So when it came time to buy my own, I knew exactly which one to buy Im will. This is my Neo 80 s. This is China driven Music, now, Im, no neo bro and I dont own any stock, an unpopular opinion Im, not a fan of their first gen SUVs. I think the es8 has quickly become outdated, versus what the competition offer and for all the sporty intentions of the exterior of the ec6. I dont think it has the handling its posing for a year ago. I wasnt interested in anything that Neo had to offer with the body of a four door sedan and the starting of a coupe. When I came face to face with the Sleek et7, I was suddenly very interested a few moments later. Having experienced this big comfy riding sedan that pulls like a train on steroids, well, choo choo, I was all aboard the Neo Train. Everybody knows that a parents, love is unconditional and biased, but sometimes you just know that your baby is truly gorgeous in a sea of ugly Misfits and Im totally biased, but it doesnt change the fact that the et7 is a stunner, the daylight running lights. At the front, just give it a mean: look whilst back here the Slick automatic tail light, just ooze class, sleek and elegant from nose to Rum the way the whole cabin appears to sit back, dropping into its fast back and rear haunches. A very small whiff of the power inside with the way the boot lid subtly flicks up delicious.

My 87 is not sporting, a factory Neo color. I opted for the optional Arctic green costing 1400, but with the amount of et7s hitting the road, I decided to change mine up a bit. The 20 inch Aerostar Alloys are one of three 20 inch options with a 21 inch rim optional as well. The smooth flowing design of this 5.1 meter long Butte manages slippery drag coefficient of just 0.208, even with a few growths up top those gross up top are critical for Neos new generations. Unfortunately named a dash system, nads its yet to debuting, is expected in early 2023. As a subscription based service, it uses an array of sensors, including a roof mounted lidar, seven, eight megapixel cameras, four three megapixel cameras: a radar, 5 Milli, wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radar and two high Precision positioning sensors. All of that data from the sensor array are fed into quad Nvidia or in X. Chips with a total of 1016 tops exactly what NAD will be able to do. We arent 100 sure, but an advanced autopilot navigation system is surely part of the package. All Neo et7s come standard with a level 2 Adas system called neopilot and it basically combines the lane keep assist and automatic cruise control to keep you in your lane, steering and with a push of the indicator. It will automatically change lanes for you, providing you have a hand on the steering wheel to be expected of an EV of this price and it costs a pretty penny too.

Here in China, youll pay between sixty four thousand seventy five thousand dollars for an ET p7. But if you choose battery as a service option, which is basically renting a battery, then youll save nine and a half thousand dollars off the initial price of a 75 kilowatt version with a 136 dollar monthly fee and a whopping 17.8 000 of the 100 kilowatt hour Version with a monthly charge of 234 dollars, every Neo owner gets four free swaps a month, and if you forgo the home charger, then you can have six its definitely a quick Affair to recharge this thing. Talking about speed, if you prefer your fast EVS with fart noises, then the et7 is definitely going to let you down on one of those aspects, thankfully its the one that brings laughter of joy to all those under five, because this thing is properly fast in Sport, Plus the accelerator is razor, sharp and Neo say on paper that this will Pummel zero to 100 kilometers in 3.8 seconds, with its 480 kilowatts of power and 850 newton meters of torque twisting its dual motors, all wheel drive at its best. But surprisingly, what Neo doesnt announce so loudly is that 3.8. Second Sprint time is actually a lie. You see Neo records the et7 Sprint with a driver and a passenger on board and half a load in the trunk. No one foot rollout sneaking us here in reality. Rumors have it that the Neo et7 is faster than a Tesla Model, 3 Performance, but well test that out in a future video, along with the et7s claim 33 and a half meter.

Braking distance but dont get carried away. Theres no performance badge in here sure a bit of damp Road, excessive steering and a probably accelerator, and the back will step out, but its a large plus riding barge thats fast and quite tidy push it too much, and it will almost certainly understeer. Sport Plus is all fun and games, but drive it how its meant to be driven, and it all makes sense pop it into Comfort, mode mode and waft down the road as the steering becomes lighter and the air suspension raises letting the car deal with all the Annoyance associated with horrible truck destroyed Urban Roads, its not Mercedes Magic Ride levels of comfort in here, but the front and rear multi link suspension, definitely helping offer a comfortable ride and, with Neos 4D control suspension using cameras to adjust the air suspension on the Fly. Otas can only make it better, even though the drivers seat is somewhat flat, bottomed with eight way. Adjustment, electronic Lumber and thigh support its easy to get into a comfy position, heated or cooled seats with massage functions to choose from even better yet sit back here and enjoy the enormous amount of leg room thanks to that wheelbase of 3060 millimeters or go the whole Hog and boss, it out, move the passenger seat out of the way heated or cooled seats, with a massage of your choice. While someone else bothers with the driving bit, the Headroom in here isnt that bad either considering the cupish good looks.

