So it gets a bunch of extra stuff, so theres leather and uh sunroof, and all that sort of stuff to make this one worth a little bit more. It is pure EV and it will charge at a maximum of 50 kilowatts. Bmw says this is a city car, and so it has City Car range. They say its about 230 kilometers, but Ive been getting absolutely nowhere near that with some quite gentle driving its got. These Natty 17 inch wheels and I absolutely adore the Union Jack, which is split between both the tail lights, and you can see the e badge, which is really the only knot, apart from the wheels that this is an electric car, but as with most EVS theres. Really not a lot to see here, but what I do like, though, is that the headlight holes go up with the bonnet hello for an AV. This is a mainly manual Affair. The locks are electric whoops, but the tailgate is manual and its probably just as well with range like that. You dont want to go using electrical stuff unnecessarily. It has a mini size boot with seats that go down 60 40. and underneath a spot for your cables. Then we get to inside the roof is full length in two panels and the shutters come out from here in the middle. The heads up display that pops up out of the dash and this neat little semi lcd, monitor drivers, monitor, is actually attached to the top of the steering wheel, but only the center bit is LCD.

The rest is just normal old dials and in the center is Minis infotainment system, its got the traditional mini center around on now in the old days in the classic minis. This is where the speedo was, and these lights they change with function. So it depends on what its doing as to what they are and they run all the way around and theyre actually patterned. Now you can see that Ive got my wireless Apple carplay pad, but the problem is that my phone doesnt fit in the wireless charger. So I could hook it up wired, but the wireless charger is in the center armrest and if I try and fit this phone in with its case on it, tries to call SLS so lets not do that. This mini will also call SOS. I love this carbon fiber. Look, I love everything about this. Many of the surfaces are all soft to touch and the switches overhead. They look classy theres, this little kind of mood, light thing, an SOS button, just in case you get into strife, and this is the button for the sunroof and because this is a mini yours. It has the leather upholstery and these neat slide out. Thigh rests and all of the main controls are controlled down here from this Central system. Its got a conventional gear lever; well, a conventional BMW gear lever just going to put that okay now Ive got this set these buttons down here.

One of the buttons has two little arrows its, not very clear as to what that does, but thats your regenerative braking button or your one pedal driving button. If youve got that activated, it certainly does make the regenerative action stronger and you can tell that from the dial Ive got it set to one pedal now, as I do in all electric cars. But what I want to show you is how lovely and quiet this is again Im still driving without using the brake pedal. You really only use the brake pedal if you need to stop fast, but I still put it on at traffic lights. There are cheaper EVS for sure, but the quality of those it certainly doesnt match this. Even if the range does its got 135 kilowatts of power and that going through the front wheels is actually plenty, but you can see, acceleration is brisk getting tongue tied and if I put it up into sport mode, my ranges dropped to 92 kilometers so with each Downward motion so down to Mid down to to Ego down to Eco, plus it added three to four to five kilometers Im taking you to where I normally charge – and I say this because of an experience that happened the other night and because 75 of the city Of Sydney live in strata, in other words, in apartment blocks, they dont have access to a PowerPoint. Now you saw those things in the boot.

You can plug those into a normal three phase. Socket the only place that we can go for charging is our local shopping center, which is right next to Audis headquarters outside Audis headquarters, theres a charge Fox, which is 60 cents per kilowatt hour in the shopping center itself. There are further charge Fox Outlets, which the charge FOX app says are vacant and available, and by available I mean working now. This can only charge to a maximum of 50 kilowatts, so theres absolutely no point in paying more to charge at a faster charge because it wont charge the car any faster, and this takes about half an hour to get from 10 to 80 on a 50 kilowatt Charger quite a long time, the maximum itll take for the lower charges is 11 kilowatts and thats going to take you even longer here I am at East Village shopping center in zetland. I think they call it Victoria Park its the name of the development Im going into the car park now and theres. Nowhere here that tells me car park operating hours, theres no boom gate on the way in, but there is one on the way out and you get two hours for free Im now at the yep theres. Nothing on the evening rate to tell me that I have to be out at a certain time only that the charging rate says in by six and up by 12 30.. But nowhere does it say the car park is locked at 12 30.

. You can see theres a Tesla charging at one of the 350 kilowatt charges and over here is the 50 kilowatt charger that the charge FOX app says is set to charge for free. Clearly, that is not working, theres no lights on it, but nor here anywhere, is there a sign that says you have to be out by 12 30., the 50 kilowatt unit was broken and theres no point to me paying more to charge my car, I went downstairs To the low powered destination charges here at the destination charges down the next floor and youll notice, its all full of Teslas. These are completely free and a maximum. I understand of 22 kilowatts, no signage there, either that you have to be up by 12 30.. I came to this boom gate right now, it said license place. Plate is being scanned drive safely. I came around this corner to find now bear in mind theres, no signs that this shutter, where the stop sign is, was closed, and I had to plead with the man after much Googling, because theres again no contact numbers for the center no way to ring anybody. So I had to Google, thank goodness. I had phone reception and I eventually got on to a fairly Surly night Watchman. He said well all Sydney shopping, centers shut at 12, 30. Well, thats, not true! I should have known that the car park was going to be locked and I said well hell theres, no sign.

How am I supposed to know? I contacted mervac the operators of the shopping center and they hopefully put me in contact with Wilson Parking. The Operators of the car park, Wilson Parking havent as yet replied, surprise, surprise. Some car Parks clearly havent noted that, if youre there after a certain time, the car park is locked and it costs you X number of dollars to get out hundred dollars or whatever, which seems to me to be ridiculous. Nonetheless, this particular car park has no such notification, nor does it have a notification that the door is actually locked only when the charging finishes, so you could reasonably assume that theres no charging after that between 12 30 and 6 oclock when the car park starts charging Again that its free, why wouldnt you assume that theres apartments, above it its a perfectly reasonable assumption, itll, be interesting to see what happens when Wilson Parking gets back to me if they get back to me thats all this week from the mini EV Ive Loved this Car, it is so much fun and it is aimed at a particular pocket for a particular use. So no point saying its not a highway car, its, not oh, this its. Not of that, it is what it is, as always hit like leave a comment and just there to subscribe.