The tasty treat is the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV, an electric SUV that keeps the edgy look of the Blazer, but gives it Greater performance. The first electric SS more interior room and lets the customer choose the configuration of the powertrain, a unique proposition in an industry where every name plate is fighting to stand out: foreign, Music, comfort and cargo. The Blazer EV is strictly a two row affair and from photos we can see a sporty interior design Motif that nicely matches the SUVs, aggressive, exterior, styling round air vents flank the dashboard and an RS and SS trim Chevrolet has adopted a two tone: black and red Color scheme, but we expect a more monotone look to be available too. For those who dont appreciate the Flash. While there is adequate leg room in both rows, we found Headroom lacking when we had a chance to sit inside a pre production SS model. When we get a chance well test the Blazer evs cargo capacity with our carry on suitcase test and update this story with results, foreign Music s come with a large 17.7 inch info team. The display thats candid slightly toward the driver and framed on the left and the Bottom by physical controls for the climate control system and a volume knob. A secondary 11.0 inch display presents the driver with gauges and other driving info. Chevrolet hasnt said anything about the Blazer evs infotainment system, but were guessing that its GMs latest, which is Android auto based.

We expect to see plenty of standard connectivity features such as Apple carplay, Android, auto and an onboard Wi Fi hotspot, where other cars are shifting toward hidden vents like on Teslas and some Hondas. Chevrolet has gone to Mercedes Benz route by using bold circular Outlets, as design features its too bad that the low center dash vents carried over from the regular Blazer. We found that they cool the drivers knee rather than fresh in the upper body. Music Chevy boasts that the Blazer has the longest wheelbase in the crossover SUV segment, those in front of great outward Sidelines and plenty of space, but the optional glass roof integrated with a power sunroof can clip Headroom for rear passengers, rear seat Riders above six foot tall Have enough leg room to slouch, if need be, the rear seats, dont have recline levers, but the latches on top of the 60 40th split seats can be left in a recline state, theres, no frunk and no specs, yet to determine if Chevys wheelbase claim leads to More passenger and cargo volume, Music, the low floor and extended wheelbase mean more cargo room, wheel, weight specs for the exact amount. Cargo capacity should be generous as well and Chevy is touting a hands free opening tailgate that will open when a key fob is simply near.