Well, a lot of people been calling for a fully electric jeep for some time, and I, for one, am actually quite excited that the way theyve chosen to integrate that into their platform is in a smaller model. Why? Well? Because we know with electrics its all about weight and then range, so if you want to get the best efficiency out of the battery the smaller the car, the lighter the car, the better the performance of weight versus rain, its a very cute package. Now I know that the use of that word is really going to upset traditional Jeep drivers, but, like all brands, you have to diversify and I think there are an absolute Legion of people who grew up wanting one of these things because of the idea of it. But practically speaking, they dont really want an off road car that you can remove the windshield on they like the styling and they like the idea of it and that you really get in buckets in this car. If, if youve got a better word to describe what youre looking at than cute Id like to hear it, it looks like a Jeep, you could kind of pick up and put in your pocket, doesnt it and the whole styling throughout kind of speaks to that. This is built in Poland and theyve gone with as much integration in terms of the design everything being built in as they possibly can for two reasons.

First, because it gives it much better crash ratings. Obviously passenger roll off, hopefully passenger, did I say passenger. I meant pedestrian, hopefully youre not going to be hitting too many of those, but if you do, this design is particularly friendly to them. Also interesting. This integrated, lower design section here this is built to not show scuffs. Apparently, if you scratch it, it should take care of itself, so they shouldnt show up. In this finish, you have this highly metallic silver matched and paired with this really rugged industrial. Looking matte dark gray in the bottom. I, like it Ive, never been fully and completely convinced about the gloss black that so many new electric vehicles seem to favor, but its nicely contrasted here with the silver and the gray. So again, the word that is leaping up into my mind is cute. Sorry, if that doesnt make you happy Jeep but thats kind of what it is, it looks perky you kind of want to give its cheek a little pinch. Dont you four meters, eight or 161 inches short and compact from the side. The 18 inch wheels well Im. Actually, a pretty big fan of those, because I really am a little bit bored of overly sized wheels that lead to a less comfortable ride. So, as you can see, with these nice industrial wheel, arches theyre still more than sufficient space here for decent sized tires to give you a comfortable ride. Ground clearance here is actually a full 20 centimeters thats around about eight inches, so plenty of room according to Jeep.

You really can take this thing off. Road theyve got a pretty good approach and departure angle on the front and rear. So in theory, this might turn out to be every bit as much fun as it looks well from the point of view of the side. Aesthetic again, I think the styling is absolutely great, a nice mixture of rugged very purpose, filling materials with still this highly metallic paint. Now this one is front wheel, drive, theyre, teasing us a little later about a concept, its always difficult to know how much stock to put in Concepts, but I think, later on, they might well be introducing an all wheel, drive version of this as well yeah. I just dont know lets not get carried away at the end of the day. It might go off road within reason, but look at it small, agile and fun thats. What I want from this car, I dont need anybody to convince me. Its got serious off road credentials, Im pretty sure Jeep have a fairly good lineup if thats what you want out of the car, this shouldnt really be going anywhere a lot more adventurous than the odd field for a very small camping trip, but other than that loving The high gloss black finish roof, in contrast with the side and again that utilitarian base The Styling on this car is just fun, fun and more fun round at the back, and this is of course, where the Jeep credibility starts to wane a little bit its a Small car theres, not so much industrial design that you can put into the rear of one of these things so just out of interest.

If I cover up that logo – and you have a really good look at the rear of this car, could you still tell me it was a Jeep now one of the design features they put into it that they say helps you with. That is the rear light design see this x here that is supposed to be reminiscent to the X on top of an old design. Jerry can so that speaks a little bit to Jeeps Heritage. Well, I have to tell you Im pleased their marketing literature told me that, because theres nowhere in a million years, I would guess it just by looking at the design but again cute fun, cheeky liking. The no messing around industrial base on this thing. That really does make me feel I can get some mud and some scuffs on it and its going to be absolutely fine and the rest of it just looks great 54 kilowatt hour battery should deliver an effective range of between three and four hundred kilometers or around About 200 miles well have to wait and see, but the overall charging potential should let you go from between 20 to 80 percent charge in around about 24 minutes at full speed. So what happens when you take a look in this thing? Well, the first thing we have to do is give this door a couple of opening shots, reason being actually thats. Pretty pleasing Jeeps can be somewhat Industrial in their construction and lets.

