, I used the included tracing paper to mark where I want to drill the holes installed. The ankers and screwed the mounting plate with the included screws.. Of course you have to have a 220 volt electrical plug already wired up in your garage to plug this unit. In.. If you want to charge at the highest rate of 48AMP, you will have to have a NEMA14 50 outlet installed with proper gauge wire and breakers.. This is quickly becoming the standard for EV charging and most new homes have it in the garage already.. However, if you live in an older house like, I do have an electrician check out the circuit. Im glad I did as my 220v plug is only set up for 30 amps.. This is, of course, slower than what this charge station can do, but I will be upgrading the wiring very soon to take full advantage of the power this can deliver.. Luckily, Lectron has thought of that and has settings on the back of the unit where you can limit the current. It will draw.. This will keep me safe. While I wait for the electrical work to be done., The setting allows you to choose between 16 24. 32. 40 and 48 amps, which is very convenient, especially because you can hard wire this unit in and run custom wires to it.. So, as you can see, this unit has many pros and using this charging station, couldnt be easier., Just power it on with the button on the right side and plug it into the car, like you would any other charger.

. This is, of course, compatible with all J1772 electric vehicles, which is pretty much all new EVs other than Tesla.. If you do have a Tesla Lectron sells an adapter for your car as well. That can be used with this unit.. Obviously I have installed this unit inside of my garage, BUT it can be installed outside as well as it is IP55 rated which makes it weather resistant.. Now. Why did I decide to upgrade from my standard charger to this charging station? Well, its all about setting up my garage for the future., While my BMW i3 has a small battery and doesnt take very long to charge. A modern EV with a decent range has a huge battery and takes days to charge at Level 1 or portable Level. 2. Chargers., My wife has been thinking about a plug in hybrid or an EV, so it was time to future proof my garage. Its also nice to let your friend charge up while they are visiting you. Compared to my portable charger. This can charge 3 times as fast has a very clean and attractive interface and design, and looks very sleek without wires all over the floor.. Another reason I wanted to upgrade was the lack of information. I was getting from either the charger or the car about what was happening.. The best this BMW i3 does is show you when it will be done charger, but nothing about how much electricity it is using.

. With the Lectron V Box, I have a clear indication of the rate of charge and how many Kilowatts was used during the last charge.. The only feature missing that would have been useful is smart functionality.. Unfortunately, there is no WiFi or phone connectivity, so you cant check the status remotely or set a timer or schedule.. This is, of course, clearly stated when you buy the unit, but I thought Id mention it.. Another thing to consider before buying is the installation of the NEMA14 50 outlet which can be expensive, but without proper wiring. You cant reach the speeds this offers.. Overall, there is a lot of value in this Lectron V Box. At 220 volts. You can charge at around 11.5 kWh, which is about 45 miles every hour, added to your range and also 9 times faster than a standard, 110v socket.. As always, I have linked this product down below if youd like to purchase one and if youd like to learn 10 things you didnt know about the BMW.