The high end luxury segment is no different and were seeing some new models coming on last year this year, and next one of them is whats beside me here were taking a look on this latest review at the all new first, ever Mercedes Benz, eqs 580. foreign Is technically available in two different drive train modes? The eqs 5 ADM driving is a dual motor system, while the eqs 450 operates as a single motor. But this choice is not available to Canadians, as only the dual motor or all wheel, drive. Eqs 580 is sold north of the 49th parallel compared to the dual motor 580. The rear wheel, drive eqs, will offer less overall power slightly longer range and a few less bells and whistles all for a price tag in the USA. That starts about twenty thousand dollars below its dual motor sibling, with the eqs 580 youll get power from a 107 kilowatt hour battery pack that feeds dual synchronous Motors on the front and rear axle with 385 kilowatts of total output and an equivalent of 516 horsepower and 631 pound feet of torque according to Mercedes Benz acceleration. Time is 4 seconds to get from zero to 100 kilometers an hour or 4.1 seconds to go from 0 to 60 miles an hour. Top speed is set at 210, kilometers or 130 miles an hour. The posted range for the eqs 580 is 547 kilometers or 340 miles, and while this represents one of the longer estimated drive ranges available, my experience and it showed its capable of going a lot farther than this driving range.

Just like distance to empty is always changing and based on a vehicles, computer factoring in driving habits, climate terrain and more. I had the chance to review the eqs 580 during a time of year where temperatures are ideal for maximizing EV range and given how I saw estimated range figures as high as over 700 kilometers when full this EV all but eliminates any notion of range anxiety. One thing contributing to this fact is that the eqs is also relatively efficient at using the energy it stores in the battery pack. With a combined Energy Efficiency rating of 3.1 liters e per 100 kilometers or 77 mpge its more efficient than the EVS, it would compete against, such as the BMW IX Audi e tron and Cadillac lyric. Although it still Falls below the efficiency rating of the Tesla Model, S, the 400 volt charging infrastructure inside the eqs allows the vehicle to take up to 200 kilowatts of DC fast charging. Mercedes says it would take 31 minutes to charge the eqs from 10 to 80 and its a claim I was able to verify in my DC fast charging test for home charging the 9.6 kilowatt onboard charger when connected to a level 2 charge. Cable will take the eqs from 10 to full in about 11 hours, so in understanding the Mercedes, EQ and its whole nomenclature. Eq, of course, is the platform. It is the electrified, dedicated Universal platform, and the third letter would be in this case s which is essentially designed to replicate or mimic the sizing that it would be S being S Class.

Now this is not an S Class. This is again a dedicated vehicle on a dedicated platform but size, the proximating, the S youll see that with the EQ e and eqc, and so on so thats how you can identify you know the electric and the sizing of the vehicle now its beyond that. What is particularly of note with this eqs and the 580 is um the shape of it. It is different than the S Class at n and its primarily due to aerodynamics one of the most uh significant developments in the design of this is the fact that they have achieved basically the most aerodynamic design that exists in a vehicle right now of this type. We measure aerodynamics by a measurement called coefficient of drag. The most aerodynamic thing that we know of that exists is a teardrop and we basically compare everything uh against that. So anything a teardrop when youre using this thing called coefficient of drag would basically be rated as zero. Anything above that shows how much more resistance there is in terms of drag compared to a teardrop. The eqs 580 has what is known as a coefficient of dragon. Point two zero, so you know you dont have to know exactly all it means, except to say that that is the most efficient. Something like a G wagon would probably be double that to be far more resistance. Why is this important, because, well with less resistance in the air youre going to be able to cut through more efficiently, youre going to need less energy and less energy and more efficiency is a big Hallmark of electric vehicles and how that is important when it comes To comparing it say, with a regular S Class, its probably more in the rear, um, the the sort of teardrop that flowing aerodynamically efficient design, has sort of reduced that the rear seat room a bit compared to a traditional S Class its not as uh spacious and Thats something you will note if you try them both, but there are other things that assist in aerodynamics as well door handles when theyre sticking out, they can add a little bit of drag with this eqs.

Like some other vehicles, you see at Tesla, even the some of the Jaguar, some of the sorry Land Rovers, I should say the door handles, are receded when you approach it or when you unlock they pop out and at night time they even illuminate as well, which Is helpful but they stay in into the body to resist, drag even the tires. The tires that you would use on the eqs you can get 19 20 or 21 inch tires, but the material. Obviously, you want tires to grip to the row, but you dont want them to grip too much that it increases the drag, so you will have low rolling resistance, tires and thats. Something youll see here also something else that is really unique. Electric vehicles, of course, do not have an engine which would be typically found under the hood. So you have this space and different automakers are utilizing that space differently. Some will put more Electronics there so that you have an open floor, youre getting a lot more flat floors, so theres an emphasis on interior passenger volume. Others will put storage areas that that term frunk. You could see a small little frunk in the front or you can see like in the case of the Ford F, 150 Lightning. The entire front compartment is a giant storage area with Mercedes. However, in the EQ theyve done something Ive never seen before you actually cant get into the hood. You cannot get under the hood inside, they have placed their HVAC system and their HEPA filter.