Take a look. Well, no surprises at all disappointments here, hard plastic, but if theres one place I really enjoy seeing that truthfully in a car, it isnt a Jeep, because every time I look at one even this one Im thinking about climbing into it covered from head to toe in Mud, so I want to be able to clean it really easily. So this approach Im a fan of this approach, meaning the seats leaves me more than a bit confused Jeep. Instead of going full speed and saying, listen were going to go with a fully synthetic interior, easy to keep clean, sustainable blah blah blah have used a mixture of synthetic materials and leather Im more than a bit mystified as to why theyve done this, it would have Made much more sense to have jumped one way or the other, I guess, by using synthetic instead of leather throughout they keep the price down. Im. Also willing to bet that the synthetic material is easy to keep clean, but Im also willing to bet that their test subjects have said they just dont like the way that their synthetic material works now synthetics get better day to day. But you do have to spend a bit of money if you want to get ones that feel nice, so that is the overall idea I have as to why weve ended up with a slightly confusing approach to the seats. They look pretty basic theres, nothing really to get that excited about, except for the ubiquitous Jeep branding, its very industrial and basic.

These hard materials run right throughout the interior of this cabin, but it is kind of exactly what I would want from a cheap Avenger. No Frills, no Bells no whistles, and thank goodness, I still have plenty of actual buttons to push here, and the steering wheel still feels very much like a Jeep. The displays can go from seven inch to 10.25, depending on how much money you want to Splash out here, as you can see in the show model, obviously its got the best equipment fitted slightly lower down. Weve got these solid buttons theyre nicely integrated this. I am really not a fan of I like Innovation and new ideas, but really Im like come on guys, its basically an iPad cover and, as we all know, they dont last more than 10 minutes, but more than that whos going in this car Im willing to Bet you theres going to be a child sitting there, its just not going to last two minutes. Is it so? I applaud The Innovation. I, like it slightly different thinking, but realistically that doesnt work for me at all that said, masses of storage down here, USBC charge port, regular, USB and plenty of space for everything else you you could want to keep there. So in some. As far as the cockpit experience of this car is concerned, I would say, if youre buying this car, because its a Jeep youre going to be happy its every bit as stripped back and basic and agricultural as you would expect, but with enough design and Flair, not To make you feel like you should be driving around a farm instead of to your local supermarket, but if you want refinement a little modernity and things that are just really nice and well put together, this is not for you.

It really does feel like a car. You should be leaping in covered in mud and not caring at all, while youre just grinning and laughing your way around. Whatever field youve happened to find yourself in the back, doesnt bring any massively huge surprises either. The Styling continues back through here, and the only question is its a small car. Is it still practically usable? Yes, happy to say? Yes, the rear seats are not enormous, but once you actually adjust the headrest theres a reasonable amount of rear Headroom here for a small vehicle Im, not the worlds. Smallest Sky, Im, five foot, ten or 178 centimeters and, as you can see, Ive got enough space. Now. Look at my legs. I have very, very, very small legs. If youre over six feet, you are not going to enjoy life back here, but its a small car and, I think, thats a very reasonable expectation, so in keeping with the rest of the car comfortable fun easy to keep clean utilitarian basic youre not going to care. This, however, I suspect you are going to care about. This is the boot which contains 300 180 loads liters of space, well, its a very small car. So you only need to make sure theres really enough room back here for your shopping and I think theres more than enough of that. Given that you have to accommodate that 54 kilowatt battery, it still gives you a low depth of 67 centimeters or around about 20.

Oh 26 inches and then the load width on this thing is around about 93 centimeters or approximately 37 inches, so for a small car, not bad at all. If we have a look underneath whoops, you can see that we do have. Is that a drop down shelf? Can we have that in more than one position – yeah actually thats, really nice, so you can increase your load space a little bit now. Obviously, youve seen that in lots of other cars before but its nice to see it featured in a small car, and I also like the quality of this shelf. It feels nice and solid and not just put there as an afterthought. You also angle it we can so under that theres. Even yet more storage and Im wondering if you could realistically fit a charge cable down there. I think it might be extremely challenging. So my suspicion is for most of the time, youre going to keep that in its upright position. So you can put your charging stuff underneath, but you know what for an everyday electric vehicle, I think thats more than enough space isnt it. Clearly the seats fold down in a 60 40 configuration Ill show you that just now just so, you can get a sense of that extra room. Aha, now I experienced this in small cars a lot you put big older children in the back theyre, just the headrests and then just when its pouring down with Ren, and you need to fold down the seats you cant, because youve got to mess with that.

First, its all part of small car fun guys you dont, like it, get a bigger car. This meanwhile well the seats predictably do not fold flat, so youre really going to struggle putting a bigger package back in here that takes up a significant amount of volume. But that said, you still get a pretty decent load through rate, so the absolute most Im really going to be able to fit into this thing is probably around about 133 centimeters, so 1 meter 33 or about 52 inches of depth. But are you really using this car for that? I dont think so. What I would need to know is, could I add a pinch, fit three children in the back of this thing and a dog in the boot, and the answer to all of that is: yes, three children might be complaining a bit dogs got more than enough space. Moral of the story: if youre a family dog, maybe convince your owner. This is a good small car to go for plenty of room. Take out the parcel shelf.