I have another evsc to review. I have a kid Vance, 32 amps, portable evsc charger to unbox and review. Today I decided to get the this one, because the previous one that I reviewed had an issue not really an issue its just that I purchase of 40 amps charger and I was able to get only 32 amps out of that and also the charging stage. The the charger was also displaying um. What it is it was. It called the charger was displaying a socket if PE fault, which was a ground issue. I tried to troubleshoot the check with the customer service and see what it can do, but never happened so, but so far what we have in a box with this charger comes with a a bag and uh, and you have the charger right here. It comes with uh, the user manual and the user manual has uh the information in there, which includes instruction. The user manual provides how to operate the charger. What you need to do, how to troubleshoot the charger? If you have any issue um, you can derate the amperage on the charger from 8 to 16, 32 percent 16 and 32 percent so uh. This uh includes uh information about the the charging State uh, the charger uh, the basic parameter of the charger uh the input output volt is a a hundred to 240 volt operating current is 32 amps uh rated power, 7 kilowatt frequency 50 by 60 hertz IP degree.

I so now lets go to the function and dimension of the device. I really like the shape. It looks really nice and Slick um and the the length and the width of this the length and the width of the device is 235 millimeter by 90, 92 millimeter uh. Also, you can see in this direction the steps on how to use the charger, how the steps to plug it in and uh. You know – and I have all the information in there uh now were going to the step of operation uh step a printing step um. You can see the image where it shows uh. It will display 32 amps also with display the kilowatt hour of the charging session on the time. Also so the temperature, the amperage, you can also reserve the time from two hours also change the current time, uh from Ada amps to 16 amps to 32 amps. Also it has ground protection and also non grounded protection as well. So you have all um all the diagram and information on the user manual on how to troubleshoot and without being said, lets go to the device, the charger uh, the plug kind of looks real. Really I mean it was, it looks well made and designed was. It looks I have a it looks like a good quality, uh Quality quality, uh Nema, 1450 uh plug and uh. I really like the design its just that the the plug I mean um, the wire is, it is too thin it.

It is yeah, the plug is really is well, it is well made. I, like the quality of the plug um, you know yeah, it looks really good and I like the fact that you know it is well made uh, but the way I said the wire, it is really thin. Compare that comparing the wire to uh my Emporia energy, um, uh, Evac thats, what thats amounted to the wall uh the wire is, is really thick and I feel like thats one of the issue that I have with it and um and going to the video. I have the j1772 uh plug and that looks really well made as well. Um they handled the release. Button is made out of metal and it is, it is really well made really good. It looks really good now lets go ahead and uh unbox the rest of the the charger. So I have the main device right here. Lets go ahead and cut that open and you can see it looks really solid well built. I like the design, and you have all the information behind the charger. It explains to you um the light, the LED lights, what the uh indicates uh when its charging, when its not charging when it is um, it will be solid, green when its ready to charge and when its blue, when its uh charging it to be flashing blue. If it is a fault, it will display a red and uh and also more information uh behind uh behind the charger please dont forget to subscribe like and share the channel.

I also scan the QR code to take you to uh my social media page. I do Post information on new video information there or some news TV news um, but uh lets go back to the charger. So you have you all. You have all the information uh behind that and, as I say that the Charger looks nice very lightweight, not that heavy, so um, but you know it. It looks like a solid charger to me. You know so um. So with that being said, lets go ahead and plug this in and see how this charger is going to perform. First of all, Ill go ahead and turn off the circuit, breaker and unplug the the wall um charger and go ahead and plug that in and now go ahead and turn on the circuit, breaker and now the device is on. As you can see, the solid green light means it is ready and idle and its displaying 32 amps um at this setting with 32 amps, and the current voltage is a 200 and 145. I believe lets go ahead and take a look at that. A little 247. Sorry about that 247 volt um and the current temperature is 22 degrees Celsius. As you can see on the charger, it is displayed in a ground fault issue, uh display as well um, Im Im thinking this might have something to do with the device uh, because my employer, energy, Evac charger, never display any um ground fault issue.

