Date.. Are you a fan of large powerful, looking electric vehicles, Then the New 2023 GMC Hummer will make you fall in love.. The 2023 GMC HUMMER EV makes its debut unchanged after being unveiled as a brand new model. Last year. The HUMMER EV revives the Hummer name in cutting edge high performance electric vehicles with serious capability and will be offered in pickup trucks and SUV body styles, starting in 2023., Stay tuned as we close up the 2023 GMC Hummer EV.. When is the release? Date? Stay tuned and dont touch that dial.. When General Motors revived the Hummer brand, everyone was taken aback. As a result of a decline in sales. They discontinued the brand in 2010.. An SUV and a pickup truck two of the American automakers best performing models will accompany the reintroduction of the Hummer.. Numerous automakers are increasing their production of electric vehicles as the EV market in the US expands.. The Hummer also makes a comeback with brand new electric super trucks. At the SEMA trade show in 2021, GMC unveiled their new electric pickup truck and SUV.. They are open for preorder, even though they are not yet on sale.. The company said that by the beginning of 2023, GMCs SUV would be on the market.. It wont go on sale for the Hummer pickup truck until the spring of 2024. Lets examine the new Hummer pickup truck and SUVs flawless exterior. Exterior The design of the Hummer EV SUV is reminiscent of the Hummer EV Pickup and the old Hummer, H2 and H3 SUVs From when Hummer was its own brand more than a decade, ago.

One thing to remember is that the SUV has a wheelbase, nearly 9 inches shorter than the pickup, making it significantly shorter overall.. The breakover and departure angles are drastically altered. According to GMC improving its off road capabilities., Additionally, it reduces the turning circle, which is now just 35.4 feet thanks to an optional four wheel, steering system, as opposed to the Ford Mustang Mach 38.1 foot Es turning circle., While the pickups useful cargo bed is absent. You get a safe, enclosed cargo area that can fit 81.8 cubic feet of cargo. Behind the first row when the seats are folded, down. Thats more than a GMC Yukons 72.6 cubic feet, but the absence of the third row of seats, probably helps.. Strangely, the Hummer EV SUV only has room for five passengers. No mention is made of a third row, in contrast to competitors like the upcoming Rivian R1S., The Hummer EV SUV will initially only be offered in the Edition 1 trim, which comes with 22 inch wheels, assist steps and floor liners. The Edition 1s sole option will be the Extreme Off Road, Package., Underbody, armor plating rock sliders, an electronic front differential locker virtual rear lockers, heavy duty, ball, spline, half shafts, underbody cameras and other features are added by the Extreme Off Road Package.. The Edition 1 trim will also be painted a new Moonshot Green Matte. Seven additional colors will be available later.. What does this cars interior? Look like Interior GMC promises an immersive experience inside the Hummer EV SUV, but one that also lets the outside in.

. All models will come standard with the Infinity Roof, which has removable Sky Panels and an I Bar and enables the removal of the majority of the top.. Additionally, it will have Lunar Shadow as a new interior color, giving the pickups Lunar Horizon theme a fresh shade. To create a cinematic experience inside the vehicle. Gmc has teamed up with Perception: a special effects, studio. Custom settings for the Bose audio system, haptic driver seat feedback and custom screen displays are all available whenever the available Watts to Freedom mode is activated. Through the My Mode features steering suspension vehicle sound and acceleration can All be adjusted. Infotainment system and technology, GMC incorporated advanced technology to stifle competition in the market., The pickup truck and the SUV have enormous 13.2 inch touchscreens that are easily accessible to the driver., The screens advanced, graphics and high resolution images, look fantastic.. It has some impressive driver assistance features as well.. One of these is UltraVision a feature with front and back facing cameras for a 360 degree view while driving.. It also has automatic lane change and hands free driving. Apple, CarPlayAndroid, Auto Wi, Fi hotspot, Bluetooth and wireless device. Charging are all included in the standard connectivity features.. The CrabWalk is a new four wheel, steering feature for the Hummer EVs. With pride. Gmc is the first automaker to introduce this feature.. It enables the EV to move diagonally, offering better handling for off roading or parking.. It does this by allowing the rear wheels to mimic the angle of the front wheels.

