Cars welcome to another video Welcome to the Fiat 500e, and if you want to find out how you can get a Fiat 500e on your driveway for less than 500 pound and keep watching. This video was brought to you by the guys at onto the UKs largest car Subscription Service. They have kindly provided me with the Fiat 500e to give it a thorough road test and talk to you about what onto is all about. So what exactly is onto well onto is a car subscription service? So what that means? Is you pay a monthly fee in this case 489 pounds, and for that everything is included? Its super simple. You go online sign up to the process via the website. Choose your car put in your details in 72 hours later disappears. Like I said earlier, everything is included that includes your insurance Breakdown Cover and even rapid charging across thousands of charges across the UK. The service is very transparent and theres, no hidden cost whatsoever. The price you see on the internet is the price you pay theres, nothing more to it. This service is totally flexible, which means, after a month, you dont want to do it anymore, for whatever reason you can just cancel it. Theres no commitment to sign up for more than a month and can swap to a different car if that car isnt for you, I think this service is its a brilliant one for someone who is just curious about EVS, whether you could live with one because thats Exactly what Im going to be doing for the next month? So, if youre the type of person that isnt sure whether they could live with an EV, whether that be worrying about the charging Network or anything else, then give on to a try all the details.

Forum2 will be in the description youll be able to click. The link and itll also give you a welcome bonus so be sure to click that link if youre interested in signing up to onto so before. We take this car up for a drive. Lets just have a little look at this amazing interior, because I was very surprised when this car was delivered upon getting in. I was expecting it to be fairly poorly made. Fiats in the past have never been that great, but this is a step in the right direction. Not only are there no rattles, but everything feels really really solid. Theres, no scratchy plastics, its all really nice and soft at the touch. The infotainment system is very good and it works really really well, even when, on the move, its a very, very classic and very simple design. Theres, lots of nods to Torino inside the door handles, and also the little city skyline, which is really nice, and it harks back to where Fiat 500s came from originally, as with all electric cars, they like to be a little bit quirky – and this is the case With the Fiat 500e theyve taken away the gear selector, the traditional gear selector, which you normally find in the middle or sometimes up on the top and theyve put it on the dashboard. Just a series of buttons drive, neutral, reverse and park, really simple to use it lights up with which one youve engaged and you get used to it very quickly, not only that, but because they want to be a little bit quirky with being the electric version, is Theyve done away with door handles because we dont like door handles.

Do we theyre boring theyve revolutionized the door handle by fitting a button again, a very simple idea and when my friends have jumped in it, theyve immediately gone for it just naturally and used it to open the door. Its not caused confusion on how to get in and out of the car, its a very natural progression from a door handle the rest of the cabin is just laid out beautifully and thankfully they havent gone down. The touchscreen room, physical buttons remain and Im a real big fan of that. That goes for all the steering wheel, controls and all your heating controls all physical buttons. This is going to make this car very easy to use very easy to live with over the next month, and I cannot wait to get to grips with it. So I think all thats left to do now is take this little car out for a drive. Ive got the car for a month and Ive had it for a couple of days now, so I think Ive got to grips with what I like, and I dont like about the car foreign, so lets see what this Fiat 500e is like out on the road. Its a really interesting car this for me, because electric cars at the moment, I dont, think fully replace the Intel combustion engine. You cant rely on them to give you the range that you need, whereas this with its 140 mile real world range, is plenty for something of this size for a little commuter car.

The great thing with onto is charging is included. They have a number of charging partners with thousands of charges across the UK and its free to charge. You get these prepaid cards pop it on the reader and Away you go charge as much as you like on the road. This car drives more or less like any other car Ive driven just a standard Intel combustion engine, but this time its deadly silent. When I mean silent, there is no wind noise, no road noise, nothing, its a very premium, feel this car Ive driven a lot of electric cars before this isnt. My first experience with one, but I have to say its one of the best ones: Ive driven a lot of them without having the internal combustion noise, have other noises such as rattles or a bit of wind noise and tire noise. This has none of that which is really nice performance, wise youre, looking at a not 60 time of around 9 seconds, I dont know the top speed. I suspect it wont quite do 100 miles an hour, but it again its plenty for this type of car. You never feel that its lacking power and you can do overtakes without any issue, so its been good so far. So once you sign up to onto and you choose your car, you can actually select a color. You wouldnt expect to be able to pick a color from a car subscription company, but you can so I chose Gray, so it would match my other cars and I think it looks really nice if James Bond drove a Fiat 500.

I think this would be the one I think its quite masculine, looking for a Fiat 500, I really like it. You might think that Fiat 500 would be really small and yes, it is not a big car, its a very small City Car. However, when you get in it, it doesnt feel that small Ive had three adults in here and one it doesnt impact the performance and two. You dont feel that squished in the headliner is really light and the roof line is really high. So you feel that its quite a big cabin it clearly isnt the cars proportions are very dinky, but that makes it really good to drive on the road and it makes it good when it comes to maneuvering around tight spots, such as car Parks. I touched on it earlier, but Im going to mention it again, and that is the build quality when youre driving this car. Every touch point that you come in contact with feels great. It feels solid, it doesnt feel like its going to break off and it feels a really high quality and it all just feels so solid. It feels German, and that is a huge compliment for an Italian car. It feels like a German car. Theyve really stepped up their game in the last few years, and this car is Testament to that. One thing that really got me about this car was when it was delivered. I was desperate to take it to charge it up.

It didnt need charging because the car arrived with a decent amount of power, but I was more intrigued about how stressful or not stressful The Experience would be so upon getting home and finding the car. In my driveway I jumped in and headed straight for my nearest charger, which was only a couple miles down the road thinking. It was going to be a very stressful experience. I wasnt really sure what to expect, but I have to say the whole process was really simple: plugging the car in scanning my card and going for a coffee. While I waited for it to charge and when I say waited for it to charge. All I did was go for a quick coffee and come back. The car had gone from 30, all the way up to 92 percent within 20 minutes. Thats really quick, and it certainly doesnt make you feel like youre waiting around for your car to charge. The whole process was really simple and it really opened my eyes to what EV ownership was really like. So over the course of the next month. With this car Ive got a lot planned with it were going to plan a collaboration with another Creator. Whos also got one and do some challenges with it to see what its like to live with an EV. So, if youre interested in finding out how I get on with my EV Journey over the next month, then please make sure you hit that subscribe button, because it should be quite interesting.

Im going to document the whole process from using it to commute long distance short distance and also how well I get on with the Chargers want to say once again a massive thank you to onto for sponsoring this video and allowing me to have this car for An entire a month remember, all their links are in the description for you to click, and you will get a welcome bonus. If you sign up via my link, I would highly recommend onto as a company its been super easy to deal with from the whole sign up process having the car delivered and keeping me up to date with the progress, its been really simple. So I hope youve enjoyed this very quick Whistle, Stop tour of the Fiat 500e. I do plan on doing a lot more content with this car over the next month, but this was just a little introduction to onto and about the Fiat 500e. So I hope youve enjoyed this video. If you have please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for plenty more videos like this one to come. Thank you very much for watching and Ill see you next time.