So theyll probably have something to do with with the with the device, because I I dont I dont, I dont, know the reason why its doing that the previous device had the same issue so Im thinking am I I mean I dont think that that has anything To do with my secret, with my um, with my circuit breaker itself, so um, but I will try and troubleshoot this check with a customer support and see what it can do to resolve this. As you can see, Im able to change the settings and doing the settings select uh the ground for default turn it off. Um turn it off and it will show a fault. So I had to decide and go back to change that to turn it off to not ground protection, um and and its still showing uh the four digits. So I had to go ahead and and unplug to change it to uh all right. I try. Okay, I guess I will try and change it to ground protection again and theyre still showing the uh, the the fault, and you can see it is blinking red. So that means theres a issue issue with the fault uh, with a ground fault on the charger, so Ill go ahead and unplug unplug the the charger and see if that will fix the issue. Let me go ahead and do that and with a few seconds and see but uh its still, so I decided to turn it off.

Uh on and off from the circuit breaker were just still displaying the same issue, uh default and after clicking on the setting, see if I can turn it off, but it still didnt do the it still didnt turn it off. So, Mr showing fault, so I just decided and go ahead and uh unplug, that from the outlet and reset it. Hopefully, that will fix the issue so after plugging it back in and turning it back on, it went back to normal mode and its displaying idle and ready to charge. So I think theres an issue with the charger itself, so um right now, Im gon na click on the menu again to change the amperage. As you can see, it is uh displaying 8 amps, 10 amps 13 amps, 16 amps and 32 amps. So you can derate this uh, the uh the charger to start to suit your vehicle needs. You dont have to use your 432 amps or on your vehicle, but you know it is good to have um more Empress so that your vehicle will be able to charge faster, all right, Im gon na bring the vehicle in and go ahead and charge. The use. The charger to test it on a car open, a charge, port and uh get ready to plug it in Im, gon na fast forward this process. So then you have to watch this so now I am back with uh the charger again now right now.

It is currently showing 32 amps and uh 20 25 degrees Celsius, and current volt is 247 volt and its displaying idle and the the light on there is all right, uh, standby, green, so lets go ahead and uh plug that in to the to my um. To my 2022 Kia ev6, so lets go ahead and plug that in oh its closed. Let me go ahead and open it back up again open up the charge, port and um foreign difficulty trying to unlock the the door. So I need to unlock so. The tripod is open, lets go ahead and plug it in it fills in smooth and easy um. There was no issue plugging that in and right now it is charging. As you can see, the light is flashing blue light and right now the charge is delivering 7.5. Five kilowatt so right its displaying 7.3 to 7.5 kilowatt and uh. It is delivering 30 .1 amps correction. It is displaying 7.3 kilowatt and 30 point 4 amps, but on the vehicle it is um just playing a little bit more than what is on on the charge. On the charger and the temperature already went up by two uh two degrees uh Celsius um and they already delivered 0.11 kilowatt hour within a minute. So lets go ahead and uh look at what the car is. What is the what the charge is delivering to the uh to my Kia ev6, as you can see its the car is showing seven point 7.

7 kilowatt on the on the dash and right now it is at 87 percent and it will take 20 minutes to charge From 80., seven percent to 90 percent, so it is, the car – is receiving at least 4.4 kilowatt extra from what the EVS he was delivering. So this probably has something to do with the ev6 ev6 always get uh, always pull more energy. Even on my important energy is important energy charger um, usually instead of uh showing nine point, seven kilowatt is showing 9.9 or 10 kilowatt so, and that has something to do with the ev6, but I do notice that um, you know it wasnt that warm, so it Wasnt that uh the charger wasnt that that warm to, like, maybe like later, like 15 to 20 minutes into uh the charging session, and I noticed that uh, the the cable wires – were getting really warm it wasnt hot. But it was warm and thats unusual. For you know, for a charger to start getting that warm, I mean the temperature was, it was cold. What I mean temperature outside temperature was like I I cant remember, but it wasnt that it wasnt that it was like in a cool temperature, so um yeah that thats one issue that I I noticed about this charger, so I waited about a week. Actually, I waited about two weeks to test it again and see whether there will be a different, maybe its just a one time situation, but I realized that it was still the same issue.

I waited 20 minutes after 20 minutes. The charging cables started getting warmer, so at that point I decided like no thats, not gon na, be a good charger for me or anybody. So I I cannot recommend this kind of charger so um I had to return it back, so I decided to return it back to Amazon, so uh with that being said. Well, I mean it looks like a nice well built quality, but its just not not a not a good charger. Thank you for watching. Thank you for all my subscribers. Please dont forget to subscribe like and share the channel um. You know more videos still coming up. I will bring Ill be releasing more video as soon very soon.