Here we go and youre going to hear a sound and then youre going to hear an even cooler, sound and Ill. Tell you about that in just a second here we go. Oh, my gosh, hey, guys, Im Bradley hasmeyer, and this is the 2023 BMW IX M60. Yes, thats right its wearing the M sport Badge of BMWs famous sport world and its an all electric SUV. People on the internet, love it. People on the internet hate it today were going to figure out what we think about it, but either way this is the future of automobiles, Music. Whats up everybody. Welcome to the BMW IX M60 see this. This is spec sheets. This is a press release with all kinds of information. Okay, you know what Im talking to you today, Im not talking about a press sheet, so lets get to it all right now. The very first thing you should know before the car even starts before the vehicle. Even starts I use my BMW app now whats cool about this app is. I can set Im going to leave every morning at 7 10 to take my daughter to school. It can pre condition the vehicle so that when I come out depending on, if its hot, outside or cold outside, it knows what to do in here and either cools the car off or warms the car up or whatever the car is set and ready. And I can program that through the app I can also see all kinds of specs and stats.

As far as how long my charging time was, I can look at my driving. You can also remote, lock and unlock if you feel like you left something, oh and if you think you left something in the car, how about this theres a camera right up here on the top and you can do a live view mode of your car. So if youre like, I think I left my phone or your significant other may have left their phone, and maybe they do that all the time its not about me and my relationship with my wife anyway, and – and you think maybe they left it here as sitting In the dash or its on the front seat, just pull up the app pull up a photo and you can see a live view and then tap zoom in oh yeah. You know what its in the back seat. We left your sweater, your water bottle whatever, and you can see all that from in the car, using the app so thats another thing about this. That just makes this vehicle so ahead of its time. There are elements of this that you can get with other oems. Other automakers that offer that, but to package all this together and we havent even driven yet Im, already impressed so there you go before we even get going. I love the app now to start this vehicle is very simple. You just push the start. Button foot on the brake start youre going to hear a lot of really cool sounds when you drive this vehicle.

That beeping is not one of them, so let me put on my seat belt. Make sure my mic is set were ready to rock and roll so to get the vehicle going. It starts off in a default mode now Ive programmed in what I like, so that when I get in the vehicle it recognizes me it moves the steering wheel, adjusts the mirrors moves the seat adjusts the lumbar all that type of stuff, and I love that element Too, just getting in – and it knows who I am, but one of the things to note here is that the sport mode has launch control and Im, not just here to drive Im here to launch so Im going to get that going simply push the sport button. Things change a little bit here. I select my drive by pulling back on the Crystal Cathedral right there, okay, Im gon na pull over right around here, get ready for launch Im going to give you a countdown left foot on the brake. Let me double check my numbers. I do need the spec sheet here, real quick, because I dont want to lie to you yeah all right. What Im about to engage is 610 horsepower. Is that right, an 811 pound feet of torque 811., all right left foot on the gas Im! Sorry left foot on the brake right foot on the theres, no gas on the accelerator. Here we go and youre going to hear a sound and then youre going to hear an even cooler, sound and Ill.

Tell you about that in just a second here we go. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I cannot wait for someone else to experience that that that is true launch. Obviously, one of the benefits to an electric vehicle is that pure full Torque from zero and 811. I got to keep looking at 811. pound feet of torque people thats a lot of torque. Now the sound you heard was actually composed by Hans Zimmer. Yes, the film score guy. Oh, I think that is such a cool, sound. I know theres gon na be some haters out there thatll be like that sounds like a power drill or it sounds like a ride at Disney World, and you know what I like drills and Im: okay with Disney World. Just you know Dad life kind of stuff. You got people turning and looking thats what you want right as long as its not the police. Turning and looking in an IX thats what you want in a BMW, an M sport, an M60 all right all right, so that is fun launch performance. Let me talk about the rest of the handling dynamics of this vehicle, and then I want to talk about the interior, because you spend more of your time in here than out there now one of the things that separates the M60 from just the IX, which is Of course, BMWs. First, all electric SUV is that there are some suspension upgrades. I mean what a great sound, how thats such a cool, sound.

