I waited almost one year to take delivery of it. I had three scheduled delivery days. The third one was the one that I could finally take delivery of the car. Two of them had to be canceled because it got delayed further, so it was very hard to finally take delivery of this car, but once I got it, I do want to say that it is by far the best car I have ever owned quality wise. Not so much like I mean fit and finish could have been way better, but other than that. Let me start up with the first issue. This car had upon delivery. The biggest issue Ive had with this car is this drivers side Falcon wing door? If you remember the delivery Day, video, if youve seen that Ill link it in the description below, but the car failed to close this door, so it would go down about a little bit like right about here. It would stop that caused me to take this car in twice for service. The first time I took it in it did not get it fixed. Second time I took it in it got fixed, but then some spots it was still doing it now. It rarely rarely happens, and I wonder if it had to do with a software update, because the car is leveling like the air suspension levels, which I think is necessary for the Falcon wing door to open properly and close.

But you could be just sitting here and then you could feel the air suspension just leveling itself. In a way the welcoming door is completely fixed, it seems, like I havent, had it to fail on me for a very long time now. This car is in the pearl white multi coat exterior. I ended up optioning for the five seater I dont necessarily like the six seater. If I open it up now, you can see the amount of storage space we have here its a lot. We have a storage space right there, further storage over here. It is also illuminated so you have these lights there, also one here at the tailgate, so look how much light this actually gets and if you had a seven seater, I believe you lose this space, but other than that I mean five seater, in my opinion, is Something I really like I dont like that. I cant fold the middle seats. If I got the six seater, the only reason I was sometimes considering getting the six seater is because I have a dog and I would love the dog to sit in the middle kind of thing. It would have been very comfortable for him. I think thats, the one reason I considered the six seater, but just because the seats do not fold, I ended up not getting it. We have the passenger side Falcon wing door, which works great. Something to note after owning a moto likes is how dirty the doors get, because the fender itself is actually part of the door, as you can see so every time youre, driving, dirt and stuff gets kicked up from this rear tire thats part of that Fender right.

There now in regards to some add ons Ive done to the car. I did get window tints just so that the Sun and heat and all that doesnt get easily in the car theres 11 windows on the Moto X to get tinted so theres two over there on the passenger door. Two here on the rear passenger door, then we have this one, which is the fifth one multiply that by two for the other side: thats 10, and then we have the rear glass. I forgot what kind of percentages they are so Ill have a link in the description, so you guys can see that video, where I got the car tinted. The second thing I have on this car is the drive protected defense plus full ppf, which is something that I installed myself, which Im very proud of with it, has a full paint protection film on the entire car, so the passenger door Defenders the entire front, the Falcon Wing doors, the entire car has a paint protection foam on it, which brings this very nice gloss to it and its very easy to get it washed dirt. Just slides right off, I mean look at the gloss it brings to this paint. This car also has the headlight protection from tear wraps tail light protection and fog. Light protection also got this vinyl carbon fiber wrap here at the spoiler very nice. I mean, I think this is how it should be. I dont really like where it was a white spoiler.

Let me know guys what do you think, but I think this turned out great in regards to tires. I do have winter tires on it at the moment, so these are the Nokian hakapalita R5 SUV tires 265. 45, R20 all around the Moto X does come with stagger statement, so the front is 265.45 R20 and then the rear is 275.45 R20, but I ended up getting same size tires because these are directional tires and theyll be easily rotatable. So I do have a plan to get new Wheels next winter, because these wheels in the back are actually wider than the ones at the front. So I cant really put those rear wheels here at the front to rotate them properly, so Ill Mount those Seasons back on the car in the summertime and then in the winter Im thinking of getting a second set of wheels, because if you dont know, if youre Buying a winter tire set for a Tesla that includes like the wheels as well as a tire you have to get a Bluetooth sensor and Those sensors right now in Canada. I think theyre above 510 dollars. It is very expensive, youll, be spending a lot of money. If you buy it at once so that way, I can protect myself and others on the road by driving with a safer tires and, at the same time, Ill be saving a lot of money this year. So I pretty much split the bill for two years.

