, we have a couple of of boxes of electrical tricks under the cab. We have our big box of electrical tricks and it is connected to the charging socket here. Im guessing that this is our charger Music for DC and AC, and underneath the the tray there in front of the motor Im guessing that those will be the the controller for the motor and probably something else. Maybe a DC DC converter. Something like that foreign going into here. If this is the charger, they do say, itll charge up pretty quickly, so that makes sense cools it through fan down here. Radiator Music. This here is probably a brake booster by the look of it has power. Steering that looks like the steering column comes down into here, and so, if I trace those two gray tubes along okay, so one of those comes into this Reservoir. The other one comes along here, turned into a red tube and they both go into. Oh focus focus there, we go, they both go into that device there. So I think that must be the the steering power steering pump, underneath that looks like another pump reckon thats the pump for the radiator water, so the tube then comes up and goes into the the charger there in the other direction.

It goes into the radiator foreign side. Here we have a nice cubby hole here with a drink, bottle, holder, ashtray, washer, refill space, theres, no glove box, two seats here for passengers, two seat belts in here we have some cup holders the display its a reasonable Dash space. Here, behind the seats, there is a cubby back here, its its nice and large, go to the maps and all sorts of things and up the top theres a place up here also got a strap all sorts of things in here and theres another one of those Over the drivers seat as well cup holders in the middle spot there for your lock and the same storage space on the drivers door so to drive it has this type of key: you go up to it and you can see theres a lock there. So thats pretty obvious what you need to do with that get in the truck lets turn it on see what happens so if we turn it to accessories. Ah not much happens, but this screen lights up. Okay, so next key position is on. I get some noises. We also have this screen in the middle here which is subject to Reflections its not always the easiest to see, but its its reasonable can normally figure it out state of charge. 69 motor speed motor current trip, a so were done, 57, kilometers so far, and the odometer of 1085., the Neco in the middle, is uh neutral and were in eco mode.

Its saying on that fuel gauge. It looks like about half but up the top. It says 69, so who knows what to believe the gauge on the left is battery temperature. This has been sitting idle all night, so its um just sitting there like that. If it gets too hot, then it wont charge turn it. Ah, so now were on on. At the moment, if we turn it to Ill put my foot on the brake and turn it to start that ready little green came up there and now were getting some noises from outside. So the noise we can hear now appears to be steering and the way I reason I say that is. If I do this, then it changes. So it sounds like its got. A hydraulic power steering and that pump runs the whole time and and makes a bit of noise, which means this truck makes noise just sitting here whenever its on its nice, because you you realize its on, I put my foot on the brake. Then a pump comes on. I can hear that I dont think its air brakes, but Im not actually sure I cant hear any air, but then maybe you dont these days either way it has brakes. I have my seat belt on and the door will close now. You can see there the current its drawing one amp Music, presumably that so the current right here. So the current and the power meter should say more or less the same thing, just in slightly different ways when youre driving its difficult to read the the central readout.

Here but its easy to read the the dials and so your power yeah. If you cant read the little current, then you can read the power meter and the state of charge. If you cant read that, then you can read the the big gauge over to the right hand, so you probably dont need to see the middle all that much oh, it is useful actually to see if youre in gear or not, okay, uh. Now we have a manual handbrake very nice. I like that the gear stick has a button on the side which you need to press to go into reverse otherwise neutral and drive. So to put it into drive, we press the foot on the brake and go backwards. Like so, and to when I did that I was in neutral and I went to drive like so to go into reverse. You need to go back to neutral. First then hold the button and Go reverse Music in Reverse. It has this camera over here. I think thats been added in Australia, but the reversing camera is way over there, which is probably where its meant to be for a uh a left hand, drive vehicle for a right hand, drive vehicle. I found thats quite a stretch to to look right over there to see in the reversing camera. Itd be nice if theyd put it here, lets do a quick demonstration of what this Dash looks like just really slowly, because I cant put the camera in a place where you can see it while Im, probably properly driving, okay, so to go into drive.

I put my foot on the brake, pull that back in to drive. It now says, drive and Echo. Take my foot off the brake and I dont go anywhere so this doesnt have creep this vehicle. So when I push my foot down on the accelerator, then something happens and off it goes so that current there is reading all the four amps you can hear the noise thats a manufactured noise Ill stop in a second, and it will stop. You get the idea of what the foreign get the idea of what the dash does anyway and break on its a neutral turn it off and the noises stop, and you know youre off so Ive set up here to do a drive by sound test, its fairly Quiet in this position here and well see what its like, when I drive the truck past, find somewhere to turn around okay. So you might have noticed the noise there. It was generating, though so thats a a pedestrian warning noise. It generates it at below 25 kilometers. An hour, and so as youre driving along the road here, youll notice, theres no noise, and then I get down to 25 kilometers an hour and the noise Cuts in Music other than that. The main noise is the crunch of the gravel on the road join me.