There are stiffer front and rear sway bars, and you know one of the Dynamics of driving any electric vehicle. Of course, especially if its put together kind of like the the skateboard concept that Tesla had all the the batteries are in the bottom, so youve got a much lower center of gravity and what that allows is for the vehicle to rebound quicker when its turning, when Its going back and forth its already planted a higher center of gravity means youre, going to be more kind of Tippy right like back and forth. But when you lower the center gravity its like, when you see a football player running and theyre about to tackle someone they squat down, because that lowers their center of gravity and makes it harder for them to to get knocked back when theyre about to tackle. Somebody else so the cornering in this thing is fantastic. It just takes off. You almost feel a swell of power like riding a wave like like almost like the vehicle lifts a little bit because its just the the power is there thats, not something you want, and a vehicle normally is lift and Im, not saying it does Im just saying Its it feels like that some of my friends jogging on the road dont want to hit them whats up fellas. Now the range that BMW vehicle is telling me was about 300 after I had left it overnight and let it plugged in and charge up and all that kind of thing.

So you know on page that sounds pretty good, its already down to 285 and I have certainly not gone 15 miles, so you know its almost kind of like in a gas car when youre talking about oh, I get. You know 25 miles per gallon. Well, not when youre driving like that youre probably closer to, like you know, 10 or 12., so thats, one of those issues people have with EVS is others range anxiety, Im so nervous. Am I going to be able to make it back home um? You know if you live 200 miles away from where you work number one. You should try to find another job and number two. Maybe you should find a different car, but for just driving this thing around. Oh, my gosh dangerous in a good way, fast, wow. Okay, all right, so the performance is clearly there. The specs are there 600 plus horsepower 800 plus pound feet of torque now thats in sport mode. Now I can. I can also adjust my modes right here in the center and maybe Ill just go back to personal mode, which is more of like a normal average and thats 500 plus horsepower in that mode. The software allows you to access more horsepower when you change the mode. So the good thing about that too, is almost like a cylinder deactivation that you would have in a gas vehicle thats trying to be a little bit more efficient. So I love the way that it handles.

I love the way it drives. Look everybody out. There has been talking about this vehicle saying its so smooth its so fast and yes, its all those things, but theres a whole lot more going on here. This is not just a or, I guess, an electric vehicle. This is the future. Ladies and gentlemen, we are, this is like 20 years ahead of its time, thats, why? I think people are hating on this car because they theyre so used to. This is what a car should look like this doesnt I mean yes, its got four wheels. Its got. Some glass and all that the steering wheel is not even a wheel, its like what is that a hexagon theyve rethought the entirety of the Interior. So lets talk about that its a good segue. When you look at the dash its its really just one giant piece of leather and then theyve clicked a TV on as if hanging your TV up on the wall, I love that what a cool look to it. The screen itself is absolutely gorgeous. The infotainment very responsive, easy to slide through tons of usefulness there. Frankly, you know its kind of like Photoshop you, probably if you use Photoshop, you just use like five percent of the abilities. If thats kind of like me with this all Im doing, is using my wireless Apple, carplay and Android, auto, which Android auto is new for this year, so thats thats, a big Plus for BMW.

I dont mind pulling out in front of somebody here because Im already going faster than them. I love that you can completely configure the digital dash in front of you. Its got a couple different options. Couple different looks were seeing that in other vehicles as well, thats, not necessarily anything groundbreaking, but how about the interior looks the fact that theres so much space in here, because theres no drive shaft thats coming through the middle Ive got a lot of space down toward My feet, it feels really spacious, even though its dimensions are similar to an X5. Of course, its all wheel drive because its in the X category, you have this really cool sunroof, which is kind of this, like its opaque um hit a button and it kind of frosts up hit it again and it opens uh in terms of like it becomes A little more transparent, which I really dig um, I dont know something just beeped at me: oh somebodys, trying to play my music, so they hit play. Oh yeah. I know why theres another thing to talk about gesture control. I can turn up the music or turn down the music just using my hands Im, not touching anything theres a camera up here, thats pointed toward the screen and as I move my hands, I can move to the next track and it beeps theres other gestures that You can kind of set. I had to watch a little video thats on the screen here, but I just I love that theres.

