What is an id5, its a sort of Coupe Fastback version of an id4 whats, an id4, its a crossover SUV version, Big Brother to the ID3, although its based on the same Mev, modular, all electric platform. Now this ones a four motion, so its got all wheel, drive plus its the GTX with 300 horsepower. So Im excited to give this a go Im on the Volkswagen driving there. Ive got limited time with the car, so Ill put facts and figures on the screen, but we will take a look at the car. Well, look around it! Well, look at the interior well, look at the practicality and then, of course, I cant wait well take it for a drive foreign Music Music. So, as you can see, I mean its similar to the id4 at the front. But when you move to the side, you can actually see the sloping more room and the spoiler on the back, which gives it that sporting look a lot of great detail on this car. So its got this sort of honeycomb, blocky, rear tail lights, and then this light bar that goes right across the back of the car, which looks very cool. The black and white Volkswagen badge is becoming iconic of the ID range youve got that in the wheels as well and quite sort of petal format Wheels. I think, on this car they look pretty cool and in the front, youve got this quite intricate.

Grille design air intake design on here again that one piece that goes all the way across with the black and white badge, but again The Motif, which is very similar to the lights that they have on the ID3 also replicated on this car right lets. Look at the boot space so lets check out the boot. My first instinct was to do this because thats how you open the boot on the ID3, but no theres a button down here and uh you just release it not powered. I was expecting it to be powered, but its not quite a big boot. Actually, its got um a double floor thing Arrangement that goes on uh, although not a deep cavity underneath, but enough to sort of hide the cables and any other sort of bags and things that you might want to put down there. Its got the netting that will fit across these hooks on every side, plus some straps and Light power supply. There light here as well and again these hooks as well to hold your bags and your take away: split folding seats with a ski slope or a ski, a ski hatch thing as well, not slope! You aint got the slope in here, but you know what I mean anyway: lets check out the rear, cabin Music, okay, my first time for my driving position and I have got tons of room look at all that knee space right there, six foot, two with long Legs so thats not an issue and if Im feet, no no problem at all, but even if I want to stretch out a little bit a little bit of wiggle room under there.

Of course its got a high floor, but no issue whatsoever uh. This digs into my back, but that can go up theres, no problem, Headroom no issue. Despite the sloping roof, you would have thought that might be an issue, but it isnt um nice bit of red stitching on here a nice interesting. The seats in here. The upholstery is quite different to the way that theyve done it on the ID 3, but this Arrangement is quite similar, so again theres this hatch and theres your cup holders, so that all works really well. Um theres, just the pockets down here. It doesnt have the two twin Pockets that the ID3 has there, but it does have the armrest. It has vents, which are quite low, but I guess they should be effective enough and then they have the two USBC there as well. I guess that lights up there must be some controls in there, maybe heated seats. That would be interesting. I think its a temperature thing. I think its a temperature thing actually is oh interesting, its got the blue, so the uh trim here Soft Trim there with the red stitching on it, despite the fact that there isnt any blue, oh its on the front doors as well, interesting that anyway, nice Skylight Is open lots of light in here so thats quite good time to get in the front, see what thats like foreign? So here we are in the front of the id5 GTX, so check it out, and those of you that have seen the interior of the Volkswagen ID3 will go.

Oh, this is very similar. Its got that same pod, thats mounted onto the steering wheel as you can see, and the steering is so interesting, its not its not reach adjustable. Oh, it is okay yeah. No, it is reach adjustable uh its just that youve got to put a little bit of effort into it. There you go but yeah. The part is attached to the steering column. The controls are very similar to what you see, except that the light buttons have been moved from here, where they are on the ID3 to here, where theres a little bit more logical, a bit more um and the way that conventional, the way that they normally are. The buttons here are pretty similar, um and then youve got the floating screen, which I think is bigger on the hair um, but very interesting again. The layout here again is very, very similar to the ID3. It just feels like an IDC but slightly larger thats. Basically, how it feels, but there you go very nice soft touch there thats a plastic thats piano black glove box is a bit bigger, definitely bigger glove box on here. You dont have the net pocket there, but you do have this bit. You have the cup holders. You have the quite a deep compartment, I think, of the wireless chargers down there and then youve got can be adjustable. Armrest uh over here youve got a deep, deep and big door bins as well, but otherwise all pretty straightforward and, of course, youve got the big um sunroof as well.

