. Now, as the name suggests, this is strictly an EV range topper designed to take on the likes of the Mercedes Benz eqc and the BMW ix3 lets see how it matches up. The electrified gv70 tops the five model mid size SUV range from Genesis, armed with a sizable 43 000 premium over the Korean brand existing Flagship. The V6 powered 3.5 t as such the electrified model lands in Oz at 127, 800 plus on road costs in a highly specified grade, aligning closely with offerings from BMW and Mercedes Benz and in the same ballpark as the slightly larger Audi e tron. The Genesis electrified gv70 is distinguished from its petrol and Diesel stablemates by its aerodynamic Grille finish, bespoke 20 inch, Alloys, tweak, bumper designs and an inherent lack of exhaust outlets. Now, power here is sent to all four wheels via a pair of electric motors, one on each axle, so all told youre getting 320 kilowatts and 605 newton meters. However, there is a boost mode that facilitates bursts of up to 10 seconds now that delivers 360 kilowatts and 700 newton meters, so you can take advantage of that and it correlates with a faster North 100 time of 4.2 seconds now. The electrified gv70 is actually based on the same platform as the internal combustion gv70 thats, a bit of a point of difference from other Hyundai and Genesis models which are based on the Brands new egmp platform as well, see inside they impose a few spatial and packaging Compromises, but compared to other electric vehicles, theyre pretty minor in nature, as with many other emerging EVS, the electric gv70 also offers a vehicle load function, allowing you to charge or power up household items, laptops, camping gear and more.

The headline figure for charging is acclaimed. 18 minutes for 10 to 80 percent using a 350 kilowatt DC rapid, fast charger, but the more relevant figure here is 12 hours from a home wall box or as low as 7 hours using an 11 kilowatt AC charger connection. Now, one of the key points of difference between the Genesis, gv70 and a lot of its key Rivals is that everything you see inside the cabin here standard. In fact, the only optional extra is two thousand dollar matte paint as such. When you jump into a standard car, it really does impart a sense of luxury and occasion, and I guess it goes some way in justifying the pretty lofty purchase price of just under a hundred and thirty thousand dollars. I love all the key features. Obviously, a 14.5 inch Center touchscreen display a 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster with an augmented reality function and a head up display now, while Im rattling off some of the key specifications in the shiny brochure, this also has 18 way adjustable front driver and passenger seats with Massaging function, cooling and heating as standard, but what I like is that everything has been put in in a really really smart, clever way its functional and its well presented as well. I guess the one thing that goes against all of that is that, because this car isnt based on a dedicated EV platform, you do have a really bulky transmission tunnel and console here and, unlike a lot of other, like minded EVS, the Hyundai ioniq 5 instantly Springs To mind theres, none of that sort of clever Ingenuity that electric cars are known for the ionic 5 has a sliding console that you can set up to really tailor it to yourself.

This just has a big bulky transmission tunnel with no storage integrated. Apart from that, though, its a really nice place to spend time and, above all else, its really comfortable, the Interior Space also includes an active noise control function which uses microphones in the headlining to take away unwanted noise. The electrified gv70 ticks every box where infotainment is concerned. Likewise, safety gets the nod out of the box with every base covered from the rear seat. I have to say Im quite impressed with the electrified gv70s packaging, especially when you consider its 4.7 meter length. The leg room, Headroom shoulder room is all identical. With the internal combustion gv70. You just lose a little bit of floor space because its been lifted to accommodate for the batteries, but with that said, Engineers have actually removed the transmission tunnel in the rear. So theres not such a big compromise as whats in the front, but elsewhere the proportions are strong. The presentation is really strong and just some of the little minute details the inclusions like the sun shades. Like the stitching the soft touch materials, the alloy finishes its a really nice place to spend time. I reckon its really good for adults and kids alike, the window lines low enough, so that little ones will still be able to see out, and I think it covers all the bases where comfort is concerned as well. The rear seat space includes seat heating, air vent access and charging Outlets with isofix attachment points on the outbound pews.

Probably the biggest spatial compromise in terms of packaging is in the boot area, its ‘ liters smaller than the regular petrol powered and diesel powered dv70. But against the petrol model, particularly, it gets a space over spare tire. This only gets a glue kit, I think, for a vehicle thats designed to Traverse different surfaces, dirt roads and all the rest. You probably want a spare tire. I know I would anyway, otherwise the boot area is quite handy. Its got a flat floor, youve got split, folding seats and, of course, you have the vehicle to load function and its quite a standalone, unique feature with this car. Other electric vehicles can charge small appliances and things like that. Genesis says that this one can actually run something as powerful as a washing machine. The boot loading area, its quite easy to get stuff in and out of, and the aperture is quite big too so youll fit a couple of suitcases in there, no dramas at all foreign okay. So with all of that in mind, it is clear. The electrified gv70 has quite a bit going on in terms of its weight in terms of its power and in terms of all of its standard equipment. But when you do jump behind the wheel, it instantly imparts a sense of luxury, but also a strong sense of familiarity with the regular GV 70.. I think immediately. The weight of this vehicle is quite present, its only a couple of hundred kilograms over the the most powerful 3.

