Well, honestly, its kind of mid looking and it just looks kind of like a fake Mazda, its not ugly, its just really really generic and its got a lot of fake vents. That dont really go anywhere, and I dont really see the point of the front. Here, though, has the mg logo and behind this mg logo is actually the charging port which you press to activate. So the charging port is here, its all standardized stuff, its just that every time you charge this car, you have to remember to pack it in hit. First, if not, you wont be able to reach the charging port, whereas in many electric cars there is a front under here. You can remove the Bonnet to just see electric motors, because there is no front even though theres quite a bit of space under here. They could have easily put a front here, but they didnt, which is a bit of a waste, its a crossover kind of car, so its pretty high up and those rims are pretty small for the car. The design is pretty nice, its just theyre a little bit too tiny. As for the back, the design is equally generic. Although the mg logo once again hides something this time, the bootlet theres, even more fake Vans and kind of ugly plastic trim, but overall it doesnt. Look all that back from the back. The boot is also reasonably sized and theres storage, underneath here for a tire, repair, kit or just even more stuff, its also not an electronic trunk and its hydraulic.

So its really hard to close. Now that we talked about the exterior lets, talk about the interior, its actually a reasonably comfortable place to be its like a normal car, its got everything you expected where you expected the wheels, this three spoked one its a bit worn down, because this is a rental Car its kind of small, but it gets the job done. Unlike Volkswagen, you have actual buttons instead of capacitive stuff, which is really good, theyre, a lot easier to feel than on a Volkswagen for the dolls. You have a speedometer on the left and its sort of a REV Contour on the right. You have a percentage power indicator that shows how much amperage youre running through the electric motors honestly its not the important information to know, but it does tell you how much throttle youre using so its a bit of fun data. The interior also has plenty of storage, with a little container here and two cup holders over here, as well as a place to put your phone over here. Itd be nice if that was wireless charging there, but there isnt, theres, also storage in the doors down here and up here and of course, on the drivers side. You have the window controls a bunch of different button settings and you have windscreen washer thingies as well as your signal indicator. So if youre coming from a BMW, you probably dont use them in the middle of the console here.

Theres a nice screen. But there is one big problem with this screen. The screen is too damn dim its very, very dark and very hard to see in the bright sunny environment of Singapore, and it gets even darker when youre using Android auto, which means, if youre looking at directions on Google Maps, its extremely difficult to see where youre Going and get the information quickly and easily, it really should improve this with some sort of cover to make it less affected by the Sun and also make the screen brighter so its well, not as dark. I mean seriously. I cannot see anything here at all. The screen is also not super responsive, as you can tell theres a good amount of lag in it and its not great with the viewing angles. Theres a lot of Reflections which make it very very hard to see. People who buy cars in this price range are looking for a practical vehicle and infotainment systems are one of the most important things when looking for a good easy to use experience, so they really need to upgrade this, because this loses to the Peugeot, which is very Similarly priced and also the byd auto 3., thankfully, what they do have, which I appreciate is physical volume, controls and media controls, which is nice and, of course, physical, aircon controls single zone only but hey its better than nothing and its physical. So its easy to adjust. The only problem is that the moment you change the icon controls.

The whole screen is covered by the controls just like on the Volkswagen Golf Mark 8, and that is very dangerous. If you need directions when youre driving whats interesting is the driving controls which are down here, youve got prnd on a knob very similar to what you find on the Jaguar cars, and you have three little buttons: one for driving mode, one for battery regeneration, which they Call curse because its a F1 and everything and one for showing you the battery level when you change the drive mode button, you change the amount of regeneration, the amount of power and responsiveness. The car gives you and basically the amount of aggressiveness you get in the drive. When I hit the drive mode button, you can see it pop up here in the driver display down in the middle, which is full colored and reasonably bright, unlike the display in the center, which is completely unviewable. You have a total of three Drive modes from sport, normal to Eco, and you get different amounts of ranges when you change them. That is being shown down here now, Im going to hit the curves mode just to show you the different levels of battery regeneration. So, by hitting the curse dial, I can adjust regeneration level for one two or three. If you didnt know, electric cars have a very unique way of throttle its slightly different to a traditional petrol powered car. When you let go of the accelerator in electric car, the motors will start regenerating energy, which slows the car down through engine braking well motor regenerative brake okay.

This means you can recharge the battery while youre braking, which is good for range and efficiency, but the only problem is that it takes a bit of getting used to instead of coasting when you let go of the accelerator. What ends up happening is your car will start slowing down as if brakes were being applied and thats. Why its important to adjust the regenerative braking to a level where youre used to so you can drive smoothly and drive safely, and you know what to expect. I personally find that the tree setting is way too high. I leave it in one because Im still very very used to normal traditional gasoline powered vehicles and, last but not least, the battery dial down here. When you press the battery dial, it immediately shows you the amount of range you have left to empty. So if you need to quickly check how much distance you can still travel, you can quickly and easily access it over there also. I forgot to mention this, but if youre wondering the infotainment system does support Android, auto and apple carplay, the only problem is you cant see it even if it does its only supported in wired mode, though, but its better than nothing, because the default infotainment OS and Ui isnt very, very good here you can change some important car settings like turning on and off pedestrian alert. You know your comfort mode words for lighting as well as kill descent control system, so theyre not a lot of settings but its easy enough to change.

