The future of the automotive Market Im with the 2022 Volvo xc40 recharge, which is their first full EV in this video, were going to figure out exactly what the xc40 recharge is and if it should be on your short list, if youre looking for a smaller AV Foreign xc40 recharge is their first EV, offering the same applied form as the xc40 gasoline engine, but there is a battery instead of an internal combustion engine. So as far as range goes its rated at 359 kilometers and it runs off 878 kilowatt per hour. Battery power figures are a 402 horsepower and 486 pound feet of torque and its through an all wheel, drive system, and that means theres a motor on the front axle, as well as the rear axle. It shares similar Dimensions as the gasoline xc40 and thats. Thanks to the battery pack being laid across the floor to maximize the space in the cabin now as far as driving Dynamics go its unsurprisingly very quick. All EVS are really quick because of that instant torque being available right away its Nimble. It handles well for a taller vehicle. Yes, if it was lets say, the C40 recharge youd have a lot more athleticism to it, but for what it is and the way its designed. The xc40 performs very well on the road. One important aspect to always keep in mind when considering an AV is the charging time, so this goes up to a level three charger and Volvo Canada says that you can go from 10 to 80 percent in 37 minutes, which is fairly good.

The problem is, you got ta find a level 3 charger. If you have a level 2 charger installed at home, you can go from Missouri to 100 at approximately eight hours, so thats your overnight and thats, on par with the majority of the other EVs and if youre considering a level one, you probably shouldnt, because it would Take the better part of two days on a drip charge to get the battery to anything realistic and the good part of what EVs is its kind of like having a gas station in your garage where you can theoretically leave the house every morning at a full 100 charge inside Volvo gives you a 12.3 inch. Digital dashboard gives you all of your information and a typical Volvo form its very minimalistic, but they havent missed out on any of the details. The one thing that Im a little iffy on is the actual dashboard. It gives you a battery percentage as opposed to how many kilometers are remaining now, to find that you have to go to your infotainment screen, which is a standard nine inch one. You get all of your information there, but I would like to have had my really important information right in front of my eyes. The cabin is extremely comfortable spacious, its not too narrow, and I say that because it is Volvos, smallest SUV offering and surprising as to how spacious the vehicle actually feels. Seats are incredibly comfortable and everythings, really where you need it to be, and yes in typical Volvo form.

Everything is on the minimalistic side. So, for example, there are no words on the steering wheel, theres minimal buttons beneath the nine inch display. Now the interior does contain recycled materials, which is a good shout out to Volvo as far as pairing sustainability and using recycled materials with their EV. This does have Volvos very cool system of open the door, sit down, put the vehicle into reverse or drive, and off you go. There is no start and stop button. Basically, there are sensors in the seat once it senses a certain weight, youre able to move the car forwards backwards. The large panoramic sunroof does let plenty of light. In and again it just opens up the entire vehicle, whether youre in the front seat of the rear seats, to give it that open feeling, as opposed to that constricted feeling that you might get in some of the other smaller AVS out there. There are three trims for the xc40 recharge. There is the core, there is the plus, and then there is what Im in, which is the ultimate, so theres a pretty big range. I dont think many people are going to opt for the core people like options and toys and bells and whistles. So I feel the majority of sales will end up in the plus section, with a few of them going to the top trim, which is the ultimate Volvos New Path for infotainment, includes the Google driven system and thats.

What we have here so theres a voice assistant there is the Play, Store, theres a Google Maps not going to be for everybody. I dont mind it Im fairly heavily invested in the Apple world. Yes, theres Apple carplay, but I dont know. If doing the Google only thing was the smartest move here. My only big irk here is the infotainment system and how heavily Reliant the driver has to be for it. For example, there are no paddle shifters for different levels of repetitive braking to get to a one pedal drive mode. Youve got to dig in through the screen to get to a different driving feely, but I dig into the screen to get into your off road mode. Again through a screen, you know if your HVAC controls are through the screen, so its not the best system. For me, I would like some hard touch tactile buttons to balance out the amount of digital time that I have to get different kind of controls, but its the future today, heres, where we are a lot of Manufacturers, are leading this way and I think its going To be another, five to seven years before weve seen, nearly all manufacturers have such a heavy Reliance on the infotainment screen to get at things like your h factor, Drive modes and other important settings. Standard safety is high here in the xc40 recharge and the folding. Are your standard safety features? You get your blind spot monitoring with your cross traffic alert.

You get your lane keep system, you get your oncoming Lane mitigation, you get your rear park, assist Lane departure warning and your driver alert control so for something that comes standard across any trim, including the base model. I think Volvos done a good job in re, upping itself to be a Pioneer in safety. Seeing as this is an Eevee and theres no engine on the front end just does have a front trunk and its got 21 liters of cargo space. You cant put a lot in there, but you could put a few things in there now were on the regulars cargo space goes, which is on the rear, gives you 452 liters with the seats up, you push those rear seats down, and it goes all the way Up to 1 328, so nearly triples and its a lot of versatile space. So, just because its an EV doesnt mean you cant, do longer trips and take advantage of a fair amount of cargo space in here on the outside its a little difficult to tell the difference between a gasoline xc40 and the xc40 recharge. The big signs here are theres, no traditional Grille, yes, theres still a grill, but its body colored and it doesnt take any air in. Secondly, there is the word recharge stamped into the top of the seat, filler, both drivers, side and passenger side. There are no tailpipes because well its an EV and theres a tiny little badge on the trunk lid as well, that you can take a look for if you really want to find out.

If the xc40 in front of you is a recharge or if its an EV being rated at up to 359 kilometers of range, doesnt necessarily mean thats. What youre going to get so your speed, your driving style, the weight of the vehicle whats being used, whether its your HVAC, your heated seats, a heated steering wheel, our entertainment, anything that draws power will impact that so, thankfully, Volvo has whats called a range optimizer and Basically, what that does is it limits certain climate controls and functionalities to give you the most amount of range, so lets say you have 100 kilometers of range left and you want to make sure you have as much as you can before you get to your next Charge or public charging station you just hit turn on for that and, as it says, on the screen, it limits the climate control functionality. So, yes, thats a nice way to get a little extra boost, but youre compromising on missing out on smithing Music. So should you put an xc40 recharge on your shortlist if youre looking for a smaller AV, I wouldnt and heres why its got one of the lowest ranges for an all wheel: drive EV on the market, currently Im sure thatll change in the coming years. Its a little heavy on price compared to what you can get, and yes, that includes other luxury vehicles and non luxury vehicles and Im, just not a fan of the overuse of minimalism here and the heavy Reliance on the touch screen to get through.

Almost everything that I need to yes, its Volvos first foray into the full EV market and not everythings, going to be perfect right off the bat, and there is certainly room for improvement, its not a knock against the xc40 recharge for what it is and Volvo loyalists Will absolutely see the value here. It looks good, it drives incredibly well, it is smooth, it is quiet, its surprisingly Nimble, but for me – and I imagine the majority of EV drivers out there and ambitious EV drivers for that matter. The amount of range is going to be what drives what they lean towards and what vehicles end up on their short list. I want something that I need to charge as little as possible that I can go as far as I can with between charges, and I want something with paddle shifters that give me the option for different levels of regen. I want an easier infotainment system. The cabin feels good looks good, really comfortable good on you, Volvo for giving us recycled materials and making it sustainable through the build process. But for me I would not put the 2022 Volvo xc40 recharge on my shortlist for Im, Jay Canna for more news information. You can use and reviews on eevs visit our website at driving.