Last time I got to see the aura funky cat. I was totally Smitten by its quirky retro styling and futuristic technology. However, you guys our viewers yeah not so much well, actually, some of you loved how it looked, but others were not so taken back and those people are definitely going to need some further convincing today, Im also getting the chance to fill in the gaps. From last time, things like battery range and charging figures plus all importantly Ill, be hitting the road, but will all these important figures add to my desire for a funky cat, or will they leave me feeling a little bit disappointed? Well, why dont you stick around to find out and if you love electric car news and Electric Mobility content, then Electro heads is the place to be hit. The Subscribe button to make sure that you see much more so lets rip the Band Aid off nice and early and get to the point of price first rumored at 25 000 pounds. Oh that magic electric number that all the brands like to dangle in front of our new uses. However, just like the rest, oraca has launched the funky cat in the first edition specification for just under 32 000. youre. Joking right now yep mind you once you do break down the specification, it really is quite impressive. Youve got wireless phone charging a 360 degree parking camera, Sat Nav, keyless entry and an array of high tech driving AIDS worthy of a car in 2022.

But this brand is very new to the UK market and completely alien to most and Aura has put itself right in line with its pricing of the mini electric, the Vauxhall Corsa and its stablemate, the e208. Still it does seem affordable once you put it next to the ID3. Quite honestly, I think had it not be for mg, releasing such a competitive package with the mg4, then the funky cats price would have been taken on the chin. However, mg has proven that 25. 000, pound price tag can be done and without compromises still, there is proof, backed up by sales that people like something quirky, something that gets people talking something thats just turn right, cute and fun. Just look at the Honda E look at it and the aura funky cat, I think, is going to do just that with its retro pet Porsche, esque styling and its very cool light signatures yeah. I can see this appealing to a very particular audience. The aura, funky cats, retro stylized, looks have definitely taken inspiration from some of the worlds most loved cars, including the Porsche 911 and the mini the emotive round headlights give a cutesy and friendly feel from the front, whilst around the back, the distinct lack of classic tail Lights and rather a light bar incorporated into the rear window, bring the Retro car into the future for more on design, be sure to check out my previous Aura cat. First look: Music.

I understand that this is going to split opinions, but I love how funky and stylish it is inside this cabin, the two tone teal and the light gray paintwork to match the exterior it just feels so cohesive and very very premium. Youve got a lovely, suede kind of detail on top of the dashboard, with the contrasting light gray stitching a really nice leather wrapped steering wheel, which again tilt on top light gray with the contrasting teal stitching, its very beautiful and again these seats. They feel so plush. So comfortable, nothing like the ones I found in the mg4 which felt like they would definitely deteriorate over time. These feel much more robust and that quilted stitching it feels so high quality. Again the contrasting teal and light gray leatherette really really lovely its. Not all good news, however, because anything below the Chrome, air events. You will find quite a scratchy plastic and I do worry about it as well, because its in this light gray material, and I think that over time that will get scratched and dirty and it will be difficult to keep clean. Ideally, if you was going to be driving this car a lot, then you would go for the black interior, but if you want to thank funky something different, something that is definitely when people are going to get in it theyre going to comment about, then this is Beautiful the infotainment system definitely doesnt feel like cheap technology, something the mg has sometimes been criticized for.

The screen itself is sharp and responds quickly to inputs, which is just as well, because this is where you adjust most of your settings. Everything is clear and easy to read and the 360 degree parking camera is crisp. Aura also has a rather intuitive voice activation system, which features a cute little robot in the top right hand of the screen Im a little bit cold got it increasing the temperature in driver area to 24 degrees, so its a similar size to the ID3, but it Doesnt get quite as much boot space and thats, because the aura car has prioritized rear space and it really is very spacious back here. Ive got plenty of Headroom a nice amount of legroom, and it feels really just plush and comfortable as well. Ive got nice things like the door pockets on the back of the seats. Ive got a pull out armrest with two cup holders. The only thing maybe I would have liked is a USBC Port, as well as a USB foreign Music. It gets a 48 kilowatt hour battery pack, which is good for around 193 miles, not groundbreaking and honestly, I am a little bit disappointed. Had it been even 50 more, I think my name would have been down on the pre order list. However, it seems quite a habit of quirky cars to get away with limited miles, take the Fiat 500, the mini electric and the Honda e they all have less than 200 miles, and for those that dont complete long Journeys on a regular basis, they actually remain a Popular choice, it has, however, also got to be noted that the aura cat has been around in China, China for a little while now and Battery developments are already underway.

The aura cat will eventually, hopefully be offered with a 58 kilowatt hour and 63 kilowatt hour battery. For up to 263 miles, Which is far more competitive, its just a real shame that they chose to launch the aura funky cat with the smallest battery option. At first glance, it may be easy to compare the aura funky cat to perhaps the Fiat 500 electric or the mini electric, but it isnt actually as small as it appears in photographs and videos its the longer than the mini, and it comes in at 4235. Millimeters long and 1825 millimeters wide, which makes it slightly shorter and a little wiser than the ID3. Of course, it instantly wins in practicality, over the mini and the Fiat, as it has five doors. Boot. Space is a moderate 228 liters, but the funky cap benefits from a good amount of space in the back capable of even seating, six Footers. It can charge at a rate of up to 80 kilowatts from a CCS public rapid charger two years ago, a figure that would have been fine more than the mini electric. But nowadays, with the mg4 and the ID3 capable of 135 kilowatts, its dragging behind still most will charge at lower rates. A 10 to 80 charge from a 6.6 kilowatt home charger will take around five to six hours, Music, something that the aura funky cat does have going, for. It is Punchy performance. It has a single electric motor on the front axle which develops 117 brake horsepower and 250 newton meters of pulling power.

It has a naught to 30 claimed time of 3.8 seconds and not to 62 of 8.3 seconds. There is also a maximum speed, limited to 99 miles per hour, thats slightly less power and slower Sprint than the go kart style mini electric, but its absolutely nothing to be sniffed at, and the aurica actually feels quite engaging Great Wall Motors has invested heavily in driver Assist Technology for the aura brand and, as a result, this car has 12 ultrasonic radar sensors, as well as quite a few exterior cameras as well and together they provide a 2.5 level autonomous drive. It works around town as well, where it has traffic jam assist, which can essentially take control of the braking throttle and steering at low speeds. Theres. Also great news for potential buyers as Aura are offering a five year unlimited mileage warranty, which is really nice to hear. Plus you also get an eight year, 100 000 mile battery warranty, which is above a lot of its rivals. Thank you. The aura funky cat happens to be an extremely groovy, but very frustrating little car just admit it has so much going for it, the quirkiness, the quality, the technology, its all very enticing, but the figures that really matter thats, just a tad average, an electric car being Launched sub 200 miles in 2022, in my personal opinion, its just not enough, and the charging could also do with being a bit more competitive, mind you in the case of the Honda e.

If it looks cool enough, people will buy it and actually Im still having to hold myself back from adding one of these to my garage, maybe when they do. The bigger battery, of course, were relying on you guys to share your opinions on this one too.