Instead of buying all at once for the rear screen, I do have this matte screen protector from traps. It is a very clear, clear protection, film, its gloss. It turned out great. I love this screen protector. If we look here, you can go through the media. Netflix YouTube Disney plus twitch. Then you have the music over here heated seats here at the back. You can turn them on even the middle seats. All of these can be adjusted from the rear passengers that you cant do with the model Y and three theres. The control for the fans here so you can adjust the vents. One thing I really wish they would let you do is be able to use like Bluetooth headphones. So if theres some people in the back watching a video, they will be able to listen the audio, because, right now what happens is if someones watching something back here you have to hear the audio, so you cant be listening music or doing whatever the same audio Plays here at the front was at 117 miles, so that is a quite a bit of range. We lost so yeah whatever youre watching back here and you shift the car and drive people can continue watching back here using the speakers the car has, if you have to drive. This is what its like it says: Exit to drive, kilometers and also preheating. I exit you see so youre driving and the audio is coming from the speakers, while the rear passengers are watching back here we have two USBC ports, so theres one right here as well pushing this opens up two cup holders.

The vents are pretty much like right here. It comes out of here and then it hits here. I guess and then directs it to wherever you want. We have the white interior. This also has the perforated rear seats, even though they are perforated theyre only heated you dont have any ventilated seats here at the back. Another things Ive done is. I did put this here: apps carbon fiber vinyl on the wood trim. It turned out great, as you can see. Something else we have here is the lights. These are actually touch. You only touch them lets close that we have the switches there as well for the interior. It looks great. The weather still has been like squishing like this. Since day one, but since the door closes, I think, were fine but thats kind of what it looks like lets, go over to the vehicle settings and take a look at the front. Now the frunk on my car is pretty busy because it does have a lot of stuff in here. Sometimes you have to touch it twice for it to unlatch there we go. So I have some blankets water right here which are now theyre like bricks. Theyre no longer just water theyre, just Frozen bricks got my emergency kits jackets, all sort of charging equipment, so Ive got the adapters from Tesla shop. So everything I need to get it charged got some Frost here actually interesting, so its all frosted there on the driver door still have the vinyl trim the dash all this stuff is the carbon fiber vinyl from tear apps.

It looks amazing, like look at the center console, for example, it kind of looks like this. I have some, you should have ended up going there, but let me tell you something: this thing you will lose some stuff. If you leave a card here, it will go inside under this wireless charger, its very painful to take out Ive learned it the hard way so Ill have a little video on that, but theres a lot of room here: two USBC ports, theres the 12 volt outlet And if you dont want to squish your cable, you kind of open it like this to leave the storage compartment hidden and then it doesnt squeeze. Your cable still turns off the light. Pretty cool two wireless chargers over here. Let me just close this: these are Force touch unlike the model 3 and white. These are not buttons. You have the window switches which are also illuminated. This is not illuminated, which is your emergency handle in case the power is out on the car, some storage space. Here at the drivers door, as well as the passenger one right there rear view, mirror got the camera above it heres kind of where all the wiring seems like it comes from. You can turn them off like this, their touch, but these ones you cant these ones – are controlled from this screen here more storage space over here I have this tray from traps and then underneath we have further more storage, which is also eliminated.

Have the instrument cluster over here, which, in my opinion, could have been way better when I took delivery of this car, my daily driver at the time was the model 3.. You would be able to like kind of scroll around here, see the cars around you things like that with this car. You cannot do that. This is not a touch screen, so youre missing that already I was so used to an autopilot. I would see the speed limit, so I would just touch on the model 3 on the speed limit and then boom. I would be going the speed limit on this car. You have to kind of use the scroll wheel to quickly adjust to the speed limit, because you cant touch on the speed limit sign on this and then change your autopilot speed to that limit. For example, the other thing I had was this battery percentage, so on the model 3, I was touching this. They had an update and then you would just change it to kilometers, for example. Then I had to go here now to the display scroll down all the way. Until I see the distance and then I could switch it quickly to that, so no touching on that either the Yoke I love of it. I think every car from now on should come with this yoke, especially from Tesla. This is so awesome. I love the fact how the Hong sounds. So you could push it once like this and it will honk.