One of the things that is a big plus inside the C Key West is the quality of air that is in the cabin and the HEPA filter, which needs to be kept isolated and secure is under here. So you cannot lift underneath an interesting sidebar is there? Are always going to be things that you would typically go under the hood for aside from you know, maintenance. One of them is windshield washer fluid. If you cant get under the hood, where would you put it and thats where this little side um thing comes in, you would place it. The reservoir you poured in here when I first walked up uh to the vehicle. I thought this might be where the charge port is, whereas in fact, the charge port on the eqs is on the rear and on the passenger side for vehicles. Here in North America, where you uh youre driving your steering wheels on the left for as much as the exterior of the eqs is about the efficiency of Form and Function, while badged in luxury branding the most obvious indication that youre in a high end luxury vehicle Comes by stepping inside the most dominating feature of the EQ s58, the interior is the 56 inches of curved glass across the front of the vehicle. Encasing three different displays and known as the mbux hyper screen to say there is a wow effect going on. Here is a bit of an understatement: OLED technology is used for the Central and front passenger displays, providing an especially brilliant image, but its also a challenge to record.

As my initial slow motion, video and frame rate caused a painful strobing effect, and it took me six weeks to get back into this vehicle to re record. The footage I needed this also explains why Im in shorts and parts of this video, despite me, posting this to my channel in November. That said, the capabilities of the mbux hyper screen are incredible and it can be overwhelming at times as well to help in this regard. Artificial intelligence and learn capable software enables the control and display concept to adapt to its user and make personalized suggestions for a variety of functions, from infotainment to comfort and even vehicle functions. The user no longer has to scroll through sub menus or give voice commands. As the most important applications are always available in a situational and contextual way, at the top of the drivers field of vision, given the lack of tactile buttons on the hyper screen. Fortunately, there are a total of 12 actuators beneath the touchscreen for haptic feedback during operation. If the figure touches certain points there, they trigger a tangible vibration in the cover plate. Its not quite the tactile button effect that I prefer, but it certainly is helpful and it needs to be said that no automaker at the moment does ambient lighting quite like Mercedes Benz. Does the available ambient lighting system in the eqs uses 190 LEDs placed throughout the vehicle? It can be customized into dozens of color combinations, plus it can serve to alert occupants of Hazards or emergency situations, it visually impressive and functional.

At the same time, when you first get into this eqs 580, it really is overwhelming, in fact its distracting its ironic or not ironic enough that, as soon as you turn it on, in fact, the center screen tells you to not let this entire system distract you Its kind of about well obviously, but this is one of the challenges you want to offer a lot of digital tools, a lot of Technology, a lot of convenience, but you dont want to do so in a way that the driver becomes too distracted and a safety Risk so earlier this year I actually wrote an article in the Toronto Star in the wheel section, which appeared on online and also appeared in, where I actually discussed the issue of Center screen information, how overpowering it has become, and in fact, how overwhelming it can Be at times Ill try to put the link to the article if you want to read it. But I looked into some of what automakers are doing to minimize the distraction, while still offering all the convenience and features that are now putting into the center screens and into infotainment and stuff. Clearly, one of them is through voice integration, so the voice commands you can do with various Vehicles here in with Mercedes, were dealing with their own internal program. The mbux system and I could reach and have commands done by simply going hey Mercedes. You turn the climate controls to 22 degrees, Im setting the temperature to 22 degrees and uh, so thats, obviously one way, but the sophistication is, you know, uh to varying degrees.

It will take time to learn your system. Uh and youll. Learn your voice commands now. This eqs does have ai, so it will learn your habits and your preferences, in fact, on the screen. It will uh over time learn what you tend to go to most and itll. Keep it up front, thats a good thing. The evolution goes beyond that when you are in a vehicle with a passenger were now getting into something that I wrote about in the article called the digital democratization and what that means is were basically getting to a point where, if there are other passengers, why not Share the responsibility, obviously weve always had passengers being able to reach the center screen, but were now seeing, and this Mercedes has an example of it where there is a separate screen on the passenger side, and if I allow it, if I engage it someones sitting with Me in the passenger passenger seats could control the audio controls. Control climate can even set a destination in the GPS, its all there, so that takes away some of the burden from the driver to focus and its even getting a little bit further in this eqs. Because for full digital democratization, I should say in the rear seat, if youre sitting, if you have passengers in the rear, you know quite often in this case like this, it might be. You know parents up front and kids in the back and the kids want to control the audio in the rear seat in the center armrest, where theres cup holders.

There is also a little mini tablet that you can in this car that you can pull out and when in their hands they now from the rear seat. Can control through touch points uh, things like you, know the stereo and what they want to listen to and volume and such as that, so its these are Innovative approaches to still offering all the the connectivity all the the technology and the convenience features that Vehicles like This want to give you without being too dangerous, that the drive becomes too distracted and and thus really becoming a moot point in terms of benefits. Then, overall, foreign Mercedes Benz has always been known to launch vehicles that they would want to be considered as signature or Hallmarks to really go all out and have everybody just amazed by what they put together and with this new EQ and the eqs 580 theyve done. That I have been incredibly impressed with this vehicle Ive been gobsmacked by the level of Technology, the interior. There is nothing more impressive on the market right now than the interior of this eqs 580. As for it being an electric vehicle, it drives great. It drives as comfortably and luxuriously as you would expect an S Class equivalent to be more efficient than I thought it would be powerful. A lot of fun Im just going to say if youre looking in this category, because this isnt a high volume category. But if youve been considering a Model S or an e tron, an IX, a Cadillac lyric, you really have to consider this eqs as well youre going to be impressed as I was.

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