My memory is getting vague because today dozens of models already on sale, any dozen more will arrive in the nearest future. In this episode, well show you the most exciting. Even newcomers within the crossover SUV Niche, these models have left range anxiety in the past. Extremely fast charging is a given and their overall performance parameters give Legacy internal combustion counterparts a run for their money, subscribe to Automotive territory and lets explore the best TVs of tomorrow enjoy the ride. Mercedes Benz, eqe SUV, the latest member of the EQ family, borrows many Tech features from the flagship, eqs SUV, but it does offer more Compact and dynamic dimensions shorter, even than the eqe sedan. The model has a 119.3 inch wheelbase and offers both rear and all wheel drive options. The entry level model promises 288 horses and 340 plus wltp miles, while in the AMG versions, bars can expect up to 677 HP and 3.4 seconds 0 to 60.. The exterior exudes The Familiar EQ Vibe, the AMG eqis support the signature, panamericana grill, a larger 21 to 22 inch wheels, plus the cabin offers class leading levels of interior space. With this Mercedes, you get 18.4 cubic feet of cargo room for the 2040 faulting rear seats and the technology package with two 12 inch screens or a hyper screen: foreign Music ex90. The ex 90 is the new electric 7 seater Flagship from Volvo that epitomizes coarse Scandinavian values, but at the same time shows International commitment of the company, since production will take place in the USA.

The new and house developed EV technology base has a twin motor powertrain, with a 111 kilowatt hour battery and up to 375 miles of range, its power output will vary from 402 to 517. Horses and torque will reach 671 pound feet. This is the safest valvo. To date, protected by an invisible 360 degree Shields of safety, sensing Tech powered by nvidias Drive AI. In turn, the incumbent systems, including the vertical 14.5 inch and 14 minutes, are run by the Xavier and Oren AI platforms that utilize computing power of the Snapdragon cockpit platforms. From Qualcomm Technologies, foreign Music, being a Japanese car maker Hunter traditionally arrives late to the party of electrocus SUVs. The 2024 prologue is their first take within the class that Heralds a new era of electrified Honda vehicles. The CV was invested by the LA design team as an adventure ready peoples hauler that will slot next to the Honda Passport. Given that Honda has sourced the 800 volts ultimarket texture from General Motors, we can expect a fast Crossover with at least 250 miles of range and extremely rapid charging. Its wheelbase of 122 inches allows for the generous passenger space and ample cargo volume. The dashboard is equipped with an 11 inch digital drivers display and an 11 inch infotainment, but a bunch of convenient physical buttons are still in place. Foreign Pro for motion. After two years in production, we get one more subtraction version of the 84 that will reside next.

To the id4 GTX front motion, this model has the large capacity 77 kilowatt hour battery and a 265 horsepower per all wheel. Drive powertrain, comprised of two motors with pulse and Fortress. The front wheels are driven by the asynchronous motor, but the main Drive is provided by the permanently excited synchronous motor on the rear axle. The id4 pro for motion has a wltp range of 323 miles 0 to 60 takes 6.9 seconds. The top speed will be limited to 112 miles per hour and the towing capacity was increased to 3 000 pounds. This ad4 runs the newest generation ID software 3.1 and adds travel, assist with swarm data and park assist plus with memory function. We would like to keep on pushing for the progress of electric vehicles, make sure to smash the like button and watch this video till the end lets proceed: Music, pole, star 3., the first true crossover from pole, star isnt repent by the same scalable product architecture platform. As its Volvo XC90 sibling, it inherits similar proportions, except for the height, which is nearly 6 inches lower. In case of the pole, star 3., the longer weighted SUV will launch with a standard all wheel drive and a 111 kilowatt hour battery that promises EPA estimated 300 miles the two electric motors one on each axle, deliver up to 489 horsepower and 620 pound feet of Twist, the optional 6 grand performance pack, UPS, the maximum power to 517 horses, but runs the real world range to 270 miles on the inside.

