This is the thinking. Mans, Volkswagen, id4, oh its got a bigger boot, the same running gear and for the same battery. Spec is generally cheaper. Tell me why its the skoda enyak welcome to the faster projects. Oh, my goodness, Music. Can I please, can I drive nope, please Music. Thank you. Planet Earth is in trouble and we need to transition to sustainable transport faster. So today, myself, Rick, bulmer and leading battery chemist, Dr umak Turk, are checking out the skoda. Enya Music pricing for the Enya starts at 40 970 pounds in the UK or 47 849 Euros in the Republic of Ireland. The biggest battery version is 82 kilowatt hours. Total 77 usable. How far does that get you about 260 miles or 416 kilometers per charge, performance, wise theres, a 150 kilowatt motor with 310 newton meters of torque? It gets this car from not to 60 miles an hour in 8.4 seconds. How do I charge this? The charge port is to the rear right of the vehicle theres, an 11 kilowatt onboard charger and the car will charge it up to 135. Kilowatts on CCS theres, also a handy 12 volt power outlet in this cavernous, 585 liter boot, oh first impression of the enyak. We do not have a reversing camera image coming up. Do we were going to have to do this? The old fashioned way? Oh no, Im gon na, have to use mirrors and look and look at things In fairness.

This is the iv60 specification which is very much the entry level. Rick youve come to an almost stand. Still, I have a horrible feeling, I know whats about to come up. There is a jump in. There is oh right. Well it wasnt too slow. She was it wasnt too, shabby on the uh acceleration. It is slower actually than the the mg5 8.4 seconds, not to 60, which is fairly respectful, especially given the weight of the machine. The M comfy though as well, it is isnt it its its, not its, not like spongy as in Rolling about the place like an old French car, but it is like the materials squidgy bits here and there at the sides got some Bros foreign bits. You know its quite quite comfy, even I put your elbows down there, steering wheel, squidgy, ish, yeah, yeah and the interior trim. As you say, it is its not only incredibly comfy. The seats are incredibly complete. The suspension helps with that comfort, as does this freshly tarantula to be fair, but the the actual design of the interior and the kind of cloth fabric on the dash the nice little metallic bit next to the door handle and its named after Enya. Apparently, no wonder its so relaxing all right lets talk about charging and how long its going to take to charge a car like this, so youve got actually fairly nippy uh charging from this up to 135 kilowatts on CCS thats for the bigger battery variant 11 kilowatt Onboard charger as standard, so bearing in mind that the what the versions we have here is a 58 ish kilowatt hour battery.

You know thats thats going to take. What does that mean whats that in laymans terms, so a kilowatt hour um is is one unit of electricity. If you were to run something for lets, say like a two kilowatt Kettle for one hour continuously, just continuously boiling water and go through two kilowatt hours of electricity, so my in laws are constantly boiling the kettle yeah and Peter. If youre watching this, I love you but just just lay off my Kettle, but in terms of charging your car at home, youre not going to arrive back completely empty youre, not going to be charging it completely full every single day. You know a car like the the big battery version of this that can easily do in excess of 200 miles per charge. Bearing in mind that the average round trip is about 25 miles, you know youre talking plugging it in how much the average the average round trip in the UK yeah is 25 miles. So when people are going, oh, this range of this car is not big enough. Most cars, then, are more than adequate for for everyday use. Oh yeah, I mean the majority of new EVS on the market today in terms of the various different specifications of them and so on. The the majority can do at least 200 miles per charge and that number is getting higher with all the improvements in Battery Tech and the new EV models that are coming out.

But that said that some people who just do short runs and piddling about – and there are smaller battery variants that suit that very well right down to the 24 kilowatt hour battery in the smaller battery version of the Fiat 500e. We just did a quick turning Circle challenge. I didnt warn you about that. I just saw the Gap went for it, um pretty impressive. I was actually yeah its actually a narrower turning Circle than the mg5. Well, I was going to bring the mg5 up as because thats an estate car. This is an SUV, although it feels pretty much exactly the same size, but the boot on this is seems so much deeper and and longer it is yeah its about 585 liters. If I remember correctly, which, admittedly, you know is a good 120 up on the mg5, but this is a bigger kind of family car. But if youre looking for a city run around, do check out our other videos, because we do cover various different, smaller cars, including the Honda e, which Im looking forward to drive, and we have checked out the Fiat 500e, which is a cracking. Do you want to drive that would be fantastic? Thank you, yeah! No, oh! No! No jeez! Theyre! All about me models do have parking assist Lane, keep assist. All of this stuff. Thats become pretty much standard with modern, EVS Music. So Im just going to do. Uh were doing oh doing the Turning wheel Challenge on this little mini roundabout.

Just about I mean a hashed it, but it did make it right around a mini roundabout, nice and easy yeah, 9.3 meter turning Circle actually, which is pretty respectful for a vehicle of this size and the reason they can do. That is because, well, as you alluded to the other day, actually, when we were chatting, there is no big massive petrol engine and then drive shaft right up the front, which means that the the wheels arent kind of being blocked the front wheels, arent being blocked from Turning as far as they could so that means that some electric vehicles do have rather impressive turning circles. What is behind here is that another under here as well cavernous if it comes with a spare hat, if you, if its raining youve, got your speed limit displayed right in front of you yeah. That screen is Tiny, though isnt it. It is yes, but this the front monitor here, oh yeah, its just its bigger than an iPad. So you know if you, if you could watch Netflix on it, which you probably can at some point Im not sure its about 13 inch or something yeah, yeah lovely, lovely steaming on it. What do you feel about this? The cloth yeah is yes. I do like that its gorgeous um, if its a family, car and youre a kid in the front seat, gets a bit travel sick. I dont know how well thats going to clean up so overall lets give it a quick 10 out of 10 or point marks out of 10.

, its a really really tough one. I Ive there are other EVS out there that I prefer and I would say, probably seven and a half to eight like its its impressed me a lot more than I thought it would but thats still pretty high Im quite impressed. I think looks wise um Ive, always quite liked the look of this. So This fully charged a couple of years ago over at farnborough, and I was drawn to it straight away and you know you then take a closer look and it doesnt fail to disappoint inside theyve done well. So congratulations, skoda, um, but enyak is uh. Im gon na give it a solid eight yeah same spear, same sphere, and I agree with you as well. The exterior styling is is very pretty on it. Well on that uh Cherry note, uh well finish and say. Thank you very much for watching our review of the skoda enyak and if you are checking out following everything that were doing on the faster project, hope its helping and for me were at bulimer Im from this man, Dr Yuma Turk, thanks very much Music.