, the Ioniq 5 ultimate package.. We are going to take a look at the exterior, the interior, the tech and the EV specs like range and charging.. So without further adieu lets get into it., Starting off with the exterior up front, we have a very unique but attractive design. I love the Sci Fi feel to it. Reminds me of a Transformers movie and, unlike a lot of other vehicles, the Ioniqs body lines really pop and grab your attention fantastic.. I also love the 3D pixelated running lights. Up front reminds me of 1980s technology, and it gives you that subtle blast from the past. And the fun doesnt stop with the side profile. Either. Weve got more crazy body, lines. The fender flares and the side skirts pop right out of the body paint and, in addition to these futuristic wheels, it all makes it look like the Ioniqs moving, even when its perfectly still. The rear end looks like a 1980s Spaceship and we have this retro pixelated tail light from corner to corner that adds even more wow factor. When you see one of these driving down the road., We have even more space age silver trim down below with all these trapezoidal cuts everywhere and integrated brake lights.. Really cool really unique great touch And one more really cool feature that you cant, really notice until you look up top, is this rear spoiler with functional air vents? Much like on the front of a Ford GT.

? When you see details like this, it really makes you appreciate the care and craftsmanship that went into this design. If you guys are enjoying this review so far hit the thumbs up on the video and smash that subscribe button for me. Next up is the interior, starting With the rear trunk. Now from the outside, you wouldnt think that the Ioniq would have a huge rear cargo area, but its deceptively big and you have plenty of space for luggage, whatever you need to throw in on those long road trips, and when you fold the Seats down flat, youve got even more space for the big cargo go when you need it onto the back seats. Not only do I have a ton of leg room back here, but the seats are also super comfy and they have a nice cushion to them. Theyre heated they recline and they also slide forwards and backwards. If you want to adjust your rear cargo space on to the front seats of the Ioniq, they look great theyre very comfortable and they have 12 ways of power adjustment. For a guy like me, where comfort is key on those long road trips, because I want to feel as good when I arrive as when I left, the Ioniq is going to deliver just that, for you Im a big fan of the cushion the feel these seats. The quality of the leather, very, very nice job on the ionic now Hyundais.

Also, given you heated and cooled seats and another cool feature, is this integrated foot rest now, youre, probably wondering when am I going to use a foot rest? Well, when you stop for a charge, you can actually recline this seat way back, put the foot rest out and have a little nap while youre waiting for it to charge up for the next chapter of your road trip. Next up is this center console and I got ta admit Im, not really feeling the design here, its basically just an armrest with a pair of cup holders. Weve got a lot of open floor space. I think Hyundai could have utilized to add more storage compartments and maybe even some hard buttons for the climate and the heated seats controls which you actually have to go through. The screen menus to find and that can be kind of distracting when youre driving down the highway, the center console kind of seems out of place and, amongst all the other cool design elements Hyundais done here, but I guess you cant, have it all sliding over to The steering wheel here you get a futuristic spaceship feel to it with the dual spoke design and the flat bottom. It feels good in the hands and the leather theyve wrapped it with is really nice as well, but Im not really sure about the button layout. Here the buttons and the center of the steering wheel are really basic. Almost like there wasnt a ton of thought put into it.

I think Hyundai could have done a better job here on the center piece of this car and I hope to see that change in future models. Now, behind the steering wheel, we have the controls for the signals, the headlights on this side. We have our windshield wipers and just below that is our gear. Selector Im going to be honest, guys, I really dont like this gear selector at all. I feel like its something that youd find in a Fiat 500 or a Mini Cooper. It looks like the designers at Hyundai really tried to do something special, but it didnt really turn out that great. Now I get it. It kind of matches some of the other design cues in the car, but honestly Im, not a big fan of this little pinch and twist movement required to shift into gear. I dont know maybe its just me. Let me know what you guys think in the comments now moving on to the dash and the Ioniq 5. It looks pretty good, but, to be honest, I thought Hyundai might have stepped this up a little bit further to match. The exterior styling cues would have been cool to see a little bit more of the 1980s elements integrated into the dash, and maybe even a cool passenger display, like weve seen in some other vehicles, but in comparison to the other SUVs in its class Id say this Dash is probably one of the better looking dashes when you compare them side by side now.

Moving on to the tech, I really love the drivers cluster screen in behind the steering wheel. Here I think the graph graphics look really sharp theyre super high resolution and I think Hyundais done a really good job of making this very different from the graphics youll see in the other EV SUVs. One thing Im kind of puzzled about is this dead space here on the left side of the screen? I think it might be a speaker cover Im, not really sure, but its kind of out of place with the other two screens on the dash here and looking at these two screens, it looks like the center screen is the same size as the drivers, cluster and Generally, the center screen tends to be a little bit bigger. It has a little bit more usable information on there. What I think would have been a game changer for Hyundai is if they made this whole piece, one large usable LCD screen similar to the Mercedes EQS, where its LCD right across the front dash, I think, thats, a really cool touch, and maybe theyll come out with That in the future, models of the Hyundai Ioniq now one thing I love is the old radio, tube graphics, theyve incorporated into the screen here. The animation is extremely vibrant and jumps right off the screen when youre tuning the channel excellent choice for Hyundai. Now the Ioniq Ultimate package is going to have your industry standard navigation, Apple, Carplay, Android, Auto adaptive cruise control, and it now has Smart Lane centering.

This is a bit of an upgrade from its predecessor a little bit more intuitive and safe on the highway. Now one big feature we cant miss is the Smart Park. Lets say you find a great parking spot, but its a little bit too tight to fit and open your doors as well. You can actually perpendicularly park this vehicle right from your key fob super handy, especially if you live downtown of a busy City where parking is limited. All right now lets talk, power, driving range and charging. The Ioniq 5 long range all wheel, drive, pumps out 320 horsepower 446 pound feet of torque itll, do 0 to 60 in 5 seconds and has a max range of 488 kilometers, not too bad at all. Now, in terms of charging, Hyundai provides a level 110 volt charger with the car. Now, unfortunately, this takes days to charge your ionic and thats. Why? I suggest at least going with a level 2 charger and having that installed at your home on the 240 volt level. 2 charger: this will charge the ionic from 10 to 80 percent in 6 hours and 43 minutes. Next is the 400 volt fast charging station that would bring the battery from 10 to 80 percent in only 25 minutes and if you charge the Ioniq on the 800 volt super charging station itll charge from 10 to 80 percent and only 18 minutes. So I hope that answers any questions that you might have about charging the Ioniq 5.

, with all things considered Id have to give the ionic a solid 7 out of 10.. I love the exterior styling. The seats are super comfy. The range is great and so is the charging, but they could have done a better job on the center console and the dash. If you enjoyed this video, please hit the like button smash that subscribe button for me. So I continue to make great content like this.