But then, if you put your palm like this on it, it sounds like this Music, your wipers turn on, but its kind of funny how it goes like like it is, really really cool. I think its a nicer hunk than just holding your horn and Blasting. It all around it sounds nicer. The next issue that I havent heard anyone talk about is the distance for autopilot this scroll wheel. You can adjust the speed and everything. If you push this once, it will activate the autopilot, but then you have to do the steering. If you push it twice, it will activate the full autopilot where it will stay in its Lane and things like that on the model 3, and why, if you push this to the left and right, it will adjust the following distance on this car. This does absolutely nothing, and I took it in for service thinking that my button might be broken and no its just theres literally nothing. It can do. This is a non functioning button. So for that you have to go to autopilot while youre driving and then change your cruise following distance um to whatever you want, and since we have snow and stuff on the ground Id like to be on the maximum. But again you cant quickly adjust that thats. Something I just dont understand why its not here, then we have the voice command here. To talk to the car turn signals left and then right, then we have our flashers right there and this is to change the volume change the songs and it can also be controlled to adjust your mirrors.

Another thing I did not know which its funny, because I think its the same with other Teslas, if you go over to the mirrors lets say I was changing my mirrors. If you push this down, it changes it to the right and Im like. Why is my mirror not controlling so while Im trying to go left and right trying to adjust this mirror, I end up accidentally pushing it down, which is very easy to do, and then it switches it to that side and then Im like oh. Finally, this is all fixed now its working, then I look that mirror is all not the same anymore. So then it will skip happening back and forth thats, something to keep in mind. If you push this down guys it switches it between which side youre controlling, then let me tell you something that Ive never seen anyone talk about. For that I need my gloves got. My leather gloves was a cold day. There was a ton of snow in the car, so I use my brush got rid of all the snow. My hop in Im trying to drive and watch this. You cannot use the turn signals you cannot do. Oh, it worked somewhat somehow I havent typed in the code lets turn on the card, just so that it will look normal, but look. I cannot use the turn signals Im pushing this down. It is not activating like there. You go. The light somehow does lets.

Try it like turn signals, arent the light works and then doesnt work. Then we have this wipers Im trying to wipe the windshield, because its got the bit dirty used to have snow and stuff on it. Its not doing it like check this out and now I was like what, if you have to honk look at that you cant even honk, so with my leather gloves, I found the hard way that I start driving the car and I could not use my turn Signal Ive never heard anyone saying this, but it wasnt right there. I was confused. I wonder if its just the leather gloves, but these are like half thick. Can I open the door? Okay, so the door works, so it is still like the same way. The door works Im pushing this the same hardness, but the yoke is not. Oh there we go it did it. Obviously you wont be driving the car like this, where you try to indicate it doesnt do it. I love this automatic doors. It is so cool. Like I mean you could just go over here on the screen and then you can just use my finger to turn that off, but I love how you can just open this, like that, all of this at once, you can just open it. The trunk, it looks amazing, like check this out, see how cool that is, and then you can hit close all and look how cool it sounds.

It is very, very cool. The Yoke itself is heated, so I think majority of people dont probably do it. I was just shoveling the snow brush in the car, so I just got in the car with the gloves and then I start driving it like that. Now when it comes to the front seats, these are ventilated and also cooled. At the same time, we also have the auto seats. Wipers are also heated, very cool. You can adjust the climate like this very nicely. The rear has its own climate, of course, so you can adjust that theres, the shortcuts we have multiple apps, the new energy app, is also very very nice. Then, in a toy box we have the light, show colorizer, Boombox and all that and the light show when it comes to it, its really the best on the Moto X. In my opinion, the way the Falcon Wing doors are the driver and passenger door opening. It is best, but its also very cool to see on the model yn3 and even on the S like it is very, very cool to see entertainment here. Arcade is the games we can play. You can connect the controller to the car as well, which is really cool going down to the trips. I have done a test on this car last week, where I was coming back from a trip, so I charged the car to 100 and then I got back to the supercharger with one percent battery fun fact: the supercharger wasnt working two of them and there was A lineup with my knowledge now with me only in the car, no passengers whatsoever, no cargo other than the stuff I have here.

