I will review the 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali watch the video to the end. So you know what is being upgraded to the 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali car continue to support the Supercar Channel by giving likes comments, subscribing and tapping the Bell so that you get other latest car videos. Music GMC will soon have not won, but two electric pickup trucks won the 2024 Sierra EV arrives. The Sierra is meant to be a more utilitarian option and like its petrol stablemate, it shares a lot with its Chevrolet scarred sibling the Silverado EV IL. So the launch model is the ultra luxurious Denali Edition one which has a 754 horsepower. Two motor engine – all wheel, drive powertrain claims a 400 mile range and will cost well over one hundred thousand dollars. Additional models, including the elevation, ended 4, will follow in 2025, with lower starting prices and less ambitious performance claims. The Sierra EV will be offered only as a crew cabin with a 5 feet, 11 inch bed, Music, whats new for 2024. The Sierra EV is completely new for 2024 and will be offered initially only as a Denali Edition one model. This means they will come fully loaded with plenty of equipment and a powerful drivetrain with two electric motors. Other trim levels will follow for the 2025 model year. The Denali Edition one will be the only model available for the first model year, Sierra EV and its an expensive car.

With all the luxurious features and capabilities. We expect from a modern pickup truck GMC claims that the lower trim levels will start at around fifty thousand dollars Music. Thank you. The Sierra EV Denali Edition one will come standard with a powerful electric drivetrain that combines front and rear electric motors. It enables all wheel, drive and pumps out a total of 754 horsepower and 785 pound feet of torque, which GMC says will get the Giant Truck to 60 miles per hour in a claimed 4.5 seconds. The Sierra will also be equipped with many other tricks, including an air suspension that can raise and lower the truck and the Hummer EVS crab walk feature that can rotate the rear wheels in the same direction as the front wheels for maneuver trip. Diagonally various driving modes will change the character of the Sierra and the regenerative braking system will include a single pedal driving option that uses rigging to significantly slow the truck. When you release the gas pedal Music GMC claims that the Sierra EV will provide a maximum towing capacity of 9500. Pounds were not sure at this point whether this Max Capacity will require any particular option, but well update this story. When we get more details on Sierras standard and optional features, the Sierra EV Denali Edition one claims an impressive driving range of 400 miles on a single charge. Thanks to its large battery pack, GMC hasnt said exactly what size it will be fast.

Charging capability will also be standard and will allow the truck to charge up to 350 kilowatts if you can find a charging station capable of reaching this level. That means you can add about 100 miles of range in 10 minutes says GMC. The cheaper version of the Sierra EV will likely have a smaller battery pack and wont provide as much range as the loaded Denali version Music. Thank you, interior comfort and cargo. The Sierra EV will be offered only as a crew cab pickup with a bed measuring nearly six feet in length. This means it should offer a spacious interior with comfortable rear seats. Gmc will also offer a mid gate function that extends the bed into the cap. To allow for longer luggage, theres, also a big Funk up front in the place where gasoline engines are usually used. The Denali version also incorporates good materials such as wood and open, porous leather and keeping with its price and premium mission. Music, the infotainment in connectivity, the standard infotainment system is a 16.8 inch touchscreen with plenty of connectivity features likely, including Apple carplay and Android. Auto smartphone mirroring functions, theres also an 11.0 inch digital gauge cluster, a Wireless smartphone charging pad is also included Music. Thank you. Driver safety and assistance features emcee hasnt provided details on all the standard and optional features of the Sierra EV, but we do know that the Denali Edition one comes with the advanced super Cruise hands free driving system.

This function takes over acceleration and braking and also allows you to take your hands off the steering wheel in certain driving situations, such as when you are on a mapped Highway, and as long as you keep your eyes on the road. Key security features likely include standard automatic emergency, braking with pedestrian detection standard Lane, departure warning with the help of Lane guards standard adaptive, cruise control with hands free driving mode, Music, warranty and maintenance coverage. The Sierra EV comes with a similar warranty as other General Motors products, meaning three years slash 36000 miles of bumper to bumper coverage and 5 years 60 000 miles of Powertrain coverage. Limited warranty covers three years with 36 000 miles. The powertrain warranty covers five years or sixty thousand miles hybrid components covered for eight years or one hundred thousand miles. Free maintenance is covered for the first visit Music. The new GMC Sierra EV is a pure electric full size, pickup truck with a unibody design and ultium battery pack integrated into its structure. It also follows in the footsteps of the GMC Hummer EV, by launching its most expensive trim, the Denali Edition one.