This car, basically 460 newton meters of torque, capable of 0 to 62 miles per acceleration in 6.3 seconds and 111 miles per hour in this spec. This car will cost you just under 56 000 pounds right time to give it a go. Okay, so lets lets. Have the armrest there you go, please drive to the root Zone as mentioned. I am on the media driving day and because of that, she is going to interrupt us Arena and then because Im following a set route by the way, I forgot to mention 300 mile range on this car, its showing me ah 79 charge at the moment. Uh with 219 miles, so this is sort of a little bit more real world by comparison thats. What always happens with uh you get the clean mileage range. You get the um. The actual mileage range huge, huge mirrors on this thing, which is nice, the Sandy um. All this mirror, but its a small window at the back of the band. The Window itself is bisected by that spoiler, which it looks kind of cool. But I dont know how practical it is Im following another one of these up ahead. So I can see that its a striking looking car, it looks quite nice actually and um. One thing that I found quite interesting is that the seat adjustments are manual on this one, even on the ID3, the one I drive to the 4100, they were powered, but on here theyre actually manual now Im guessing.

This has got similar setup. Now again, these are rear wheel. No, this is all wheel drive. Actually this one, oh okay, okay, thats, a normal mode as well lets actually check what mode we are in and lets go into sports mode. Oh wow and then you get kind of a noise as well, which is kind of like me. Its got like a Side by sort of noise, its a kind of eerie sort of whistling sound there thats going on, but yeah. This has got good performance. It really goes um you get a sense of real world rightness as were pulling out of that. That exit there uh just a slight bit of thing, but I think that, because of the whole version, eventually, it kind of transitioned very quickly into all wheel, drive mode. So this will be interesting to try this car, because this is basically a family car, but with very sporty pretensions, with the sort of horsepower that were talking about. Oh man, that I tell you what, as with a lot of these electric cars, where and not all, electric cars, do this. No all electric cars focus on the outright performance aspect of what they offer. But where are those cars where they are? The cars are doing. I think this feels a little bit like one of them um. You know the acceleration is very intoxicating. You do you, you cant help that every opportunity you get youll find yourself doing that and every time you do, that youll see your range dipping a little bit.

But anyhow, you know youve got to live a little right, so I have just driven the ID3 Ive. Literally jumped out of the ID3 into this car. That review should already be on my channel, go check it out, and the interesting thing is that you know theres a lot of familiarity, obviously immediately um and in that car I felt like I was sitting tall, but in this car Im feeling a little bit taller. Still so yeah I mean you can certainly feel that this is a little bit more elevated than that. One was three miles its kind of what you would expect, considering that we are in an SUV style vehicle, so weve got it in the sports mode now notice. Interestingly, that weve got traction Motors. This is the difference because I guess the traction to switch off the tractions for all all wheel, drive for when youre, actually off roading and you dont need the traction control to be working. So you can actually switch that off. You go into individual, we didnt explore this last time, uh with the ID3 um, but you know you can actually set it up. Uh there are. There is a way where you can set up a different things um, but I think Ill leave it in sports. For now um now, the other thing that I mentioned in the other one was the B merge. Okay, so we have a little bit more one pedal kind of driving mode here, its not a verd, its, not literally like a liftoff, and it completely comes through a hole.

But you start to get a little bit when you go into the Beamer. You start to get a little bit more of that deceleration and I guess a little bit more Regen to charge up the batteries. The other thing Im noticing is that theres no heads up display in this one. But having said that, I mean they display the visuals on the little part in front of you are very clear um and I got navigation. Its very basic youve got navigation, youve got speed, youve got the speed limit thats in the area and youve got your driver assistant stuff there, which are basically off at the moment, so thats um other than that theres. Not much more information. You need. Apart from what mode youre in and Im actually going to go back into drive mode now, the ride on this one is a little bit more fidgety than again the ID3. I cant help comparing it to the igc, because Ive just jumped out of that car, but you can certainly feel that theres a little bit more going on with the suspension on this car uh, whereas the ID3 sort of worked very hard to disguise anything that was Going on under underneath it this one, you could do get quite a bit of transmission through the floor and through the suspension, you can feel whats going on a little bit. No bad thing its not in any way harsh or anything like that, its just that its there its about what youd expect there is maybe a little bit more of that rigidity that I often find in electrified cars that transmit through into this one.

