My car has been charged 100 percent right and he will give me 250 mileage. However, if you go their website, you can see they are advertising to 85, so thats mean if your car charge 250. Now you tell me, how can you use 285 miles, youre, never gon na use 285. When you buy your car, they will say: oh, they will give you 300, but we dont advertise 300. In case people complain right. But how can you drive 300 when you charge only to 50 100 percent, its, like you know, buying iPhone or some other phone Music? Its like, you are buying phone and then, if you cant charge your phone 100 percent, if your phone stole up 85 percent, how can you use your 400 percent? So I had a big debate. I mean big argument with Ikea. I said you sold me car 285 and you said it does 300 on the motorway self charge. How does it do they have no answer about this so only as they can give me because of cold weather. Maybe in summer time in UK, which we do have a summer really in UK, the my gave you 285., I said tell me that date and time when its gon na give me 285. The answer is, we cant tell you depend on the weather. You might get 285. Why you advertisement 285 when you kind of give 285 IS 250, so anyway, I thought Ill. Let you know about Kia AV, Nero review so guys if you buy this car, think youre.

Never gon na get 25. 250 means soon. You start your car start using your charging phone is: go 225, 200 thats it So within 5, 10 minutes youre gon na lose 50 miles straight away, so think before you buy. So I thought let me make a quick video because I I said to the Kia you if you want to sell car like this, you better do advertisement summer mileage and winter mileage. So everybody knows, but they said. Oh no. We cant do this. We have advertised, you know whether my affect mileage so guys there you go 100 charge 250 mileage on put the heating on. You might get to 25 if youve been lucky. So God is good right. I have few issue with the car which they said: theyre gon na sort it out. Sometimes my heating doesnt work. So I have a cold car second issue. I dont know if you guys like using cruise control, if Im using cruise control the power the car is parked on the side of the road. My car Peak and suddenly break the car should break on the cruise control when the car front of you, no, the car, is parked on the payment, as you know, on the side. So that was second issue third issue I have with the mileage and uh sometime. My Apple carplay doesnt work, so I told them all this stuff so guys making a short video for you guys. Hopefully, this side is software issue, theyre gon na sort it out, but they said they cant sort of the mileage.

They cant give me full battery 285., which I was bit annoying selling me lie. Oh you get 285 Motorway, you got 300, you might get 325, but how can I get 385 or 300 or 285? When is showing me 250 right so, but they are advertising on the website. You can look Kia EV, Nero 285, okay guys so Resto is fine with the car seven year warranty, but only issue with the mileage so have a nice day. Take care yourself. Oh, while Im here, you can charge your card pad point used to be free, now, hes free for 15 minutes. Look at the light is flashing thats in my car full charge, and then you have to pay uh. If you dont wan na pay, unplug your car and put it on again and then you will get 50 minute free again and then, if youre still in that car unplug plug again, you might get 50 minute again. So you can keep doing this all day. If youre in the car I mean but used to be easy, you can park and go in shopping and everything just go, but now they change. Okay, guys have a nice day.