The Toyota has lied about its EV and the Subaru soltera Hans has sent me a message. He says he believes people are just going to go and ask for their money back for these cars when they find out the truth when they find out what theyve actually really bought is not what they thought. He said we canceled our soltera electric vehicle order because of what we just found out and in fact, weve tested the car and found out that these claims were true for us as well. Now we will be forced to look for something else, one of the most well known media Publications that tests electric cars in Norway has just uncovered what they call the greatest electric car scandal in modern history yeah. I know there are electric cars 100 years ago, its crazy this who is involved in it Subaru and Toyota. They tested the cars and, frankly, theyre shocked, theyve contacted Toyota to say this is a joke. What the heck is going on, you guys are flat out lying thats what they actually said. They said Toyota has lied about its range claims and a bunch of other things as well, and you know what Id like to say: Im shocked, but this is Toyota and Im not shocked at all hello. My friends welcome to the channel great to see you welcome to all the new subscribers welcome back everyone else, thanks for tuning in and thank you for subscribing as well to all the new subscribers great to have you guys by the way we do have an option On this channel to be a member, if you want to be a member Ill, put a link in the description below to the membership page, if you remember, you do get option the option to watch our videos, usually a couple of days in advance.

I just got contacted by somebody who watches the channel from Norway and theyve sent me a link or not a link. Actually theyve sent me a message about this story. Now I read his message and I thought oh, that sounds bad um. Im surprised is this real uh and then I thought: okay, its bad, but not the worst thing in the world. Then I went and found the article in this in Norwegian and Ive, translated to English and, frankly, its really bad, because this company theyve contacted Toyota theyve, said guys we tested, we range tested your EV three times, because we were so shocked by the results. The results were so bad: we retested every single car in a test. We did it three theyve never done it. Theyve never had to never had to do this before ever theyve retested them three times all of them, because they they couldnt, believe that the Toyota bz4x was so bad, and I mean that is an understatement. So in Norway alone, a large number of customers are waiting to get this electric car, the busy Forex and the Subaru soltera, which, by the way, will be available in the United States very soon the bz4x is available. Now now I would hold off buying one of those if youre about to or if youve ordered, one just wait to hear what Im about to share with you. You might want to change your mind on that and look at a different option.

There are other options by the way: Toyota fans. I know you love your Toyota cars and you just believe whatever they say, but please listen to this first L build 24 said that the bz4x and the soltera surprisingly under form where it hits the hardest for Toyota. Bz4X underperforms in terms of consumption range usable battery capacity and what we can call honestly achieving the promises Toyota makes about the car. In other words, they believe Toyota have flat out lied about the cars specifications and what it will actually do now. Theyve written in the article update Toyota. Norway is aware of the content in this article and in this case, and has promised to get back to us as soon as they have taken up the content with Toyota motor Europe and then Im guessing Toyota motor Europe will say. Oh Toyota, motor Japan, whats going on here and then 20 mode, Japan will say um, Im, bored whats going on here and the board will say this area. Oh whats, going on, I dont know I dont know how this works, but its going to take a long time. I mean why do I say its going to take a long time? Well, you know its going to take a long time. Dont you right. It took Toyota six months to work out how to keep the wheels from falling off the bz4x this car, how to keep the wheels from falling off. To be honest, after reading this, after hearing you know this nonsense, thats been going on were trying to record the cars tried to buy them back off people, because the wheels wouldnt stay on.

Now you find out about this. This this car is just a bucket of junk theres, no other way to put it theres, just no other way to put it its a complete face, pump its a fail. The bc4x is the Brands very first electric car in recent times and the first real Venture from the worlds absolute largest car manufacturer. Now the model was meant to be launched in Norway in July, but it wasnt launched there and it was recalled in other countries where it had been sold because the wheel bolts could loosen and fall off and it took Toyotas. I mean Toyota says it: has the worlds best Engineers working on solid state batteries. Maybe they should take those guys away from solid state batteries, get them to work out how to keep the wheel bolts on because it took their Engineers, five or six months to work out how to get the wheel bolts to not loosen and fall off. How could this be so? The publication said we can reveal. This is the very first time weve had to run our tests multiple times the very first time as the initial results gave us results, we could not believe were actually true Toyota promises. The bz4x is the four wheel drive version in the four wheel. Drive version will have a range of 470 kilometers. According to the standardized wltp test. If youd buy the front wheel, drive version, you should get 500 116 kilometers of range.

We can immediately state that youll. Never ever be able to achieve this with the bz4x. There are a number of factual conditions that underline this, and we have therefore found it necessary to carry out the test several times in order to confirm these shocking results. The range is always a factor of two characteristics, in particular consumption and the available amount of energy – and here is the weird part Twitter has for a long time communicated the battery capacity of the bz4x is 71.4 kilowatt hours. But weve been informed on several occasions that this is the net usable capacity. We have also asked what the gross capacity is, but then we learned that Toyota does not want to tell us now. This is one of the biggest motoring Publications in Europe and Twitter. Doesnt want to tell them that seems a bit fishy to me at an event with Lexus. We were nevertheless told by Engineers who were presumably not drilled on what to communicate with us that the gross battery capacity is 74 kilowatt hours. In retrospect, Toyota has denied this saying that 71.4 kilowatt hours is gross capacity, not net. They did not want to communicate the net battery capacity. I.E. The usable part of the battery, the one you actually get to use Toyota wont disclose the information on this to anyone to any journalist worldwide. However, this is actually a very easy thing to test. L Bill 24 have done this on numerous occasions right.

