So does it really exist very possibly boys you ready to go Im, Erin Baker, a motoring, journalist, broadcaster and Mum. I faced the same challenge. Everyone else does right now, spinning too many plates. I need a car thats, a fuss free extension of my life, but I also want a car thats fun to drive with Cutting Edge Tech and, crucially, for an electric car has excellent range. What I dont want is to spend all my money on it. The mg4 genuinely looks like it ticks those boxes, its long, wheelbase and thin batteries give it an impressive amount of boot space which is ideal for stuff. In this case, sleepover stuff, bmg4 EV, is packed with safety. Kit options include blind spot warning, Lane departure warning and even rear cross traffic alert, which tells you, if youre backing out into a busy road and its pretty handy super on boys. Now Tech is a really important part of any car, and mg has absolutely nailed it in front of me. Ive got a really cool, futuristic, glass screen with speed and useful information, and over here on this much bigger home screen, Ive got the status of the battery date. The time things like apple, carplay, navigation, its all, really clean and crucially, simple. To use right lets go Music. This is a really great family car in the back theres loads of space. For my kids and up front, you even get the choice of heated seats and my personal favorite heating steering wheel, foreign Music, Music thats.

The kids dropped off Im heading off to meet friends for dinner foreign driving. This car, who wouldnt normally associate electric cars with something thats fun to drive, but the mg4 EV is just that. Its got 50 50 weight distribution, which means its incredibly planted on the road. Its also got rear wheel drive, which gives it a really sporty character and quite a lot of fun, just coming up to a corner, and I cant resist giving it a bit of a bit of Welly. I mean thats, just incredible. Its got sports car like performance, but its a family, hatchback people normally think with an electric car that the trade off for having something thats fun to drive and quite rapid, is a massive drop in electric range. But thats not the case with the mg4 EV, its good for up to 281 miles on just one charge, which is more than enough for most peoples weekly needs Music and for those who do Venture further afield. The mg4eb comes equipped with a quick charge.