Why Chinese EB Market is often very overlooked and dismissed for poor quality and very, very cheap pricing. But the Xbox G9 has completely redefined this Benchmark after launching in September of this year and with a lot of the social media attention away from any automaker that is not Tesla. This is probably creating a massive investment opportunity for anybody interested in gaining exposure to a high growth, EV sector, and the G9 could very well be the most important EV launch globally since the Tesla Model 3.. But as usual guys before, we get into it, make sure to drop me a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button, if you havent already so to start things off lets understand what the Xbox G9 is, how it fits into the global, EV SUV market, and why This is such an Innovative, yet Affordable Electric Car, not only is the G9, the first full size SUV made by Xbox motors, which is one of the most Innovative EV companies in China, but the genen is also only a handful of available full size EP options in The entire country you see, BMW, Mercedes and Audi – have their own EV programs, but those guys are mostly focusing on sports cars and sedans and their top of the line full size SUVs like the BMW, X7. The Mercedes G Class are simply not electrified yet and because of that thats leading a massive hole in the EV market for full size, SUVs that can give them the electrification and all the benefits that EV platforms provide, and this is exactly where the Xbox G9 shines.

Not only is this vehicle cheaper than its nearest competitor, full size, SUV from Neo, but it also holds an Innovative set of Technologies, including 800 volt charging and X pilot, which gives this car the ability to completely drive itself autonomously on Chinas roads. As a matter of fact, the Xbox G9 is Chinas. First unmodified commercial vehicle to qualify for their autonomous is driving tests on public roads, because guess what you need? A specific permit to be able to test your autonomous vehicle on the road, and the G9 happens to be the first one that is completely unmodified, and the reason why this is such a big deal is because the G9 is the only electric car in China. That is equipped with the correct Hardware to perform level 4 and even level 5 autonomous driving and with China literally being the biggest CO2 polluter in the world with the biggest car and real estate market. This is a massive opportunity for any automaker that can penetrate the autonomous driving sector within that country and, if you pair that, with the fact that the G9 can be charged in five minutes to achieve a 200 kilometer range youre really setting the bar very high. For any of X, Mens nearest competitors, but obviously I can talk as much as I want on this YouTube channel. So instead lets look at a Hands On review of the G9 after its launch this year, where the reviewer mentioned this being one of the most high value electric cars in the entire Chinas EV Market, the electric SUV with the best, the Xbox G9.

This is the Brands fourth car and some might say the most important one that they have made. Yet why? Because a segment that this car competes in is one of the most competitive currently on the market. Now this car has everything on paper to be a massive success. What were going to find out today is: does it translate into reality? Lets find out Music. Foreign Music are one of the leaders in terms of autonomous driving, and that is one of the its one of the big selling points that comes from things like Highway navigation, guided pilot, also valet parking assist that they have here in China and the recently introduced city Navigation guided pilot that is currently available on a sort of a beta basis in Guangzhou on the P5. This car comes with the same two lidar units that you get on the P5. However, where it differs, is it has a significant upgrade in terms of the processing power it has the Nvidia drive or in X chip, which means that it has 508 tops of processing power compared to the 20 tops in the P5. That number is also three and a half times. The 144 tops that youll find on a Tesla just for comparison, so this car has got some serious brain power able to handle all those different things now we dont have them activated on this car today, so well show you that in a later video, nevertheless, it Is a serious piece of Kit right so lets talk about prices, because this is one area where the G9 absolutely obliterates, the opposition and I cant even overstake that enough amazing, the value that you get in the G9.

So it starts from 309, 900 RMB or about 43 and a half thousand US dollars. The most expensive version Rises to 469 900 RMB, which is about 66 000. Now lets compare that to a very similar sized car, actually even slightly smaller. I think, and with way less equipment and with less range, the BMW IX, which here in China retails for 746 000 RMB. That basically makes it tens of thousands of dollars more expensive than the G9 and thats for the base version. Because the IX Rises to almost 1 million RMB well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, I dont know the exact figure so its incredible. What you get in the G9 compared to a legacy rival like the BMW IX, if you compare it to a local rival, lets, go for the es7, the recently launched es7, which is actually slightly bigger as a car, slightly bigger, but has a shorter wheelbase. That starts at 468, 000 RMB, which is just a smidge under thats, the starting price, just a smidge under the top price of the G9. So really it cant be understated enough. The considerable value that youre getting with that performance version. You get an absolutely huge Suite of technology and equipment that you wont even find on some of the cars in this class, including, of course, all of that xngp next level guided pilot equipment, including the two lidars. You also get dual chamber air suspension, combined with continuous damping control, to give you better suspension control in all different scenarios, whether you need it to be softer or harder.

You, of course, get your 215 inch screens up here at the front. You get a 28 speaker, din audio sound system with 2250 watts of output. You get heated, ventilated and massage seats in the front and heated and massage seats in the back. With the 10 degree. Recline function x, punk have absolutely done a number with this car. Another thing that we need to talk about as well is the fact that the G9 is built on 800 volt architecture, its one of the worlds first cars to do so. What does that mean? For you in reality, it means that if you use x pongs best superchargers, I believe the S4 is the latest one. You can charge 200 kilometers of range in just five minutes which, by the way, is double the amount you can in the BMW IX in half the time, which is insane BMW IX will give you about 73 miles of range about 120 kilometers of range in about 10 minutes this car will give you 200 kilometers of range in just five, which is thats game, changing for the future of charging electric cars. Okay, so thats it for our time with the x punk G9. At the start of this video, we asked the question it has all the ingredients on paper. Does that translate into a real luxury experience in reality, the resounding answer is yes, Im massively impressed with the the G9. I didnt expect it to be this good, but its packed with so many features at a price point that you just wouldnt believe compared to the rivals in this market: the es7, the leoto L9, the BMW IX, for example.

This car has everything that they have and more the sound system. 28 speakers – 2 250 watts – is brilliant. The chairs are comfortable the interior covered in leather on all the surfaces that you touch all the time and the surfaces that you dont its got. The bases that extend really nice attention to detail there, its also got heated seats, massage ventilation, its got the queens chair in the front that lifts up and reclines youve got the back seats that recline youve got the dual chamber: air suspension, theres so much packed into This car, I dont, think theres anything else on the market that offers as much value as this does in such a graceful package. I think it looks great, especially in white, with these cool Alloys, with this really nice background that we have here today. I think this is going to be a massive sales success for Xbox and Im delighted that theyve actually brought all of the learning that they have from all their other cars and put them into this. This is them really getting serious about being a luxury car maker and theyve done a brilliant job with it. Well folks, I think its safe to say that the numbers dont lie. The G9 is truly a revolutionary product for the Chinese EV Market, as not only does it send the value out the door for cars like the BMW IX, but it also competes extremely well with other Chinese EV manufacturers like Neo, with their es7 and with all those Features packed into one form factor that is not only good looking, but also very affordable.

This product could be a revolutionary game changer for Xbox Motors and its stuck.