Before jumping into the pole, star 2, I have a brief request: support family Wheels simply by giving us a like it helps spread. The word subscribe and click the little bell, so youll be notified when a review is published and share your thoughts with me and your fellow viewers by writing a comment thanks. The first question is always whats the range, in fact theres too much emphasis on it range really matters for out of town trips, but isnt material in most peoples daily driving. Nonetheless, its good news that range generally is on the rise with many automakers targeting 400 kilometers about 250 miles. The pole star 2, you see here with dual motors for all wheel drive is rated at 400k 249 miles. The single motor trim with front wheel drive uses the same 78 kilowatt hour battery at a slower rate, giving it an estimated range of 426k or 265 miles in design terms. The pole star is essentially a sedan sitting on a raised suspension with cladding over the wheel. Arches, a common practice in an industry adapting to buyers, preference for Crossovers and SUVs. The overall design is gorgeous not copying Volvo, yet bearing a resemblance think of it as Volvos cousin that quietly rebelled became successful on its own, but doesnt Lord it over the rest of the family. The car is built in China, but the design is as Swedish as a plate of gravlax. The cabin is Scandinavian, yet contains no teak or leather pole.

Star calls its weave Tech upholstery, a Vegan luxury fabric, alternative to leather, its described as a water based PVC material that contains one percent phthalates instead of the typical 35 to 45 percent across the industry. Our review car with its two tone, Fabric and diamond pattern panels, is classy, not showy pay for the Plus Pack and you can get ventilated leather seats. If you want to be that guy, the next climate protest, the upgrade also offers Trim in black ash or cleverly reconstructed wood. The polestars interior is not without its faults. The big straight out of Volvo touch screen blocks the typical space for Center vents, so theyre. On top of the dash, the bin between the seats is actually the second cup holder its there, because the console stretches well behind the shifter taking up precious space. At least there are useful Cubbies on the side ideal for sunglasses and on this trim, the seat. Rake is manually adjusted via rotary knob thats got a real 70s Vibe is difficult to reach and stiff to turn. A design element that is easily overlooked is the outside mirrors theyre frameless, rather than recessed into a housing. The entire assembly is power, adjusted Polestar says it reduces aerodynamic, drag how long it takes to charge an electric auto is more complicated than the 10 to 80 percent numbers you might have seen. Unlike gas powered vehicles, there are variables, including the speed of the charging station. How fast the vehicle can ingest electrons the battery level when charging begins and temperature? For instance, we pulled up to a 50 kilowatt DC fast charger and got 16 kilowatt hours in 20 minutes taking the charge from the 30 percent range to 50 percent on a level 2 charger, the commonest one in homes, the estimate to get from 36 percent to 100 was 8 hours by the way charging to no more than 90 percent is recommended you get in, and the car starts up.

There is no start button on this vehicle. You just get in the heat is now on. Audio is on. If you want it, press the brake pedal, put it in gear and go our two motor pull star can generate 408 horsepower, which would be plenty in an internal combustion car, but is spectacular when the drive is electric thats, because the power is applied instantly, and so Is the torque 487 pound feet of it and thats the factor that shoves the drivers seat into your back, so the 400 horsepower and an absolutely stump pulling amount of electric torque really makes it feel like this thing? Has more than 400 horsepower all wheel drive keeps a tight rain on those horses and together they create a very European Sports sedan field. The single motor pole, star 2, would feel less so because its 231 horsepower and 243 pound feet of torque only go to the front wheels, although that trim is lighter by 119 kilograms or 262 pounds. I like a good firm ride, and this has that. However, every time you hit an imperfection in the road you get a booming sound inside the car. One pedal driving is an option in the settings here on the pole star, and I find it works very well in traffic like this, but theres no way to adjust. It, except through the main screen with the Android automotive operating system, integrated right into the car Android automotive, not Android, auto, which is an overlay.

The integration really helps out in some areas and particularly with maps its the best Ive ever used when it comes to maps. You can also control some car functions with it by saying: Hey, Google turn down the temperature one degree: okay, turning down the temperature, the price of the pole, star 2 is sharply higher since I drove it in the spring of 2022. in Canada, the dual motor is About two thousand dollars more, the single motor four thousand and in the US, its two thousand and twenty five hundred dollars respectively. The government of Canada upped its price ceiling, benefiting both trims with a five thousand dollar rebate. Here in the province of British Columbia, the subsidy has been increased by a grant to four thousand dollars income tested, but only the single motor version is eligible. I was shocked to find the made in China pole, star II, still on the U.S list, with a potential 7 500 income tax rebate, despite legal changes to encourage domestic production of EVs and their components. Music, the whole star 2 does have enough room for our standard cargo of three bags of groceries, a backpack and a stroller, but not a lot more, particularly with the Steep angle of the roof at the rear for the hatchback or the liftgate or whatever. You want to call it underneath here we have a small bin, no spare tire theres. Of course, the charging cable that comes with electric vehicles and in this side panel, a 12 volt 120 watt Outlet, foreign Music terms of child seats, are rear facing child seat.

The one that takes up the most space is behind me: Im five feet: 11 inches tall, 180, centimeters and up front. My knees are not touching the glove box quite comfortable, in fact. Well, I wouldnt call it generous, but there is just enough room for me in the back of the pole star. My knees are not touching the seat in front of me and there is just enough Headroom as well as far as niceties in the back seat. The rear seats are not heated, thats, a higher specification. You got to pay more for that. We do have the center HVAC fence and a couple of USBC ports Music. Sir, look at the pole star 2, a handsome car that I really enjoy driving. But what do you think leave a comment, as always thanks for subscribing thanks for watching Im Richard detman Ill see you next time on family Wheels Music.