The eqb is based on the gas powered glb small crossover, but its been made electric and it has a starting price of around 56 000. Today, Im going to review the eqb and show you all of its quirks and features before I get started, be sure to check out cars and bids, which is my Enthusiast car auction website for cool cars from the modern era. With free listings, you can list your cool car for free and auction it on cars and bids and weve had some great sales recently, including this rivion r1s, the new rivian SUV sold for over a hundred and thirty thousand dollars. This fantastic Shelby, gt350r sold for over 77 000 and this wonderful Audi RS5 sold for just over fifty five thousand dollars. If youre looking to buy or sell a cool Enthusiast car from the modern era, the 1980s and up cars and bids is the place to do it. You can buy or sell cool cars and list your car for free on cars and bids all right time. For the quirks and features the new eqb, but before I get to that, I want to give a quick thank you to hohen Motors Mercedes Benz, which is my local Mercedes Benz dealership here in San Diego in Southern California, Owen, Mercedes Benz has all of the latest Mercedes Benz models, including a few units of the eqb and just about everything else. You can check out hohen Mercedes Benz by clicking the link in the description below and thanks again to them for the eqb.

But anyway, on to the quirks and features – and like I mentioned, the eqb is based on the Mercedes Benz glb, which is a gasoline powered compact luxury crossover that theyve offered for a few years. This is essentially an electric version of that, although there are a few distinctive changes on the outside one. Is this badge on the front fender you can see it says eqb with a little blue trim to help give it a distinctive eqb look and in fact blue trim is a little bit of a theme for this vehicle. You can also see it on the wheels. These are different from what you get in the glb and you have little blue stripes throughout the wheels to give you a little bit of a different look than you have in a standard glb. But probably the biggest changes come to the front and the rear of the eqb in front. You dont have a grill anymore, a traditional Grille electric vehicles, dont need them, so its gone, replaced by a piece that looks like a grill, but it isnt actually a grill in back. You also have a major change, which is this light bar going across the entire rear end the glb doesnt have it the eqb does and thats an easy way for you to tell apart the eqb on the road and, of course, another big change between the eqb And the glb is whats under the hood. The glb has a gasoline powered engine, the eqb doesnt, so you might think there will be a big compartment there for storage or some other interesting trick.

But in fact there isnt, you can see open it up and its a bunch of mechanical stuff that almost looks like an engine, its interesting they get rid of that. They still have to use it for mechanical components, so they dont have a front trunk and an eqb. But anyway, since Im back here and since you can see the eqb 350 badge lets go through the different versions of this vehicle range price point. All of that stuff there are two eqb models, at least from launch. The eqb 300 is the base model, or you can upgrade to this. The eqb 350. both come standard with all wheel drive but theres a difference in power. The 300 comes standard with 225 horsepower and about 290 pound feet of torque. The 350 comes standard with 290 horsepower and about 325 pound feet of torque, so you get better performance if you step up to the 350.. Now, as for pricing, the eqb 300 starts around 56 000, while the 350 starts around 59 000. So its only about three grand more to get the extra performance and driving range is about the same on both around 230 miles of EPA rated range between charges. Before you have to recharge your eqb and by the way, speaking of charging worth pointing out that the eqb is capable of DC fast charging, which Mercedes Benz says, means that it can charge from 10 percent to eighty percent in just 30 minutes, which is pretty quick To add a lot of extra range now, as for comparisons against Rivals, a natural one is the Tesla Model Y, which is about the same size as the eqb, but it has far more range 315 miles compared to 230 and its a lot faster.

However, its also more expensive model Y starts around ten thousand dollars more expensive than an eqb, and if you want a third row in the model Y, which is also available in eqb thats, an extra three thousand dollars so model y offers more but youre paying for It another rival to this is the new Audi Q4 e tron. That starts around fifty one thousand dollars so cheaper than the eqb, but it isnt offered with third row seating and it doesnt quite have as much power compared to eqb and next up. We move inside the eqb and when you get in here, one of the first things you notice, if youve had any experience in the glb, is its pretty much the same in here, which is actually a good thing, because the glb has a surprisingly nice interior. For a vehicle in this set but sort of the entry, leveled small luxury crossover segment, its a nice interior with nice materials, its laid out well, it looks premium high quality, the big surprise in this interior, like I mentioned, this is offered with three row seat, even Though its only about two inches longer than a Honda CRV, you can get the glb and now the eqb with a third row. If you want to its an option and its not configured on this vehicle. Although I recently reviewed a Mercedes glp with the third row – and I showed just how small it is – and it is indeed very very tiny, but it is available if you want a small third row in your compact luxury SUV now.

