The Silverado EV, the Sierra EV, is completely new for 2024 and will be offered initially only as the Denali Edition 1 model. This means they will come fully loaded with lots of equipment and a powerful drivetrain with two electric motors. Other trim levels will follow for the 2025 model year. The Denali Edition one will be the only model available for the Sierra evs first model year and its an expensive Beast. With all the luxury features and capabilities. We expect from a modern, pickup truck Music. The Sierra EV will be offered only as a crew cab pickup with a bed measuring nearly six feet in length. This means it should offer a spacious interior with a comfortable rear seat. Gmc will also offer a mid gate function that expands the bed into the cabin to allow for longer items, theres also a large front up front in the space where a gasoline engine would usually go. The Denali version also incorporates nice materials such as open, pour wood and leather, as befits its price and premium mission. Foreign Music, the new GMC Sierra EV, has an 11 inch digital instrument. Cluster, a 14 inch diagonal heads up display and the standard infotainment system is a 16.8 inch touchscreen with plenty of connectivity features likely, including Apple carplay and Android, auto smartphone, mirroring functionalities. A Wireless smartphone charging pad is also included premium quilted seats, open pore, wood, veneers, stainless steel, speaker grilles and a custom Bose audio system.

The truck has a hands free start feature that automatically turns the vehicle on upon entering the cabin Music. Gmc have developed the industrys first hands free driver assistance, feature which allows the Denali to drive itself on more than 400 000 miles of compatible roads throughout the US and Canada. Standard tow, slash Hall and off road are all loads that the driver can choose between depending on driving conditions. The Denali also offers my mode, which is a completely customizable driving feature. A panoramic fixed glass roof accentuates the GMCs roomy cabin space, creating a cool open air sensation. The 2024 GMC Sierra denalis interior continues the sense of spaciousness with superb attention to the tail that presents itself as a luxurious, aesthetic, Music, the GMC first multi pro mid gate. Expandable bed offers room for hauling longer items while still enabling room for a rear seat. Passenger GMC says a 60 40 inch split.