Well, you know it was gon na happen. Electric vehicle batteries are now exploding in Florida after Hurricane salt water. Not only is it corrosive, but it conducts electricity a lot better than regular water does and, as time goes on, corrosion insidiously will work. Its way inside these batteries and a bunch of them have already started on fire, realize you dont even have to use the things they can just be sitting there and they can short out theyre telling people when you have a car thats got a problem with the Electric battery, when its an electric car they say park it outside dont park it inside your garage. It might burn your house down right the lithium inside Burns at a real high temperature and its very hard to put out. Sometimes it could take thousands of gallons of water to put one of these fires out. You put it out, you go away and it bursts back out again theres a lot of rich people in Florida. A lot of people retire down there and theres original model. Electric cars that have been wiped out, they might not have started on fire yep thats the problem with any kind of flood damage, even in a regular car at a customer in Houston. This car flooded out. He cleaned it out. He didnt have insurance totally. He just took all the water out of his Volkswagen and drove it for three years after three years it went the whole electronic system went out, took that long for it to get out.

So if you get an electric car and youre in flooded water and its running okay, you might be driving a ticking Time Bomb realize that theres a lot more involved than electric cars, but our normal car corrosion of electrical wires and stuff then can lead to a Fire, sometimes years later, something to think about if youre thinking about buying one of those things, JD 500 says my dads new car choice is Nissan. I know you dont like them. I did my research and I had friends who had problems with it, turns out theyre, not that well made. How do I get my dad not to get a Nissan, never watched some of my videos and youve already done. Research and your friends had problems, show the research to your father and say Dad make a wise choice. A father chose to sell the son to make wise choices right well, in your case youre wiser than your father trying to convince them. I dont know how open minded some fathers are very closed minded and some arent. I am not close minded one. If somebody shows me a better way, it tells me the truth about something Im all years I dont want to waste my money. I dont want to buy junk and the Nissans really arent very good cars. The companys been on the verge of bankruptcy for decades, and they just make them cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. They were great cars when they were dots and back in the day, then in 2000, Nissan which changed its name from Dodson to Nissan before and that, but in 2000 the French company Renault bottom and it went down the toil even further, give them a little history.

Show them your research say: Scotty says, show them this video, please dont buy a Nissan. If you value your money, youre not going to get your moneys worth Honda, Toyota Mazda theyre much better than those Nissans. By far and there isnt going to be that much difference in price either God yes says hey. Can I change my HID lights to LED on a 2004 Acura TSX? I only have one light that works. If I change the balance resistor I got to take the bumper off. Could I switch it to LEDs? What do you think HIDs are high intensity discharge? Hardly any amperage, no power but high voltage and they claim theyre brighter than the sun at midnight. When you turn them on at night, they were kind of a stop Gap thing. Nobody really uses them anymore. The LEDs everybodys gone to LEDs. You can find a set of LEDs that fit in those housings yeah high intensity discharge, part – that is the Transformer that makes it go from 12 volts up to really high voltage and make the HIDs work. You would just disconnect that part and they still have regular wires coming in, that are low voltage and you would connect those to the LEDs. Do a little research just see people make them kits for those things just make sure that the kit is a full kit and includes ballast resistors for the LEDs, so thats all in the kit, dont just buy bulbs that wont work.

You buy the whole kit in general. You can find kits that are just plugged. They dont cost all that much the most expensive one I ever saw was like a hundred bucks from both lights and the kids so give it a try either youre going to save money and they work perfectly fine basketball 62 says is the Corolla gr, a disastrous Move for Toyota: what do you think about the new 2023 Corolla gr with a 1.63 cylinder turbocharged gender that makes 300 horsepower with a six speed manual transmission? It looks cool, but you know. Is it gon na last? Well, only time will tell its a Gazoo racing. So its specially designed guys that generally know what the heck theyre doing, but No Ones Gon na Know three cylinders. 300 horsepower its a lot of power, obviously its turbocharged to get that kind of power out of a three cylinder. No turbocharged engine will last as long as the non turbocharged engine. The whole thing about Toyota, Corollas – was they last forever tons and tons, are sold right, reliability, theyre kind of going against the idea by putting an engine like that, but then again its the Toyota Corolla GI, theyre not going to make all that many, its a specially Thing theyre only going to make certain amount of them and theyll sell them all, because people are interested in that they will not replace the regular Toyota Corolla. They want to ride like a maniac.