As for the quirks and features in here, probably my favorite feature is the infotainment system, which is Mercedes, mbu x system. Now this isnt the latest system that some Mercedes Benz models have with a massive screen, its smaller than that, but it still works. Similarly, and that is to say fantastic, very responsive to your touch very intuitive easy to figure out, and it can do so much its a very capable excellent system. I think instantly makes this one of the best technology cars in the electric vehicle segment. I really think mbux is absolutely fantastic. Now a couple of cool things about the mbux and the eqb that I havent seen before in other Mercedes Benz models are located in the electric tab, the EQ tab, you tap on that and you can see consumption so exactly whats, taking away power from your charged Battery you can see exactly how much is devoted to driving versus, like the climate control and other systems in the car kind of interesting to see. So you can manage those systems if you want to and increase your electric range. Also interesting in here is the eqb offers three different charging programs. You have standard home and work and you can configure each program like if you dont want it to charge that much at home, because you have free charging at work or something like that. You can configure that and set three different charging programs and then have those programs run at their respective places, so its not just always charging to 100 all the time.

Thats a neat idea. One interesting thing in this screen: theres a little switch in the center console. You can use to adjust your drive modes. You can go from like a normal mode to a sport if you want to, but if you do that the screen tells you dont enter sport mode. If you have something on the roof, if youre carrying skis or a bike, as if thats going to matter in your little electric crossover, 290 horsepower, oh dont use sport mode on the roof, its so ridiculous. But that is a warning that you get by the way. One other thing I like about mbux, which is better than most rival systems. Not only is it a touch screen as Ive already showed you, but you can also control it in the center. This group of controls in the center console lets. You have the same control functionality of mbux. If you dont want to use it as a touchscreen. Well, you have a backup set of controls and, if you dont want to use either of those, you can also control it on the steering wheel. Little buttons here on the steering wheel, allow you pretty good control functionality for mbux. So there are three separate ways to control it depending entirely on your preference and another excellent thing in terms of technology in this car is the driver gauge cluster screen, which is the same size as the center screen and excellently configurable? You can see adjustable in all different ways.

All of the different gauges can be changed to show exactly what it is you want to see, and just in case you dont want to see whats on the gauges. You can also go full screen with various different things. Like a full screen, matte directly in your line of sight or other full screen items, or you can just go back to gauges tremendously, configurable and really one of the best info Payment Systems in the car industry. But anyway, next step. We move on to the back seat in eqb, which I find to be surprisingly roomy, like I said before, the eqb is only a couple inches longer than a Honda CRV, but it feels like more than that back here. You have good leg room knee room which you dont always have in compact crossovers, especially for taller adults, but you do hear its a surprisingly roomy back seat. Now again, the third row doesnt have the same benefit its not roomy at all, but its there. In a pinch, I guess if you really need it other than that in the back seat, the back seat, room theres, not all that much going on back here, although worth pointing out you do, have a rear seat climate vent. So you dont have climate controls, but vents are rare at this price point to see in a compact luxury crossover like this and its nice to have. You also have charge ports. You pull out this little flap Down Below in the center console and you can see two USBC ports and you have a household Port down here as well, which is always nice to have in the interior.

I like to see that in the back seat and finally, we move on to the cargo area in the glb. Although first I want to cover opening the tailgate, which is kind of cool. You come around back here and you dont instantly see a tailgate latch to open it thats because it is cleverly hidden within the Mercedes badge. You push the top of it. It pulls out you pull that, and then it opens up automatically, which is a pretty cool integration. Now the other cool thing is this: pop out badge is also the backup camera check. This out the badge you can see on the tailgate, pretty standard shift into reverse and it pops out and below it is the backup camera. So it doesnt have to be out all the time when youre driving around it can just be a standard, Mercedes, Benz badge. But when youre reversing its the camera, which is a pretty cool idea and by the way worth pointing out that this is the charge port Door located where youd find the fuel door and a gas powered glb open it in the eqb. And this is where you plug in your charger pretty standard but open up the tailgate with the cool little Mercedes logo trick, and you will see the cargo area is actually pretty big back here again for a tiny SUV like this. Now, if you had that third row, it probably wouldnt be so big, and so you start to wonder, is it really worth getting the third row considering its incredibly small and it steals cargo space with two rows? This is a pretty compelling vehicle, a decent rear, seat, room and decent cargo room, but the third row is available.