That element too thats. Another reason why this is so futuristic how about the fact that the door handles dont even look like door handles. This feels like Im driving a concept vehicle. Usually this is the type of vehicle that you see at an auto show and you think wow. This is super cool, but theyll never hit play on this thing. Itll never be able to produce it. Theyll, never theyve done it now. The M60 itself is it worth going with the upgrade its about another 20 grand or so over the regular IX? Do you need that extra performance I mean? Does anybody need extra performance? You certainly want the extra performance, but when Im driving along here to me its really about this vehicle as being a whole different entry into the market, you know youve got an F, 150 Lightning. Thats, all electric, which is cool for the trucks, really, the only competitor I would say to this – is Tesla and theres a lot of people out there. That are like yes, Tesla, but everyone has a Tesla if you want an electric vehicle, so its nice that theres some other um options out there. Oh and something just happened that reminded me, thank you IX for reminding me. One of the cool features that I have set up under my profile is adaptive regenerative braking, so you can set your regen as they call it to high low or adaptive, and what that does essentially is it uses the natural force, the kinetic energy, of what youre Doing and uses the brakes to then capture some of that energy from the wheels and put that back into the battery.

You could have it be hard, which is another technique that people use for one pedal driving, so you never even touch the brake unless youre at a stop sign or something, and as you take your foot off the throttle, the car kind of knows. I didnt really like that feel, but what I love about the Adaptive regen is its being BMW being super smart, so it uses the cameras, the sensors and GPS information to let the car know win. It should start going a little harder on the regen or when it should just let off, and you know kind of let bygones be bygones so to me, thats, just a brilliant technology. If it sees a car right in front of me and Im slowly, putting on the brakes its like, oh yeah, well its break time, because we dont want to hit that car go ahead and start adding in a little more region if, for instance, it um. You know it sees in front of me theres no cars in front of me, then I take my foot off the throttle and Im essentially coasting right now, and it knows to do that. If someone pulled out in front of me, it would automatically push that down. Gps, of course, comes into play because Im on real twisty roads am I going up a hill down a hill, these types of things, its able to figure all that out, and I was using it on the freeway under adaptive, cruise control and those systems working together Were really helpful to be able to put as much power back in the battery as possible without causing me to slow down so much that I actually have to use more power to get going.

I dont know if that makes sense, but if you understand regenerative braking I think it will so I am totally impressed with this car. I actually think the looks have grown on me when I first saw on social and we posted about it on hot cars. You know it got a lot of pushback. Obviously, BMW was probably like didnt see that coming the huge kidney grills, the elongated look its a little squatty its supposed to be an SUV. You cant really take it off road, because you know the ground clearance. Those types of things, but the more Ive driven it first off. You forget about all that because youre in this futuristic Supernatural interior, with light bouncing off of The Crystal Cathedral, accents and youre. Getting this like prism light, and you can pick relaxation and the ambient lighting at night in here – is super cool and you kind of forget about it, but then even walking up to it after a while. I just Im like yeah. This is, it is what it is like that those are the looks now. Are you willing to feel that way at a hundred thousand dollars or more? I mean thats kind of up to you and I feel like this is really a stepping stone type of vehicle for BMW. In terms of you know, really adding I mean I Im not going to get over that sound. I love that sound, but I really feel like this is like youre gon na see this is breaking ground and whats to come next from BMW in terms of their SUVs is going to be really impressive.

So I love this car Im already thinking about my article that Im going to write, we have to give it a number and Im already feeling that number Im not going to tell you what it is. You got to check my article out on hot cars to be able to know what that is so yeah, but Im curious your thoughts huh. What do you think? Obviously, the internet is divided, but the internets also full of people who like to be angry and tell everyone about that anger. So I dont know if youve ever noticed that before, but I just wanted to yeah Im curious what you think. What are your thoughts on this I just its so smooth its so quick it handles really well, I mean Im really kind of yeah Im really kind of pushing it its a heavy vehicle, but that low center of gravity really helps. So what are your thoughts? Love? It or hate it, let us know in the comments below Im Bradley hasmeyer, make sure youre subscribing to the channel. We got car reviews coming up all the time we get early access to things that you want to know about. So the whole point is you hit, subscribe, Im sure well throw a graphic on there or something like that. Oh look at that, the BMW even dinged. For me there you go guys there you go, have a great day, Im off to go charge.