5 liter turbo V6 gv70, but its just with the way that this car kind of traverses bumps the way that reacts to certain things. It does feel like a heavy car thats, not a slide on. It still does everything quite well, but thats kind of the immediate observation, otherwise youre sitting a little bit higher in the cabin about 16 millimeters higher than you would in an ice car, and I have to say all the tuning of the key controls is quite good. The throttle response is nice and linear. The brake pedal actually has quite a lot of feeling and feedback. It doesnt feel wooden in any way. I feel like weve, moved on from those very first electric and hybrid cars and just as day to day characteristics. I feel like youve got a great view of the open road, the rear window. The rear Outlook is quite strong. Youve got plenty of vision from the mirrors as well, but down to the Driving Experience Im quite a fan of it, its very relaxed, and even with that, I guess not to 100 time its kind of the headline figure 4.2 seconds it doesnt feel overtly sporty. Instead, this feels like a pretty strong, all rounder so day to day bumps. It soaks up things quite well with its primary ride, theres a little bit of lumpiness and jitteriness on little bumps in the road, but even with the big undulations in the road it soaks. Those up nicely too theres, no excessive vertical movement, theres, probably a little bit more than you might like, and I think of cars like the Audi e tron, its a slightly bigger car.

But it does such a good job of suppressing bumps and really isolating you from whats Happening underneath this Genesis. Gv70. The electric version is a step in that direction, but its probably not quite as good as the Audi, but against this competitive set cars like the Mercedes, Benz eqc, the BMW ix3. It feels pretty Polished in its day to day demeanor, of course, being electric. The cabin is quiet, and that is augmented by some of the technology inside the cabin Ive got these two studs in the front: drivers, seat theres, also two in the passenger seat and theyre actively working like noise, canceling, headphones kind of filtering out all the bad noise And bringing in good sound waves to create a really calm and Serene driving environment, I feel like the electrified gv70 does execute that quite strongly and commendably, now in terms of dynamism, I mentioned the weight before it is a constant consideration. If youre driving in tight hair pins, but if you work to the strengths of this car, it moves its weight to the outside Wheels quite admirably and neatly theres, no excessive body roll and pitch, and I think, all in all, given the size of this car, its Positioning and that weight it actually does a pretty good job of kind of straddling rod and handling mix and dynamism as well its sporty enough without really kind of setting any new benchmarks. Just notice, then, a big undulation in the road thats kind of the worst of the vertical movement theres a lot of EVS at the moment that feel a little bit under suspended its probably more prominent um in sedans and hatchbacks than SUVs.

They tend to be a little bit better. This doesnt feel under suspended by any means, but yeah it could probably could be a little bit better at controlling some of that vertical movement. It sometimes takes an extra sort of bite to to get things correct, but look Im really impressed with this. I think, as a as a car thats adapted to an ice platform, it has a couple of little spatial and packaging compromises, but all in all feels like really quite a well equitted electric SUV, and I think the fact that you are getting all the equipment and The power on offer has a lot of appeal, the drivetrain. You know everyone does think of that North to 100 time, but for me, its the rolling acceleration and the tuning the controls that really Define the electrified dv70. You can just roll on power effortlessly beyond that kind of nautical 60 marker, which is sort of the more explosive Side Of The Ledger. It feels more spratly than it does all that explosive, but thats how a lot of electric cars are. But yet it just feels like a really undistressed and well mated drivetrain. I think its worked really well in all conditions today, and you know if you start buying into the EV Side Of The Ledger like yeah, it does feel like a really calm, tranquil space and on a winding Mountain Pass without the engine noise, the gearbox doing it. Seeing and all the other kind of things that are happening inside the cabin, this really does feel like a nice, Serene Driving Experience.

Wait aside, our only other gripe is the steering which feels artificial in its waiting and lacks the feedback expected from a sportier SUV. As far as range goes, our initial test suggests 350. Kilometers is a more realistic figure from a full charge. The electrified gv70 is backed by a five year. Unlimited kilometer, warranty in Australia plus a separate eight year warranty on the battery servicing is complementary and buyers have the option of a five year charge Fox subscription or the installation of an 11 kilowatt AC home charger. The electrified dv70 is a welcome addition to the Genesis range now sure it imposes a huge pricing penalty over the existing petrol and Diesel gv70 options, but of the five different models on offer. Now I think this one really does impart the biggest sense of luxury and occasion its smooth, its nice to drive its not really a sports car, but its a great all rounder, with Technology and Safety to match.