Suv that measures a little bit longer than the conventional Volkswagen Tiguan now were expecting this vehicle. In showrooms, in late 2023, but before then weve been afforded a sneak peek right here in Australia. Lets see how it measures up. Music A4 is confirmed as Volkswagens first EV in Australia. However, it is not a new vehicle per se dating back to an original European reveal in September 2020.. Nonetheless, Volkswagen believes it has a genuine competitor to the likes of the Tesla Model y Kia, ev6 and Hyundai ioniq 5.. The official pricing and model structure is yet to be confirmed. However, VW is expected to launch with a high specification, Pure Performance variant that will be priced around sixty five thousand dollars, plus on road costs later on. The more Fleet conscious Pro performance model tested here is due to join it priced at under sixty thousand dollars, plus on road costs. So the id4 is based on Volkswagens, Meb architecture, thats, a dedicated electric platform and, as youll see inside, that does liberate a lot of space and its great for packaging as well. Now, initially, Volkswagen is going to launch with the pro performance variant that offers 522 kilometers worth of range on the wltp cycle, its got a larger battery and offers a faster naught to 100 time down the track. The Australian car maker is also looking at this. Its called the Pure Performance, its it offers less range about 340 kilometers, but its going to be a lot better for fleets, cheaper entry price and a lot more in base Pure Performance form tested here.

A 55 kilowatt hour battery offers an official EV range of 345 kilometers as a comparison when it comes to charging times. Our model takes a minimum of 26 minutes to charge to 80 percent, while the flagship offers a 33 minute rating for the same charge. It is worth noting neither variant offers the 150 kilowatt DC charging performance of some of their peers and they also miss out on vehicle to load technology for charging appliances or for that matter, multi stage regen braking systems. Now I mentioned the Meb platform before and the benefits of that really do come to fruition inside the cabin. There is plenty of space and the packaging is excellent, as well theres a little bit of old little bit of new in terms of the Volkswagen fit out. You have the center display screen almost like a motorcycle style instrument. Cluster and the gear lever has been moved from the center console to up here, its sort of like that BMW style rotating gear shifter with that electric architecture. What I found quite often lately is that you jump into an electric cart. Has the batteries on the floor that elevates the ride position so youre kind of sitting perched inside the cabin thats, not the case with the id4? I still feel like youre sitting low slung inside the cabin youve got a great view of the road, but you feel like youre inside the car, which cultivates a lot of feeling and confidence behind the wheel.

Infotainment takes a leaf from the Volkswagen Golf Mark 8 and is decidedly minimalist in its layout, since this is a drive of a UK specification. Car well Reserve judgment on on the id4s final equipment level in Australia, but on Face Value. The infotainment and safety Suites present strongly. The one exception is that Volkswagen Australia is yet to facilitate over the air software updates or connectivity on its local Fleet, meaning the id4 could lose key ground on its rivals. Volkswagen Australia claims that the rear seat area of the id4 is more comparable to the larger toy rag than the tiguanan jumping in. For the first time I have to agree with them. There is loads of space in terms of Headroom legroom, shoulder room as well. Its a really comfortable space to spend time in and its suitable for, kids and adults alike, its funny, because the rear seat area actually feels like it is a little bit more perched, its almost like stadium seating, and that means you can also see out the front. Really well, youve got great Open Glass House to the side too theres some harder, scratchier Plastics in the rear space, but you do get service by rear air vents USBC ports, its going to be a really comfortable place to spend a lot of time. Volkswagen has had a massive win when it comes to the boot space packaging with the id4. There is so much space and in fact the the area is also facilitated by a low loading height and quite a big aperture as well.

When we jump into electric vehicles were more often than not saying that the boot space is sort of most impacted by the batteries. Thats, not the case here plenty of space here for a couple of big full size suitcases or a designer pram. Unfortunately, there is no space saver or spare tire underneath, which kind of goes against the SUV theme. When you think of these vehicles, you think of a vehicle that can Traverse different surfaces. I dont know if Id want to be doing that with a glue kit, but in any case there is room there for some additional storage like the cables and the space is also finished, with luggage netting as well foreign Volkswagens, very first EV proponent in Australia. You expect to get behind the wheel of the rd4 and I might be a little bit different to all their ice models and it is but its only very subtle and its kind of like a novelty with some of the differentiating features. So for one there is no strict starter button. There is a weights plate, a weight sensor in this front seat. You jump in and then knows that once you press on the brake pedal, which has a pause button on it, the accelerator pedal has a play button on it. The car is running so twists the dial to D no handbrake to worry about and off. You go very smooth, very seamless, progress from a standstill and Volkswagen have done a pretty fair job of modulating.

The controls to feel like an internal combustion car, but I have to say, is very polished and it is very refined. It is also very rear, drive Centric, with that electric motor on the rear wheels, even in regular conveyance. You can give it a little bit of a poke out of corners. It doesnt feel like an mqb platformed car that is, it doesnt feel front wheel, drive. It feels actually rear wheel, drive its a nice refreshing change, especially for something that shapes like an SUV. There is a small asterisk against. Our initial Drive of the id4 were on billiard table smooth roads with little to no undulations, so well. Reserve final judgment on its riding handling until a proper Australian Road drive. Otherwise, between these two variants, we reckon the steering weighs up better on the flagship and the body is also kept in tighter check with its adaptive suspension. The only other missing feature here is no paddles to control the regen braking, which is fast becoming the expectation in this space. The other thing being an EV is weight. It uh. It does feel its weight. This this variant is about 1900 kilograms. Oddly, when you go for the sportier variant, the weight goes up to 2200 kilograms and, although you get a lot more range, 522 kilometers claimed youre not really getting that much more performance because its blunted by the additional weight on board so 8.5 seconds to 100 Ks. An hour in the more expensive Pro variant in this Pure Performance variant, its nine seconds, so it is definitely blunted by the weight in that more expensive model Id say on paper.

It looks like the the range claims in these vehicles is pretty fair. I think if it can get anywhere close to 522 kilometers thats going to be a really defining feature for this vehicle and a nice point of difference from a lot of other models on sale. Vw. Australia is also in talks with third party charging providers as it moves towards the id4s rollout. The new Volkswagen id4 certainly makes a really strong impression on paper and is well acquitted in our very first taste test Id say there are a couple of unknowns with this car.