At the front I got ta say this: car can go comfortably on that weather conditions from 100 to one percent, like 300 kilometer Max. When it comes to having a minus 18 to minus 22 degrees Celsius outside, so that is about 46 less range than the estimated range, and if I go over to the energy app here, you can see since last charge. Here I am consuming 3.9 more battery than the estimated vehicle consumption. So 11.1 percent is what I consumed here and at the moment its 6 degrees, and my watch says its 6 as well. You can already see how much difference that is, and it does show the climate didnt know that so losing about half of your range could be true if youre above minus 22 degrees, because again thats, like 46 less range because of driving during those colder temperatures lets Get out of the car and then Ill show you some of the other things. Ive had issues with Tesla, specifically for their service, and that is right here. If you remember, when I took the liver of my car, none of these were lining up, so the mirrors were sitting higher or lower. I dont remember they were very, very uneven. The doors I mean they could still be better, like you see, theyre not lined up whatsoever fit and finish is not the best with it. You can see the tailgate there like see how nice and straight that is over.

There look look how crooked it is over. Here car is a bit dirty so its hard to see, but this part of the bumper is not even clicked improperly like it feels like theres a clip thats missing, I dont know the hood is also sitting much higher up over here. Like look at that see how the lines are going, it feels like its inside of it, but the problem with Tesla is whenever I mentioned about this and all that they try to charge me 600 after delivery for the unevenness of the car and since they fixed It I do have this, where the latch kind of hits the other side of the ledge, see that now. The reason I have a appointment booked for this car is because it has so many squeaks and rattles happening around the car, and this was happening even when I took deliver of the car. So this is something that the car had when they adjusted those doors for the mirrors and all that I guess its now rubbing against this, because I am able to see a little bit of wear over here on the dash its hard to show it. So there is a squeakiness coming from here whenever Im driving it because it seems like its rubbing against it and when it comes to the Falcon Wing doors here at the back its nightmare, the amount of clicks and rattles I hear from back there so here in Alberta where I live, this car is about 180 000 in and thats like the luxury tax, and we have the GST and all that, because this car does not have the autopilot and stuff.

But you could be optioning this car with a six seater and the full self driving, and you could be hitting over 200 000 a car to make noises like this to have the build quality it has Ive. Had this quick since the day I got the car its been getting worse and worse, I hope they will be able to fix it on my service appointment, because it is really annoying to drive this car and hear a bunch of clicks and stuff happening back there With the following doors and the dash squeaking mechanically, the car has been perfect. Its been great no issues whatsoever, but when it comes to the build quality and rattles squeaks and clicks and all the other stuff happening, theyre, not closing thats kind of where I have the issue with this car, so hopefully Tesla will be able to fix those concerns. On my service appointment, this car has the regular autopilot I did end up trying out the enhanced autopilot. I ended up returning it because I found it a bit expensive to for the improvements I got over the regular autopilot. I think at the time it was six thousand seven hundred twenty dollars with tax, so I made the reason of return because its so expensive and then now Tesla raises the price. The biggest regret I have, though, is not taking the full self driving option. When I took delivery of the car when I ordered it last year, because I think at the time it was ten thousand dollars for full self driving and now its almost twenty thousand dollars.

So for me this is the coolest SUV. Ev crossover whatever it is. It is the best family, car, thats electric and it has a supercharged Network, so yeah. For me, Tesla Model X is the best electric car. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video.