Go ahead. Try it out see how long it lasts, but its not their mainstream Corolla, so not like theyre putting all their eggs in one basket its a toy thats. Why its a Gazoo racing and the toys are always for people who want something that goes Zoom fast and they expect well, it might not last as long, but it really goes like stink. Susan c2309 says. Should I buy a brand new BMW X5. Is there anything to know about the BMW itll be my first one? I fell in love with it, its so smooth. I presently owned a 2017 Cadillac Escalade that Im going to trade in well. You obviously like high end SUVs right. The BMW X5 for ages has been one of the most expensive cars to own and maintain and they have the lowest resale value Ill. Give you a perfect example – and I was doing my Crank It Up with Scotty on CBS in Houston, one of the anchors bought an X5, and he told me this the guys making a lot of money, its a CBS news, anchor right. He said this is the worst car I ever bought. I had to spend so much money fixing this stupid thing granted now he bought a used one, which is a big mistake. I used BMWs worse than a new one. They get even more expensive to fix as the plastic cracks and everything breaks, youre insane buying one of those things now.

If youve got all kinds of money, you dont care, go right ahead or, if youre going to keep it for the warranty period, go ahead, but realize these high used car prices today, arent going to last forever, if you say own it for three years right and Then sell it youre going to lose your shirt today when that three years from now, because BMW resale prices are always down the toilet, they dont give you much on a trade and back in the day when things were real, I knew a guy in California who Bought a fancy, BMW for 80 grand he traded it and was a year old. They gave him 35. thats what their resale values really are in the real world. I mean, if you value your money, dont get that get a Lexus. They make excellent SUVs, getting Acura. They make excellent SUVs, dont, get a BMW, endless money. Bmw many people say are known as big money. Wasters, moose Castaneda says: whats your honest opinion on a newer Toyota 4Runners. How are they worth it? Theyre excellent Vehicles theyre well made. Yes, I dont think any of these new vehicles are worth what theyre asking for. Would you pay for that? Oh paid? 55. 000.65. 000. I paid seven thousand dollars for all my own personal cars. Doesnt include my wifes cars yeah. I paid more for her cars. I still bought them used, but my own personal cars that I drove around and Ive been driving cars for lets, see 52 years, Ive spent seven thousand dollars for all of them.

Now isnt that many cars for the last decades. I bought nothing but used Toyotas that last long time I would not buy a new one, its just too expensive to me its just too much money, because eventually people get tired of a vehicle. Then they sell it if its a Toyota, its still good. I will buy it like my wifes Lexus, okay, its 21 years old now, but I only paid three grand for it when it had 65 000 miles. Original price was forty thousand hey. You can save a lot of money buying used cars. You buy a good one. You save a ton of money, Jack Lyle, 93 says Scotty. If high mileage oil offers better protection. For instance, why wouldnt someone just use high mileage from the start, wouldnt that make sense guys that make it say its great. I personally dont see all that much difference. Now heres the thing lets say you got a new car new cars, maybe use a zero w20 oil. You got to use full synthetic and my advice is Ill use. Is the news gf6 oils theyre made for that now, its just a generic title? Gf6 all kinds of companies make them valve and Castro, and but they all make just make sure it says gf6 on it, got little stars with different symbols, learn how to read them and only buy the gf6 from a modern car, and you would just want to Use that oil all the time its the best oil with the best attitude, this high mileage oil stuff, is kind of a selling gimmick for the companies to charge more money for the same oil that maybe has a few additives in it.

Whether it actually does anything or not, is questionable, but the new gf6 oil is the best oil in the world out there. Its all I use are my cars and Im not going to mess around well. This is a high mileage version to change the oil regularly with the best oil stick to that oil forever Dave C. How do you tell if your engine is seized? Oh its real, easy watch, my video get an old car running its sad for years. I show how to check it. Basically, you get a long extension bar and you get a sock. You get the socket that fits the front of your engine or with the fan belts are driven. The bottom of the engine try turning it around. At least one complete Revolution, if you cant turn it at all its locked up, if you turn it like 50 degrees, then it locks up its locked up. Thats really easy to do any engine. You can pull them by hand if you cant turn them over. Theyre. Locked up its very easy to test, unfortunately, its not very easy to fix. Robert C says I got a 2017 Ford Focus, has a bad transmission control module Ford has a natural backorder. What can I do wont start lights up when I try to start. It wont. Start well, unfortunately, theres nothing. You can do other than try junk yards. If you can find one in a junkyard, it can be reprogrammed to work on your car thats.

The only other option you have other than call up all the parts companies. Some companies, like Napa theyre, pretty good at getting modules for vehicles and a lot of people get Napa, PCMS and theyd, even reprogram them for the cars and its a Ford, so its not all that hard to work on. So you might try that too, but waiting on Ford, if they dont have them and Im back order. You may never get it for years. Who knows they dont really care about supplying things so theyre old Ford focuses. You know they dont even make the things anymore.