I remember a couple of years ago when Minnie introduced the Cooper SC, the all electric mini, and it was for a while there, the cheapest new EV can buy. It started at just a tick under thirty thousand dollars and it went 110 miles on a single charge now fast forward to 2022, and we have this vehicle. The Chevrolet bolt euv and in comparison, this Chevrolet bolt seems like an absolute screaming deal. This euv starts at just over twenty seven thousand dollars for the 2023 model year. It goes well over twice as far as the mini on a single charge. It charges faster its got four doors, its a crossover SUV. It has way more room, and I personally think that this bolt EV is probably the best value EV on the market today, heres, why the bolt is a name which has been around for quite a number of years now and recently Chevrolet revamped, the bolt with an All new generation and at the same time they released this model, the bolt euv, which is a slightly higher slightly larger version of the Chevrolet bolt its a small crossover. Now for 2023, the bolt euv received a significant price drop thats right, a price cut. How often do you hear that nowadays of over 5 000, so this vehicle now starts in the twenty seven thousand dollar range, which is really pretty incredible, considering how much stuff you get now this one? This is a fully loaded Premiere, its got the redline package.

This one comes in at just under thirty eight thousand dollars, so its quite a bit more expensive, but still even at thirty, seven. Thirty, eight thousand dollars the amount of tech and features that this car offers are well pretty incredible. When you consider that, like a base model base model, Chattanooga built Volkswagen id4 starts at 37, 38, 000 and ionic five starts at over forty thousand dollars, and you can get every Bell and whistle, including the hands free SuperCrew system in the boat UV for under 38k. All right, it really really really starts making sense. Now lets talk about the design. You know I wasnt a big fan of this car when I first saw it in pictures, but in person its not an unattractive little thing, its got, some kind of cool, funky designs, and especially in the front here, I like the Stacked, headlight and running light design. You got your main beam down here with your running light up top. This is the premiere trim, so we have this uh color matched front end here. I like that they kind of Incorporated this faux Grille with the actual Grille. Underneath we have the black that bow tie emblem here, you can see weve got the front facing camera once again, all for under thirty eight thousand dollars very very attractive. Now coming along the side, we start to see some of those red line features like the uh. The Corvette style, Grand stripe, Grand Sport Stripes here in the wheels we got these little accents up here on the mirrors.

Now the charging port is located here on the front fender in the bolt euv pop it open, and you have access to both your j1772 and your CCS charge port. There there pretty convenient. I like how they Incorporated bolt euv along the front fender, something you dont see on a lot of cars. This model does have the uh, the Sun and Sky package. So we have the Sun and sound package. Excuse me so weve got the Dual pane. Sunroof weve got these integrated roof bars in this kind of cool satin material. The premiere has this little Chrome stripe along the side. Once again, as we make our way to the rear, you see, uh weve got the Grand Sport style stripes down there and then in the back we got the red bolt euv emblem and its kind of a funky thing about the bolt. If you notice the tail lights lift up on this panel, so these arent, actually the brake lights. The brake lights are actually located down here in the bumper kind of a funny, little fact about the uh, the bolt euv. I also like how you got this blacked out strip in the rear. With the black emblem. I mean it does look like a stormtrooper. This is not an unattractive car. I really think its quite a good design and on the inside, you got some cool features as well. So as we step inside the bolt euv couple of things, you notice.

First of all, we got this premium seat material with the red stitching along the seats, which is a nice kind of complement to the red stripes on the outside of the vehicle, and the seats Im happy to say are much much better than like the first generation Bolt which was well, it was like sitting on a park bench its one of the big improvements to this model. Now there is a start button in this model. Put your foot on the brake push the button and it Glides into life, and we see a lot of digital screens and clusters. So this main screen is a 10.2 inch system and I find it quite easy to use its got Apple carplay, its got Android auto and the colors on it are pretty spectacular. I really think, overall, the the quality of the um. The screen itself is very, very good. I actually like the GM system a lot I like having these little shortcuts its very easy to use very intuitive. You get you get familiar with it. Super super quickly. Youve got energy screens, you can see some the flow of the car. You can, you know, mess with your your charging settings as well in there its very good screen, and we also have physical knobs too, for like the volume which is just fantastic now below that check. This out weve got automatic climate control with heated and ventilated seats for both the driver and the passenger once again, 38k heated and ventilated seats and then below that the wireless charging pad.

And then we see our push button transmission back here, park, reverse neutral drive, and then we got a button here for the one pedal driving mode. This is fantastic by the way. I love that you dont have to like go dig into settings and you know click something and spin a monkey above your head, like you, just push the button to engage the one pedal cup holders very, very, very accessible, not in the way fantastically open center console Design very usable and then the center armrest is not super wide, but it does go very, very deep, so, decent storage in this vehicle, we have the leather wrapped steering wheel and you notice some of the sensors on the top of the steering wheel as well as This little thing here for your super cruise and well talk about that in a second and then fully digital instrument cluster as well, which looks great its a pretty Crystal Clear, very similar to like the first generation bolt and kind of the way it operates. But its nice to have that on the left side of the steering wheel got full automatic headlights, its a nice interior theres, a couple of points where maybe the Plastics arent very good, but even like up on the door where youd expect like a really hard plastic. Its got a little bit of Squish to it. Some of the steering wheel, buttons like on the back of the steering wheel, feel a little bit cheap.