They fully charged the battery in the form of AC charging, home charging and the other by DC, and they found that the battery has a net usable capacity not of 71.4 or 74 kilowatt hours, but of only 62 kilowatt hours. Now they tested all vehicles in this test, the same way: 23 degrees Celsius, perfect weather temperature. They dont turn the air conditioning on either so you dont have any heating on no air conditioning on just in the perfect temperature to just drive without needing theyre range tests. That they do to all the EVS in the test are done to a fixed pattern where 25 of the route is on the motorway, so seventy percent is on country, roads and five percent is in urban areas. Now what they do, though, when they test the cars, is they actually will test them twice, one of the times theyll, do it when theyll set the temperature inside the car to 20 degrees, even though its 23 degrees outside so not much is needed to keep the Car at that temperature, you can imagine right now when they set the car to 20 degrees. The range that it said on the screen fell from 407 kilometers to 297., so in other words, if you use the aircon or the heating and youre busy 4X, your range will drop by 25 percent. Even in perfect summer, temperatures or perfectly mild temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius, so how far did the bz4x and therefore the Subaru solterra, which is the same car with different badges, actually go? Well, it did 307 kilometers before it came to a stop and came to zero percent.

That means the car used 1.91 kilowatt hours per mile that Energy Efficiency is terrible. So, instead of the 470 kilometers of wltp range, the actual range of the car in the test was 307 kilometers. Now you might be thinking. Well, maybe the other cars on test didnt get their ranges either, but the thing is all of them were within around five percent of the claimed wltp range theyre, all pretty close, the guys who test these cars and do this driving. They are very gentle to the cars they dont drive them aggressively. Theres, really, no reason for the cars to substantially underperform. Now this is what they said: the thought that we had done something wrong, stuffed up with us and to be sure, we carried out the test again a few days later, then, with dry weather and dry, perfect roads, but otherwise, according to the same recipe and procedure On the second attempt, the range increased to 318 kilometers now, Toyota claims consumption of the car should only be 1.58 kilowatt hours per mile, but its getting about 1.9 Toyota has to know this right. This is completely different to the information theyve disclosed to the public heres. What they said, we know that we have recharged the car with 62 kilowatt hours of energy after driving 318 kilometers. That means its energy consumption is 1.95 kilowatt hours per mile and 25 percent. Worse than Toyotas actual claims they go on. It is not really the consumption that is the worst part of this test for Toyota.

We can actually live with the range too, because how often do you drive more than 32 miles a day now I had to completely disagree with them, because I think that if you buy a car – and they say the range is 500 kilometers, then okay, maybe if You achieve 430 thats reasonable, but not a difference of nearly 200 kilometers were talking about 40 percent less range than what theyve advertised that to me is an absolute joke. However, they said that virtually the whole challenge for them with the Toyota bz4x lies in what Toyota refuses to tell us which they want to keep hidden the net usable battery capacity, because when this is no more than 60 kilowatt hours, you will never get the range That Toyota has claimed with the bz4x, not even on a perfect summer day driving slowly. In other words, these guys are saying that is actually physically impossible to get the range to Toyota reclaiming no matter how you drive this car, even if you try and hyper mile it youre not going to get the range now. The thing is, the charging is the same. The test has found that the fast charging hit a maximum rate of 112 kilowatt, Which is less than Toyota claims as well. It appears to be a common theme right promise more than the car can actually do. The journalists said this Toyota must take into account that they are in a competitive situation, theyre not alone in delivering electric cars in this segment, a number of future competitor comparisons will show that people will talk about these results, and it will be obvious that Toyota is Over promising and under delivering by more than anyone else in the world, frankly I mean if youre Subaru youve got to be thinking.

What were we thinking getting into bed with Toyota to make an EV? That was a bad decision now. The reality is, this test has been out for a few days now, Toyota havent responded clearly theyre, not interested theyre, hoping itll go away, theyre, hoping that Western journalists wont actually discover this test and talk about it, and you know what frankly, I wouldnt be surprised if They dont they often dont Western journalists, Western media. Well, they make a fair bit of their income. A fair bit of their advertising comes from who comes from Toyota. If you start saying negative things about Toyota: well, theyll, probably just pull their advertising from your site. So if I see this published publicized on all the websites well Ill, take it all back and Ill be wrong, but, to be honest, I would be surprised if that were to happen. Toyota, once again is up to their old tricks and frankly, like I said, Im, not surprised, but I am disappointed and I would recommend you dont buy this car or the soltera consider something from Hyundai Kia, Tesla, Volkswagen, theyre, all making better options, and most of them Have cars that are actually available and do get within a reasonable figure of achieving their claimed ranges and their claim energy consumption? Thank you for watching.