Thank you, foreign Music. Thank you, Music, okay, guys and welcome. Back to my channel meet the gmcc a 107 000 US dollar electric pickup truck the new Sierra EV is the third EV under the GMC name. This pickup is the one the same ultim architecture, SC for new GM if a product and a feature, a ball design, language with signature, GMC C7 like and I will launch in the top 3M Sierra Denali form this one get a massive 24 in Wheels, a standard Multi pro tailgate and more Music, generally first edition will launched with a near 400 mile Rank and a 750 per house power and 785 feet of torque and a max power mod, significantly more powerful than the Silverado EV rst Towing and play load capacities of up to 9 500 pound or 4 309 kilogram, and a 1 300 pound or 590 kilogram respectively. It will benefit from 350 kilowatt hour fast charging, meaning 100 mile in 10. Minutes inside is a totally unique space unless you have ever seen a fault lining interior. Here we have a minimalist test in additionally trim with a vertical 16.8 in infotainment, with a gloat on volume, dial upon per wood, real metal dedicate climate button and 11 in digital cluster and 14 in each UD onboard Power Station Pro system can turn the pickup into A mobile power search that can provide 10.2 kilowatt and a cannot power a home for 21 days. It also features four wheel steer with a crab walk.

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