Also in the interior, you have Central locking from the door here which is pretty convenient, and these air con vents are reasonably good. Looking theres also little bits of chrome trim on the door here, as well as the dash which are quite all right and then the materials on top are reasonably soft and Squishy, so the plastic does get very scratchy the lower you go. This is quite nice to touch. This is absolutely terrible. As for the glove box, well its not the biggest in the world, its enough to store some important documents, but you wont be really putting all that much in there also down here, theres a little cubby hole for you to hide some things, put your phone or Plug in your cable, which is what you use for Android, auto or apple carplay, you also get a 12 volt PowerPoint for plugging in any sort of 12, volt accessories. Alright, so lets head to the back here and its a okay place to be its not its. Not really particularly spacious, with passable leg room, the whole Headroom is really quite good. Im 178 centimeters tall, so it is going to be spacious enough for most people, theres even more storage over here on the right and theres a little bit more metal trim. But once again the Plastics get really really scratchy when you get the bottom storage here in the middle and a USB type, a port. So you can actually charge your phone if youre seated in the back theres, also a little kind of area for putting things like magazines in the back of this car honestly, this vehicle will probably make a pretty good taxi because in the back its quite nice place To sit, I personally think the seat in the back are actually more comfortable than a seat in the front.

Oh, I also forgot to mention this electronic sunroof that can be closed electronically, which Ill show you right now and look at that. Its coming its coming its coming, you can also fully open up the sunroof by twisting the knob on the roof. Well, not that way, the other way Music. The only problem I have with sitting in the back and its Comfort is really that your feet are a little bit elevated because their batteries underneath the floor. So the floorboards are pretty high up its not that uncomfortable, because I still have good amounts of leg room to stretch out in front also the speaker system on this car isnt, particularly amazing. I think it doesnt really sound not that good. It gets loud enough, but its not the clearest, its, not the bassiest, its, not the most enjoyable. It plays music, which is good enough for most people. So if you want a fancy, stereo be prepared to upgrade it on this car. Also, the middle seat does not come down, so if you want to armrest in the middle or you want some true loading youre not going to be able to get that on this car. If you want to have a bigger boot, though, you can fold all three seats down at the same time and have a much more expanded, build so its either all or nothing so thats, the exterior and the interior. How does it drive and how does it feel to be a passenger in the mg zsev its not particularly fun? The talk is instant, like most electric cars, if not all, electric cars, but its not particularly strong dont – expect Tesla acceleration its still quite a slow car, but but it gets the job done.

You can feel when they were designing the driving system for this car. They just wanted to make it as easy as practical and as accessible as possible, its very comfortable to drive very easy to drive and very easy to get a hang of with regenerative braking turn all the way down to level one. It was easy enough to pick up being someone whos used to gasoline cart, though I guess, with a little bit of practice and a little bit of training, I could turn up the regenerative, braking for more efficiency and at the same time and still remain equally smooth And comfortable, if youre, coming from a gasoline car and youre worried about the transition to Electric, this car is very easy to get used to so theres no worries there steering is extremely light very easy to spear and pilot the car. This ability is pretty good too. With this car you should be able to see anything, no problem and the side mirrors are definitely sufficiently big for a car of this size. So right now, Im sitting in the passenger seat of the mgcsev. The first thing youll notice is an electric car is definitely the silence. You cant hear an engine anymore. So all you hear is road noise and wind noise, which is substantially quieter than any petrol car out there. Even the cheapest cars are probably going to be more quiet than the more expensive petrol cars because of that, its more of a Serene peaceful place to sit in thats, not to say its completely silent in this car, though, unlike the eqs or the Porsche taken.

Ive set in the past it it does allow quite a good amount of road noise and wind noise to get into the cabin because well it is a lower end, cheaper car, but the ride is surprisingly good. It goes over bumps reasonably well and its pretty balanced to the turns, as well without too much excessive, uncomfortable body roll. So right now were traveling at highway speeds check out that Maserati and its about as normal and as comfortable as basically any car Ive ever said. It its not the most comfortable but its one of the most quiet, which is the advantage of electric cars, and that means I can fall asleep a whole lot easier. So when we got this car, it was only a 50 charge and there were only 200 kilometers of range on the dash, but the 100 kilometers is more than enough for us because were in Singapore and the longest journey youll be traveling is what 30 40 kilometers. Not that far so in conclusion, then, should you buy the mgcsev? Well its, not a bad electric car for its price. It gives you a lot of car for the money, its electric, so its going to save you money at the petrol pump and, overall, I think its a pretty value option. The only problem is that this was released in 2021 and since then, the competition has heated up and caught up real fast cars like the byd Auto 3.

The Peugeot e7008 are very competitive in pricing and give way better interior way better exterior and a way way. Better infotainment system, its not really the best choice on the market right now, and I think there are better options out there from Hyundai with the ionic buid with the Auto 3 and, of course, Peugeot with the e7008. I think Opel was also launching an emo car thats, pretty good and with it.