If you really need it, if you dont, this is what part of the face you have and theres a little bit more under the cargo floor. As you can see, if you want to stick some extra items under there all right driving the new eqb now I have made a lot of comparisons to the glb in this review. No surprise. This is essentially electric version of that, but I will say one area in which the two vehicles differ is how they drive, obviously its not really all that surprising, considering this is electric and that isnt, but its more than just that um theres. A couple of interesting differences number one, obviously, in an electric vehicle, you have the relocation theres no engine in front, so you have batteries underneath and for that reason this drives like it feels a little bit more substantial in the glb. Now I was actually surprised how much I liked the glb its just a little compact. You know entry level, Mercedes Crossover, but I thought it was a good car, and this, I think not only is a good car at the price point all that, but it drives more substantially than I would say you would expect from the glb, and that could be Because the batteries it could be because of some other stuff, maybe the way that it feels an electric motor I dont know, but I suspect the batteries are the culprit and it certainly does have like a more.

I dont want to say legitimate, but like a more solid put together feel than a glb now, obviously, the other big difference is its just not as loud. You dont have an engine up front and so thats a nice thing about it. Is that its really really quiet now a lot of electric cars that are a lot quieter than gas cars because they dont have that engine sound? You end up hearing a little bit more of whats, going on around you, thats being masked by your gasoline engine. You dont even know it in this car, its not really the case its pretty quiet in here. Even despite no engine sound to drown out other sounds. You do have some tire noise more than I I would expect more than you would see in a nicer luxury vehicle, but other than that, its really not so bad. Now, as for performance Im going to launch it here and its actually pretty quick, like I said, 290 horsepower 325 pound feet of torque. Those are some pretty substantial numbers. This is not, however, a Tesla Model y, more and more people are getting more and more used to Serious acceleration numbers from electric vehicles whoo, but thats, not what we have in this car. Its fast dont get me wrong. Its surprisingly fast for a compact crossover luxury crossover, these usually are not high performance vehicles to any extent, but it is not what I would consider you know like exceptionally, faster exceptionally exciting, like a model y performance or even like a dual motor.

Long Range model wise its all a little bit quicker than this. Still. This is impressive for a compact, Mercedes Crossover. One thing I will note um driving back to back this with the Audi Q4. I drove the Q4 just a couple of days ago, although I think that video went up a while ago, but driving them back to back uh. I think that this is a better vehicle. Not only does it offer three row seating, it has more power, better performance, the interior is a lot nicer. The Q4 is based on that Volkswagen id4 and it kind of feels like it and it kind of looks like it. This looks like a Mercedes Benz because its based on a Mercedes Benz, a bespoke actual Mercedes Benz developed vehicle um. Certainly this performs better. I think the tech is a little bit better. Mbux, I think, is better than what Audi is using um. Just generally speaking, I think that this is a better vehicle. Now it also costs more uh, its about six thousand dollars more to start, but Mercedes Benz models tend to be a little bit more expensive than rival luxury Brands um, and I think this car deserves the added expense if youre willing to step up and spend it Its not on the level of a model y for sure thats, a better car. Frankly, I think the Mustang Machi is also quite compelling at this price point, even though its a Ford, not a Mercedes Benz, but in terms of entry level, nice interior, nice technology, its a good car um, its obviously not earth shattering or amazing.

I think the goal for Mercedes Benz for this vehicle is just an electric car to kind of get people making that switch to electric cars. Its not like a totally crazy new insane thing like some EVS when they come out uh its just a Mercedes SUV. That also happens to be electric and were seeing more and more of that in the car business as automakers are trying to switch people to EVS without having them, you know, buy some crazy special new car, just a regular one, one that happens to be EV, and So thats the new Mercedes Benz eqb its not a completely new, totally amazing from the ground up electric model like the Mercedes, eqs, electric luxury sedan, but its a start as Mercedes Benz pushes to Electrify their lineup and now its time to give the new eqb a Dug score and the Doug score is here 55 out of 100, which makes perfect sense. It ties the Audi Q4 e tron, which is the eqbs closest competitor, but its not an amazing score makes sense, because the eqb is a pretty standard vehicle, its not going to light your hair on fire and its not supposed to its a fairly traditional SUV. Thats been electrified without much fanfare in order to ease the transition to Electric for a luxury SUV buyers in that sense mission accomplished as the eqb is reasonable, practical and high quality with good Tech.