They set audacious goals up front. They wanted a truck with a 400 mile range on a full charge and when its time to charge that truck would get up to 100 miles of range in just 10 minutes at a 350 kilowatt DC fast charging station. On top of that, it would have to have Next Level horsepower and torque incredible versatility, superb ride and handling. They make huge leaps in design and Technology with an eye on completely disrupting the whole industry and setting a new bar in premium trucks. Can you picture it check this out Music? How cool is that this truck knows how to greet me like a trusted companion, whos jacked, with muscle loaded with tech and is just damn good looking. This is the first ever 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition one today is yet another turning point for the brand with the launch of this first ever Sierra EV GMC is the first and only brand in the industry, with three EV truck entries. The Hummer EV pickup is available now the Hummer EV SUV will be available in early 2023, and this beautiful Sierra EV Denali is expected to arrive in early 2024. And while this truck is everything youve come to know and love about the Sierra name, it is so much more leveraging the same ultim platform developed for the Hummer EV GMC takes it to the next level, with the Sierra EV Denali. That provides some big benefits compared to say a retrofit of an existing gas powered truck platform.

The ground up, EV, pickup architecture, enables performance and capabilities that would not be possible with the conventional pickup its a bold and revolutionary new player that in many ways outperforms trucks of the past and Denali is just the beginning. There will be additional trims too, as GMC rolls out the broader lineup in the months and years to come. This is the Sierra Evie Denali from GMC truly premium, incredibly capable and all electric Music visually Sierra EV, denalis design speaks to the boldness and function of a truck, but everywhere you look its modern and premium and points to a New Direction. The first thing, youll notice, is the lighting GMCs latest exterior, LED technology programmed with a signature, animated choreography. The same goes for the exterior design. Gmc created a truck that looks like a truck with a familiar profile. The front end looks confident and the front fascia makes a strong first impression, its modern and clean and its a sign of things to come. For GMC Sierra evs integrated battery structure allowed their designers to be more expressive when they sculpted these full front to back body sides and the gloss black details, give it a premium technical appearance. The scale is impressive. The profile is fresh, modern and strong and its a nod toward GMCs future customers get a truck that exudes Innovation, but with the capability that comes with an established truck brand theyll also get Classic GMC versatility served up in innovative ways like this multi pro tailgate, which Gmc introduced and made available across the Sierra lineup thats cool, our friends have a visitor, and it happens to be 14 time world champion Windsurfer Sarah Kita afringa looks like the three of them are headed from their desert home to the ocean to rip some waves.

Windsurfing boards like these can be more than eight and a half feet long that makes Sierra Evie denalis Innovative cargo storage a great help on their Journey to the Pacific. The Sierra EV denalis multi pro midgate is big news, a first for GMC. It changes everything about the ways you can haul your stuff and its made possible by the clean sheet approach to the EV pickup platform. Ill. Come back to that in a moment now that our friends are close to getting on the road lets. Look at the stunning new premium interior theyre about to experience Music, but work GMC put into the design of this interior jumps out at you. As soon as you open the door, it redefines the premium professional grade standard and it makes a long trip to the coast. All the more enjoyable instantly you notice, the panoramic fixed glass roof. It gives you an open air Ambience and increases the Headroom. The glass is tinted and features ultraviolet and infrared Coatings to help keep the cabin comfortable youre greeted by special 3D graphics. Gmc designers wanted the cabin to feel handcrafted with the high attention to detail. It starts with this luscious expense of open, pour wood. You can feel the Grain and the Sleek lines in the instrument panel stretch. The visual width of the truck the console is spacious, with several tiers of storage. Every inch of this interior has been curated with attention to detail right down to the wireless phone charger up front beneath the seamless panel of grain, matched wood black accents tying in the gloss black touches on the exterior and galvanochrome, with its elegant, subtle, bright, finish, accents The all black interior of the Denali look at the way this touchscreen is precisely integrated into the instrument panel.