The model gets a 14.5 inch vertical touchscreen, a 9 inch instrument cluster and a full length panoramic glass, roof. Other goodies included. The standards a retractable door handles LED lighting, a 25 speaker, BMW sound system and an air suspension Music Chevrolet Equinox EV is is the most affordable EV from General Motors Underpants by The Cutting Edge electrical team platform. The Equinox CV Sports, futuristic styling, with LED light strips across the entire width of the car, stylish Arrow wheels and a two tone paintwork here. The 800 volts architecture will be slightly down tuned. Nevertheless, 290 horsepower extra fast charging around 300 miles of range e. All wheel, drive and 1500 pounds of towing capacity are still on the table. Chevrolet plans to force launch this model in the sub Flagship to a rust trim with 20 inch wheels, heated, steering, wheel and advanced Chevy safety assist. The complete portfolio will consist of five trims. Kicking off from thirty thousand dollars, the best Equinox CV will feature a fully digital 17.7 inch dashboard ambient lighting super Cruise heated and ventilated seats. Music Audi Q8 e tron 2023 brings a little rebranding for the companys first, electric SUV that from now on, is renamed into the Q8 e tron. Along with a new moniker. The model acquires a thrasher face with a Q4 inspired front, grill Matrix, LED headlights, updated Audi logo and improved by the aerodynamics. Air suspension is standard equipment and it can adjust the SUVs right height up to 3 inches.

The models lineup is unchanged, so the buyers will be choosing between 50 55 and sq8 models. All of them come with a standard all wheel, drive and an updated rear axle motor that contributes to improved range parameters in the entry level, q850 promises 340 horses and 305 miles, while the performance enhanced three motor sq8 is good for 503 HP and around 300 miles With the bigger 114 kilowatt hour battery, the interior can be performed in sustainable materials, and there are two centrally mounted touch screens as standards Music, Brabus, smart number one after releasing the sport infused to Brabus 92r, based on the smart eq42 rap, has turned its attention to The Brands latest electric super mini SUV in addition to the special paintwork, the smart number one, its new 19 inch Alloys, more aggressive bumpers with the additional air intakes, a roof, spoiler and wrap a specific batching. A dual tone. Color theme is carried over inside the cabin where the red accents are applied on the headrests seats, seat belts and the dashboards, the results, so an Alcantara wrapped steering wheel and flashy aluminum pedals as with any Brabus product. The biggest update is the extra power the company FedEd, the original rear wheel drive smart number, one with the front axle motor nearly doubling the output with 428 horsepower on board. The model features the same 66 kilowatt hour battery, which means that the maximum range will be trimmed to around 240 miles. Jeep Adventure closely related to the new Peugeot e 2008 and apple Maca e.

The adventure will be Jeeps, smallest crossover offering and it will be built on the updated version of the stalantis common modular platform targeting the European market. The model boasts a classic cheap look and even got some off road proof, specs 20 degree approach and 32 Degree departure angles: 7.9, inches of clearance, 18 inch wheels held descent and some skid plates its electric drivetrain pairs, a 400 volts electric motor with a 54 kilowatt Hour battery with the ability to recharge at 100 kilowatt, this system is good for 156 horses and 248 wltp miles. There are also six driving modes enabled by the Jeeps select train technology. The cabinet of the adventure is All Digital with a 10.25 inch Central touchscreen and the drivers, information screen Music skoda, Vision. 7S. The new 7 seater is expected to materialize into production model by 2026 and shikoda claims that it will retain the concepts key Design Elements. These include the so called Tech Deck face front and dominated by a massive bumper, with seven vertical slats and interlined by an aluminum protection panel compared to the current production skodras, the new grow looks significantly wider, highlighted by the t shaped narrow headlights that are positioned further Out to the edges, the first thing that attracts the ice inside the cabin is an integrated child seat. On the second row, Central console, the 14.6 inch Central infotainment can rotate while the 8.8 inch instrument cluster is equipped with the augmented reality head up display.

The concept is powered by an electric drivetrained of undisclosed output, which is wired to an 89 kilowatt hour battery boasting over 370 miles of range. What electric SUVs of Tomorrow excite you the most Ill, be waiting for in the comment section to discuss the lineup before you go, make sure to like this episode And subscribe to Automotive territory.