However, if you are over six foot, it may still be a bit of a squeeze. There are a couple of things to note, though: the rear seats dont recline, which is a bit of a Miss in what is meant to be a large back seat, Rider hell. They dont even fold down. All you get is a measly ski pass through. I think I would have liked to see some rear entertainment options as well Neos AR glasses, although Uber cool Mr Mark, with only one pair usable at a time I mean talk about selfish Indulgence, hopefully rear seat equality can be brought back through an OTA in the Future, but the biggest gripe in the back of the et7 is that the seat bases are a little bit too short, and the floor is a tad too high, probably to accommodate Neos party trick. You cant have heard the name Neo without hearing about battery swapping theyre. So intertwined that to not talk about them together would be as strange as a new Bond introduced himself as Jimmy and ordering a martini stirred. Of course, there are times for fast charging 20 to 80 in around half an hour, but who cares roll up to a swap station and if no one is in front of you, youll be in and out of there within five minutes fully charged and regardless of What battery you opted for when you initially purchased your Neo, you can always swap it for a different size.

Of course, there are some charges, but to have a 75 kilowatt hour battery with a range of 530 kilometers to mooch around town and in the flexibility to swap that for a hundred kilowatt hour. Battery with 675 kilometers of range for a longer slip out of town is just Ma and Neo say. When theyre 150 kilowatt hour, semi solid State Battery arrives, you can expect a range of a thousand kilometers. Now all of those ranges are on the ctlc, so you need to reduce them by about 30 now, obviously, in order for the battery to slip out, the Underside midsection of the car has to be unobstructed, and here comes the downside to the convenience of battery swapping Storage space now NEOS dont have fronts that area is reserved for all the electrical gubbins and even though the et7 has got that lovely sloping rear end, Neo bazali went with a sedan trunk over a lift back Madness. Now it will fit two large suitcases side by side, so thats a plus, but not much else. It isnt exactly cavernous and thats, not the end of the storage woes Im. Afraid in here you wont, find a glove box either. So youll have to find some other place to put your driving gloves. You do, however, get some up to the minute. Tekken features. To take your mind off your storage anxiety, a standard, you get a large 10.2 inch instrument panel, a hard as well as the 12.

8 inch weirdly proportioned OLED Central touchscreen. Initially, I thought it was a bit obnoxious with the dimensions watching our movie on here is only marginally better than my iPhone, but being a Neo owner. I dont need to sit at a fast charger for 20 or 30 minutes enjoying a movie I just battery swap, but if I did want to watch a movie either on this or with the Neo AR glasses, then Id be treated to an eargasmic immersion of sound Thanks to the et7s 23 speaker, 1000 watt, Dolby spatial audio system, its fantastic but youll just have to take my word for it between the softness of the three thousand dollar optional, Napa leather, the Alcantara, headliner and metal touch points. The interior materials are pretty top notch. Even the door opening button allow a single elegant, sweeping movement, its also set up as a trigger for easy access. The et7s interior style is a familiar mix of Neos premium minimalism without the feeling of being Barren and devoid of style. Sporting. The Familiar Neo shifter, the optional, know me ready to serve you every whim and new for the second generation platform, the Korean material made from reconstituted wood, some arent a fan, but I quite like it. The et7s interior shows a sophistication and a level of maturity, sometimes lost in Chinese EV, Interiors theres, all the stuff youd expect on a premium: Chinese EV, 5G connection, 4 Zone Voice Assistant, three Zone, AC built in dash camera and, of course, a wireless charging pad.

Although it does make my phone mightily hot, the cabin has two USBC front and back, but just going to the back to interior material quality T. Why did Neo do this such a massive, hard, cheap piece of plastic back here Center Stage bewildering above it is a small screen which deals with the rear seat options such as seat heat and ventilation, as well as media controls and the spa massage function. Shame its not here in the armrest, where it would be a little bit easier to access in Comfort. Looking for a large sexy, comfy, EV sedan that will Gallop from a stop like a thoroughbred on Peds bolting from the gate, then the et7 might be just what youre. Looking for assuming you dont need a lot of storage. The minor shortcomings of the et7 will melt away as you walk towards it, and the beauty dance is awake massive thanks to the new team behind the camera. This should easily be our best video. Yet let us know what you think in the comments down below Im.