I dont know why that is maybe just because its a bigger platform or something, but you know its not hugely different, its very quiet, its very refined. The quality is very apparent. Again, you get that VW quality with this car that youve come to expect, and I think that theyve done a pretty good job with it its a little bit more serious than this car. I think that the arrow lyrics a similar layout, similar design, similar features, but I think theyve tried to make this one a little bit more grown up than the ide3. I think thats the idea there so which I can, I guess again makes sense doesnt it really good performance to ride. Like I said, the speed is no bad theres. Also the handling I mean it stays quite flat. You know the steering response again: theres not much steering feel, but the steering is weighted very nicely and it responds just as you would expect it to respond. So it gives you the sort of feel that you would expect it to give you so were in some pretty tiny roads now were in a very small village and again you know you start and turn right again immediately and continue to follow Marketplace. You start to become aware of its size a little bit, but, having said that, its quite manageable, you can see the extremities of the front of the car, so its not too much of a problem, and you know its fairly agile continue.

I have to say, the a pillar is quite thick in this car, so just cars pulling out from Junctions and stuff like that. You just have to be wary over there for little tiny window here on the door as well, but I think you just have to be aware of whats going on in that corner so that you can keep an eye out, but otherwise not too much of a Problem again, visibility to the rear, a little bit limited, but the huge mirrors on the side. The side mirrors actually really help so driving in Comfort there – and I dont know if the ride is adaptive ride. But you know it just feels a little bit more calmer. In that mode Im not going to go back into sports mode, I mean its hard to say really. If there is a difference. Well, I got the acceleration and the noise that you get is literally, like you know, walk speed. Now, Mr Sulu thats kind of what you did, you know thats the sort of sensation as well that you get and for a big thing. I mean you know its, not that big, but I mean you know for something thats, quite chunky and high up. It certainly picks up in skirts or something quite a bit of Road Roar again from the car. Wouldnt lose anything like that and again the stereo mysterious 93 3 and then the other noise wont really matter. Actually, I just tried the stereo and its got quite a deep Bassy sound to it and Surround Sound sort of scenario, its very, very good.

Its kind of thing that you want Im not seeing a huge dip in the range, despite a generous use of the right throttle, pedal lets say so again. There is doing quite well and Im in sports mode. So I guess, if I put into economy mode lets, try that um. I will gain so its 212, its 212 now in economy mode and going to sports America theres two, exactly not a huge amount of difference. Really the braking is pretty linear, although you know again it does that thing where you need to sort of just go. I think whats Happening Here. I think whats happening here. Is that because of the regen system, its really using part, regen and part actual braking, so at some point you theres a kind of transition to Mechanical braking rather than regen. So what do we think about the id5, particularly this GTX? Do you need the GTX 4 motion with the um substantial horsepower? No, you probably dont actually because otherwise youll be addicted to the acceleration and then youll just run out of juice, very, very quickly. Thats, probably whats going to happen. Do you need the id5 over the id4 again, probably not. The id4 is probably the more practical car I would have to say. However, I have to say especially following another one of these up ahead. This is the prettier car. The definitely the sloping roof makes. Quite a bit of difference to this profile, and it just makes it look nicer, I think, than the id4.

So if it was me Id probably go for this one, but you know you should try them out for some. So overall, I think really really good its. Not a cheap car I mean were talking 56 000 pounds um. You know thats thats a lot of money, but again having said that, its about on par for this size of electric car, I mean youre. Talking, like you know, the the Mustang Marquee and stuff like that, so in that sense you know we its pretty much on par about the same size about the same sort of money. I think you know have a look at these sort of segments of cars. If the VW badge is something that appeals to you, then go for this, but also at the same time you know its practical, its quick it handles well, and it gives you the reassurance of all wheel, drive 4 motion as well when you need it so overall Thumbs up Im enjoying it Im going to continue to enjoy it until I get back to base thanks so much for watching hope you enjoyed that video. If you did, please, please hit the like button and share this video as well. If you can, and while youre at it check out these guys, who also sponsor my content, I am deeply grateful to them, because it helps me to buy new equipment pop fuel in the cards and yes buy a cup of coffee. You can do the same.

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