This one does, of course, have the glass dual pane roof. It doesnt go all the way back, but it is pretty decent in how far back it goes. We also have the rear view camera for the mirror at 37 and some change you get the rear view camera. This thing is properly loaded. Theres very little features that you dont get in this car and once again were talking about a vehicle maxed out that is still significantly uh cheaper than your typical id4, fully loaded its about the same price as a very base model id4. Even if you compare this to like the Hyundai Kona, that also starts like in the 33, some thousand dollar range. So this is a full six thousand dollars cheaper than the Hyundai Kona. This really is a phenomenal value, and the nice thing about the euv is the rear seat. Room is actually pretty good as well lets go check it out stepping into the back of the Chevy bolt euv. Look at the space Im six foot one. This is my riding slash driving position. I got really really good leg. Room Headroom is a little bit compromised when I sit fully upright, but I never sit fully upright anymore like this and then its kind of okay. I would like this to be a little bit higher, though it does have a sculpt in it, but for taller passengers on a long long trip. That would be a little bit of a pain, but we do have in this case a USBC and a usba charging point, and we also have heated rear seats.

Very, very, very cool. This things got heated everything heated steering, wheel, heated, front seats, heated, rear seats. We also have a Bose premium audio system now fold this down. You got a little bit of space back here, but the nice thing about the both EVS its got kind of a high riding position. So if youre older, if you have like knee injuries or whatever its really easy to get in and out all right lets, go ahead and put this vehicle into drive and talk about some of the specifications. Now this vehicle has a 65 kilowatt hour battery, and that gives it an EPA rated range of 247 miles on a single charge and one of the drawbacks with the bolt UV – and it is a significant drawback – is its not going to be much of a road Tripper, because the peak in DC fast charge rate is really quite Low by 2022 standards were only talking. 55 kilowatts of peak DC fast charging rates. Now they say you can add what 90 miles of range or something in 30 35 minutes, because he quoted uh quoted statistic but compared to like some of the newer EVS like the Hyundai Kia products. Itll, do you know over 200 and what 20 Peak kilowatt fast charging rate uh yeah 55 is pretty slow now this does not ride. Interestingly enough on the new GM architecture. This is not on the new Altium batteries. This is still uh more of the older GM um Battery Technology, but it still is a very competitive range for the price point, especially if you consider the 27 000 one 247 miles range.

I mean that is more than youll ever need on a daily commute and even on shorter trips. That should get you where you need to go. If youre trying to get to Grandmas house now from a driving standpoint, the car drives like a car. It is not the most Dynamic EV on the road when you floor it, it gives you a little push its got a 200 horsepower. The one pedal system is very, very good, though it actually gives you a decent amount of off accelerator regen. So not a huge amount of power um, the suspension is a little firmer than I would like. Honestly. This is not a sports car, so Id like it to be just a little bit softer, but the steering is good and its a very, very quiet, cabin overall. Its very unintrusive now lets talk about some of the driver, assistance Tech, because that is where the bolt EV really shines. This vehicle has super Crews, its an option on the euv and super cruise is one of the coolest New pieces of tech in any new car. On pre mapped highways, this vehicle can be driven completely, hands free and I do mean completely hands and feet free still to be monitoring it. It looks at your eyes to make sure youre paying attention, but of all the autonomous systems, Ive driven and Ive, driven them all Ive, driven all the Tesla systems and all the Ford systems and the Hyundais and the Kias and whatever this is the best, its the Most impressive: it doesnt zigzag in the lanes, its dead, so solid.

It feels really good going down. The road super cruise is an absolute game changer for those that are commuting in traffic as well, because, like it just makes traveling so much less tiring, especially on a long trip. Apart from that, though, um Pros range is good. Um technology is good cons. Ride. Quality is a little too hard. The charging on DC is just not where it really needs to be for 2022, but I still love this car a lot. I really really do GM knows how to do a great electric car. Theyve got cool features too, that not a lot of other manufacturers use like here in the steering wheel. Weve got this paddle if youre slowing down to a stop light, and you need a little bit of extra slowdown, pull that paddle. It wont, engage the friction brakes. Itll just give you even more electricity into the battery. This car is great. Oh another, con um, no all wheel drive option so in Colorado, its nice to be able to go out with an all wheel, drive version of a car. Now, of course, the Kona EV, which is probably this vehicles direct competitor, also doesnt, have all wheel drive, but a lot of newer offerings from Volkswagen from Hyundai like the ionic 5 right. They do offer all wheel drive something that this car is missing. But overall, this this vehicle has been a really big surprise to me. I wasnt I wasnt expecting to like it as much as I do.

I just these are such easy cars to drive easy cars to live with theyre, affordable to run um, theres theyre, just packed full of features and Tech like this digital review mirror. These are stuff youd expect to see on Cadillac or like a Hummer EV. We have a Hummer EV and honestly, the tech in this car is not all that far off of the hover EV, pretty amazing at under 38 000. Now, let me know what you guys think in the comment section below of the Chevrolet bolt euv.