The CrabWalk function enhances mobility on difficult and uneven terrain. Holding down the Driver mode control dial on the center console for about six seconds will easily activate this mode., Although it has A top notch infotainment system there are no useless buttons.. The new EVs from GMC is prepared for off roading as expected. Its exteriors construction speaks for itself. For the battery packs protection and full underbody armor. For rough terrain, GMC used rigid steel plates. By raising the vehicle. Six inches above the standard ride height for better ground clearance. Its Extract Mode feature also helps its off roading capability. Lets now have a look at the performance and specs. Performance and specs. Two different powertrain options will be available to power. The Hummer EV SUV, but some details are still in the works, since the truck wont be available for sale until early next year.. Edition 1 will be powered by a three motor system and a 20 module double stacked battery, giving it an estimated range of 300 miles or if you choose the likely heavier Extreme Off Road Package. An estimated range of 280 miles., The EV2 EV2X and EV3Xs base. Powertrains will have a 16 module two motor system that can travel more than 250 miles, with the option to upgrade to a 20 module two motor extended range system that can travel more than 300 miles.. A second motor is added to the EV3X to increase power output., Except for the EV2 trim.

All models offer the Extreme Off Road Package. Its, not entirely clear what that power output is and explaining. It is difficult. For the two motor system, GMC states, that the power is up to 625 hp and 7500 lb ft of torque or up to 830 hp and 11500 lb ft of torque for the three motor system.. While the horsepower figure may be close, the torque figure is inaccurate.. Previously GM acknowledged that the Edition 1 Pickups horsepower will probably still range between 1000 and 1100 pounds feet so thats. What wed anticipate seeing here as well., Regardless of the exact figures, GMC, predicts that the three motor Edition 1 SUV will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.5 seconds.. The next generation Ultium battery architecture from GM will be used for recharging. The 16 module battery pack found in the base truck can be DC fast, charged at 400 volts, while the upgraded 20 module packs can handle 800 volts at 300 kilowatts.. Although there arent many public charging stations in the United States that can handle such high voltages and rapid flow, more infrastructure can still be built because the truck wont be here for at least another two years.. Additionally, it will include all of the pickups cool technology, such as CrabWalk mode, which allows the four wheels to move the vehicle diagonally by turning the rear wheels up to 10 degrees.. Additionally, there will be an extract mode that raises the vehicles ride height to 16 inches to aid in releasing it from a variety of off road obstacles.

, A satellite connected trail mapping system will be available for those venturing far into the wilderness.. The Power Station generator will enable you to power a campsite with 19.2 kW of AC charging, providing 120 volt 25 amp 3 kW juice for all your camping needs, or you can charge someone elses EV by switching it to 240 volt 25 amp 6 kW of charging Power., What effect will that have on your ability to return home Thats your problem, but once youre back on a mapped highway, all Hummer EV models will come standard with GMs newest Super Cruise semi autonomous hands, free cruise control system to assist you with some driving. Pricing And release date Hold off on rushing to your local GMC dealer to buy the newest electric wonder car ahead of time.. It wont be available until early 2023 as a 2024 model and the first model, an Edition 1 trim will cost 105595.. All prices include destination., The price rises to 110595. If you choose the Extreme Off Road Package., The EV2X 89995 and EV3X 99995 models are scheduled to go on sale in the spring of 2023, while the EV2, with a starting price of 79995 wont be available until the spring of 2024., According to Sam Fiorani. Vice president of global vehicle forecasting at AFS, adding an SUV version of the electric Hummer will now appeal to the conspicuously green buyer. Just as the original appealed to the conspicuous consumer of the 1990s., Similar to what the Model S did for Tesla, it might attract a market that wasnt even looking for an electric vehicle and draw them into the Hummer family.

. It is more important to use the electric drivetrain to transform an electric vehicle into a fantastic vehicle in order to appeal to a wide audience than it is to make it a good electric vehicle.. What do you think of the 2023 GMC Hummer EV, then? Would you prefer the electric version of the Hummer or the diesel version? Please share your thoughts in the section below.. This video has come to an end. All we had to offer. You was that. Thanks a lot for watching the video. Until the next one peace.