We did some shopping there, but we spent a total of 17.50 on our trip charging to go those 710 miles, uh short version as we compared that to our Bronco, which gets about 20 miles to the gallon at about three dollars again: a gallon in gas, us Its a hundred and six dollars and fifty cents had we have taken the Broncos, so we actually saved about ninety dollars or eighty nine dollars uh in the electric versus the Bronco on this particular trip uh in terms of time on charger uh, we spent we. We estimate it would be 40 minutes uh a 40 minute, stop each way so 40 minutes on the way down 40 minutes on the way back, and then we just supplemented that a little bit with um convenience charging, like I said at shopping at the hotel. I um would go on a road trip again in the Maki. It saved us 90 bucks and honestly, the stops werent that much longer than we would have stopped. Otherwise, um Id prefer to go on trips, where you wouldnt have to stop and charge that just you could wait until your destination in charge so somewhere within, like a three hour vicinity of our house rather than the five hour trip, but ultimately there it was a Little anxiety producing because we had never done it before and um youre watching your range go down, even though there were Chargers all over the place.

It was just something new and different on the way home. We hit a lot of traffic, so it took us longer to get home than we anticipated. The monkey actually does really well in traffic, because, if its stop and go the break is regenerative, so it puts power back into the battery. So it actually helps extend your range when youre in stop and go traffic. So it helped us on the back end. But we were at the end of our trip and we were nearing um about 20 percent left in our battery and we were wondering if we were gon na have to stop again. And we didnt want to stop again because we were tired and wanted to get home. Ultimately, we did not have to stop and there would have been a million places to stop if we had had to, but just the stress of that wasnt my favorite. But when I now that I sit back and reflect on it, we save 90 bucks once we did the math on it. I realized eh yeah for the hassle. It was worth the 90 savings, so um yeah for short, shorter trips, its a great road trip car. I dont think I would take it cross country or on like a 10 hour trip, it would get old, really fast, its definitely more the type of car that we bought it for to be around town but um.