Now the x1s been around for a little while we know that it is the companys smallest SUV, but it is still out there offering really decent practicality in a sort of family crossover. Suv package, so it has got high expectations on that front and well. It should because this pure electric one costs from 52 and a half thousand pounds in the UK, so its not a cheap car. I would add that that is very much On a par with Rivals like the Mercedes eqa and the Audi Q4 e tron, so its not like BMW sticking its neck out on that front. These cars are just expensive now, so this flush grill that youve got here is one of the defining features of the ix1, and you also get the sort of little blue highlights that are also a good Tell Tale sign of the electric models in the BMW range. I dont know that I would say that the ix 1 or any of the X1 models is a particularly pretty, I think, theyre quite distinctive. I suppose I mean BMW styling language is a bit divisive at the moment, but I have to say I think that the X1 is at least its pretty understated. I dont think its offensive so on that basis its expensive, its powerful, but the range looks pretty decent. So lets find out what its like inside the ix 1 gets a healthy 500 liter boot space with a small cubby for storing your cables, theres no storage space in the nose of the car, though, as you get with Rivals like the Tesla Model y.

As for rear seats, there is a good amount of Headroom and knee room, but the floor feels quite high, so those with long legs can feel a little bit uncomfortable Im going to start by talking about the interior of the ix1, because I think this is a Pretty special place actually – and I think in this class I think maybe the eqa is kind of up there for the kind of Ambience and general finish in the cabin, but the ix1 is really really lovely. I particularly like in high end specs, you get this nice wireless charging thing with ambient lighting all around. It looks really lovely, of course, operating system eight. Now we saw this first in the BMW IX. The ix 1 also gets it complete with this really nice curved screen completely touch screen infotainment there and youve got your variable drivers readout on this screen. Here it works really well now you do not get a rotary control for the infotainment system, as you do on the older iDrive systems, instead, its all via this touchscreen, including the climate control, which I know some people might not be a fan of what I would Say is that BMWs got the controls for the climate permanently visible? They never disappear, no matter what you do on the screen and its really easy to reach the screen. Its kind of right. There youve got a configurable shortcut tablets on the home. Page youve got really decent nav system, pretty much the best graphics.

You can get Apple, carplay wireless Apple carplay, I should say Android auto. I also really like the fact that in the ix 1 you can manually set the battery to warm up so that It prepares itself for Rapid charging. So the maximum you can get is 150 kilowatts by the CCS input, which means youre. Looking at 10 to 80 battery in roughly 30 minutes or 150 kilowatts normally gets you 100 miles of range at Best in kind of 15 minutes. Something like that. Real world range could be as low as 160 miles in sustained Motorway driving in cold weather, while warmer weather and slower speeds could see you exceed the claimed range of between 257 and 252 miles. How does it drive well were talking about 308 brake horsepower here. Two electric motors, of course, for permanent four wheel drive on this x drive 30 model. Bmw gives me very Stony faces and wont tell me if they are going to do a longer range single motor models, but I would put money on it because Mercedes have done so in the eqa. So I think we will see that happen too. The X Drive 30 well its rapid, so youre talking about just over five seconds to 60.. Its got masses of straight line, Pace, lots of grip, the four wheel drive system works really well that X drive system and its quite entertaining as well theres a boost button. Here so you pull that and you get 10 seconds of maximum power and thats when you get the sort of near five seconds not to 62.

. I still dont, like the chunky, really chunky, BMW steering wheels Im. Sorry, I dont understand why BMW insists on putting really big steering wheels and everything, but the steering feel itself is fine. Nicely weighted lots of confidence, its just not really the properly involving kind of fun. Ev experience that you might have been hoping for a Jaguar iPay still handles better than the ix1. I have to say, but the little BMW here definitely really kind of confident and unflappable and fast all of the ix1s get adaptive dampers as standard in the UK. Theyre only going to be available in X line and M sport trims the ride, Comfort, higher speeds, pretty good, actually even over some fairly scruffy country roads but lower speeds. It just picks up the kind of higher frequency surfaces, so it could definitely be a little bit better on that front generally, I think its fine theres also a one pedal mode. If you want it, you can stick it into that with the B mode down here that kind of works well around town, maybe Id like a bit less wind noise at higher speeds or like a slightly softer ride at slower speeds, but other than that theres. Not really a lot to criticize in the context of other premium EVS like the eqa and the Audi Q4 e tron. Well, I think the ix 1 is right up. There dont forget to head to for a whole host of fantastic used cars, and we will even tell you if its a good deal or not.