This is the first use of a free form, 16.8 inch, diagonal touchscreen display in a GMC vehicle, and the screen is centered Within Reach of the driver and passenger and fully customizable. The touchscreen offers a user friendly experience where icons can be organized just like on a smartphone. The screen can also be split to operate up to three apps simultaneously and with GMs ultify vehicle software platform. New features, apps and experiences can be downloaded over the air to truly make the truck your own GMC designers and Engineers are experts in making trucks easy and intuitive to use like these climate controls and this volume knob that customers often prefer to use without looking or With gloves on the blending of physical and digital is a particularly nice touch, drivers are going to be thrilled with the level of access they have to critical information. A 14 inch diagonal, multi color head up display and an 11 inch diagonal reconfigurable driver information center. Give you excellent command and control GMC prioritize functionality based on feedback from customers. You have the flexibility to dig deeper when you want to and the option to, simplify when you just want to drive. If the instrument panel gives you a sense of width, the doors give you a sense of front to back. Expansiveness youll find premium details everywhere, check out this etched stainless steel on the precisely engineered speaker, grilles and the perforated accents on the doors and take a look at the seats.

The Denali logo, embroidery and fabric piping are Exquisite and the premium quilting pattern is uniquely GMC rear seat. Passengers are going to really enjoy the amount of cavernous, uninterrupted, legroom thats, another benefit of the new Altium electric pickup architecture. This interior is Sleek bold, luxurious in high tech for GMC its Leading The Way Forward For What premium trucks are and should be Music for decades, a truck has been defined by two separate spaces: the cabin up front for passengers and the Box. In back for cargo. These two spaces have now merged to create all kinds of new cargo carrying options. Sierra Evie Denali has Rewritten the book on versatility. Earlier you saw how the multipro tailgate extends the load floor and increases functionality, but wait theres more. This is the first ever GMC multi pro mid Gates, an Innovative feature that literally opens up an unprecedented amount of capacity and flexibility for the truck the rear seat back multi pro mid gate fold flat into the floor, extending the truck bed by more than three feet. You can fold both seats down, giving you the full width and for extra size loads or, if you just want better access to the entire bed. The rear glass can be removed and securely stowed away. The 60 40 split seat gives you multiple gear, hauling configurations that were never available before foreign, with the load stop on the multi pro tailgate. You can extend your usable storage area up to 10 feet 10 inches and when that 60 seat back is folded down and the 40 left in place, you have room for a rear seat, passenger, whatever your passion is or wherever your weekend Adventures.

Take you GMC. Has you covered power open the e trunk and youll find enough lockable, weatherproof storage for your gear and valuables and with two drains its even a great place to store a wetsuit after a long day at the beach with the glass in place, an optional tonneau cover Adds lockable weatherproof storage to keep cargo protected from the elements thats, a crazy amount of storage and its all thanks to the otium EV architecture, which has taken Sierras versatility to some incredible new places, Music, Evie Denali is every bit a GMC pickup. That means a truck capable of hauling forwarding getting you to the trailhead and, of course, Towing. Everything youd expect from GMCs proven professional grade capabilities. This Sierra EV Denali offers groundbreaking range and incredible power along with 400 miles of range. It produces 754 horsepower and 785 pound feet of torque. With an available towing capacity of up to 9 500 pounds its the type of capability, our EV customers would need if they were to say, make a trip from the beach and head up to the mountains with their ATVs. The Sierra EV Denali handles the grades and elevation changes effortlessly down. The road GMC will offer a variety of trims price points and Max towing capacities just like they always have. This is just the beginning. Sierra Evie Denali can give customers even more control over the Driving Experience through a number of Drive modes from normal mode to tow haul to off road and even a customizable.

My mode customers can adjust steering suspension propulsion, sound and power settings tailored to the driving conditions. Finally, check out max power mode, a thrilling amount of EV torque lets you go 0 60 in under 4.5 seconds. Making this the quickest Factory Sierra ever drive modes are made possible in part by an air ride, adaptive suspension that can bring the vehicle to Optimal ride. Height and provide a confidence inspiring and comfortable ride when fully loaded or unloaded its continually optimizing. The ride for the best possible experience and EV can take driver control to new levels. Consider this feature called one pedal drive when its on you can lift your foot off the accelerator and the vehicle slows to a stop. The battery is designed to regenerate during normal deceleration or when youre coasting, especially downhill. This truck is equipped with a feature that takes that capability, a step further variable regen on demand. This panel puts the driver in control of how much stopping power and how much regenerative power they get. The more you pull the paddle, the more deceleration and the more regen on demand when its time to go hands free theres, super Cruise driver assistance. Technology supercruise is the first true hands: free driving assistance technology for travel on over 400 000 miles of compatible roads in the U.S and Canada. For fully automatic Lane changes super Cruise technology determines the best time to pass a slower vehicle and executes the lane, change.

Keeping the driver informed each step of the way when youre trailering super Cruise technology comprehends the additional mass of the trailer and adjusts the vehicles speed through curves or the following distance behind another vehicle. I think about how far the Sierra EV Denali has come during our journey and Im Blown Away when you combine its 400 mile range in power with these smart new technologies. This truck will raise your expectations, but were not done. Sierra EV has power to spare its off board. Power system enables even more amazing possibilities. Power Station Pro is an available system that enables your Sierra EV Denalis inverter to work as a backup power source. So when your buddy award winning photographer surreal, yazbitz wants to charge up his gear after a day of off roading the Sierra EV denalis Power Station Pro is the ideal solution. With the available accessory power bar, the truck has up to 10 power outlets, both 120 and 240 volt options. This Sierra EV Denali can also off board 10.2 kilowatts of AC power, thats a lot of juice. You can lend a charge to another EV and when the unexpected hits the Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 has the ability to power your homes, essential devices when properly equipped for up to 21 days Music with a range of 400 miles. This Sierra EV Denali can provide our couple with the confidence to travel from their home in the desert to the ocean, to the mountains and, finally, into Los Angeles for a night out on the town, even after lending off board power to their friend.

And they still have range remaining amazing now that theyre in the city theyre experiencing even more benefits of the Altium vehicle architecture. In addition to a roomier interior, GMC used the structure of the battery pack as a stiffening element of the vehicle, which means it enables the similar levels of payload capability and durability. That youve come to expect from a Sierra Denali pickup. Now, in an all electric package, tack on improved drivability ride and handling a lower center of gravity and youve got more confident, driving, feel improved Dynamics and overall, better performance case in point. Sierra EV Denali features four wheel steer when taking a corner at low speeds. Youll feel the tighter turning Circle as the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction of the front wheels, which means this truck can confidently navigate. Tighter situations and four wheel steer enables crab walk a GMC exclusive diagonal Drive feature that was first introduced on the GMC Hummer EV at low speeds. Crab walk turns the rear wheels at the same angle as the front wheels allowing diagonal movement of the vehicle. The Sierra EV Denali has it all true premium truck capability in an all electric package with an EV you can leave the house every morning on full. Once youre underway, you can use available, Google built in compatibility with Google Maps to identify a charging station near your destination, and the vehicle automatically prepares itself for charging. The my GMC app is your virtual assistant when it comes to monitoring your vehicles charge and sending alerts.

When you need them, connect this truck to a 350 kilowatt DC fast charging station and youll get up to 100 miles of range in 10 minutes. Sierra Evie Denali has the best fast charge capability in the EV truck segment. No other competitor can do this its really. The perfect vehicle to take windsurfing to trailer your ATVs up to the mountains and, if youre connected like these two enjoy dinner with their friend Farm to Table, devotee and environmentalist May Lin look Im sold this Sierra EV Denali is the can do anything truck GMC has Done a phenomenal job of raising the bar for full size, pickups, its a true GMC with the capability and technology that enables customers to elevate practically all aspects of their lives.