Now, because the Lexus RZ is built off of the same architecture as the Toyota bz4x and Subaru solterra, Im going to first start with whats going on underneath the hood, because, just like its sister Vehicles, this vehicle does not offer a frunk slightly. Instead, youre going to find the electric motors a lot of wires a lot of connectors, but the interesting thing about the RZ is: this will only be available with dual electric motors, so in the bz and the soltera you can get it with a single front. Wheel drive configuration this model here has twin electric motors, it uses the same 71.4 kilowatt hour battery pack and the Lexus gets a huge power upgrade because this offers a total of 312 horsepower in both trims. They offer it in a premium and a luxury trim, so that roughly makes this about 100 horsepower more powerful versus the all wheel, drive version of the solterra and the bz4x Lexus says this is going to be good for 0 60 in about 5.2 seconds. I imagine thats slightly conservative thats a pretty good performance figure, especially considering this is going to be a luxury oriented vehicle and range thats. Always the million dollar question with a lot of EVS as well. Lexus says, if you guys go for the smaller 18 inch wheels. Youll get a maximum of 220 miles on a full charge. The 20 inch wheels on this model will lower the range to around 196 miles, so that range number is a little bit paltry, especially when you look at the competitors everyones kind of targeting 300 miles.

But I will Reserve judgment until I finally get my hands on one of these vehicles to drive now its an EV. So it all goes out through a one speed. Only transmission, a single gear reduction, speed transmission and this will be able to accept a maximum of 100 kilowatt hours if you guys plug it into a a DC, fast charger. So again slower charging but remember most people are going to be doing most of their charging at home. So lets go ahead and close up the hood here and talk about the exterior styling of this vehicle, because the RZ certainly takes a lot of design cues from the rest of the Lexus family. You can see its got that Lexus spindle body Grille, although because its an EV you dont need to have an actual openings for the grill. I like how the Lexus badge here is illuminated its kind of floating in the center. You have a front camera system here to kind of stitch together the four cameras you also have their signature LED full LED headlights where you have the available Triple Beam LEDs. You can see this one here has the LED low, B and high beams. You have the LED daytime running light, LED turn signal. I also like how its kind of got this two tone look here around the spindle body Grille. This color is called ether by the way, its a really beautiful, shade of a light blue.

I think it works. Really well on the body lines of this vehicle remember this is built off of a dedicated, fully dedicated battery electric platform, which is why Toyota and Lexus and Subaru spend a lot of time developing this now, looking at the side profile, you can see, it almost has The look and size proportion of a Lexus RX, but you should know that it rides on the same 112.2 inch wheelbase as the soltera and the bz4x. However, Lexus has stretched the overall length by about five inches, so its overall length is around 190 189 inches long, which is again a really good size, its going to put it right in the midsize category and then, like I said earlier, you can take your pick Between and then your 18 inch wheel – or this model here has a 20 inch wheel, which is kind of similar to the bz4x and the soltera, its riding on a 235 50 R20 inch tire. I was kind of surprised that Lexus didnt go with a fatter wheel, but again they probably chose the skinnier wheel to give you better range. Although the range again is a little bit paltry, you have these black painted fender flares are the wheel arches, and then you also have a black painted side mirror over here. Lexus does offer a full glass roof. This roof does not open, but its nice. Its going to let in a lot of light into the cabin and then just like on the RX, you have this kind of design language here, where it almost has like a floating roof design, because its black right here it kind of flows really nicely into the Rear of the vehicle which, by the way the rear, has the new Lexus design theme.

Here you have that full length light bar for the LED tail light. It spells out Lexus at the back and then you can see here it says: rz450e direct, four direct four stands for the motor system, because this this is in all wheel, drive its an all wheel, drive car and it basically has a direct connection because it has A motor on the front and a motor on the back and the E stands for the fact that its electric now opening up the cargo area. Sadly, I cant open up the cargo area which so I cant show you the cargo area of this model. Here. Remember this is a very early prototype, but Lexus says that they should be entering dealer showrooms, hopefully by the end of January, moving into the interior of the new Lexus RZ. Now the first thing I noticed when I got in it has the digital latch door handles just like on the new Lexus NX and the Lexus RX. So essentially theyre you just push a button, and that opens the door for you and then once you get in and shut the door, the door has a nice solid, sounding thunk and this interior. First of all, it has the new interface where you have that Lexus interface infotainment system here its a 14 inch touchscreen, it includes Wireless car plane engine Auto includes over there Updates. This is a new system that we first saw on the Lexus NX, and you have a seven inch helper screen over here, which kind of sits right in your line of sight for the instrument panel, and then you also have a nice heads up display now, of Course I cant talk about this interior without mentioning this Lexus doesnt have a name for this, but, as you guys would know from Tesla, they call it a yoke now.

Lexus wants me to call it steer by wire now, and they have told me that for 2023 you cannot get steer wide wire, but it will be coming thats right. It will be coming apparently to North America for the 2024 model year, itll be an option. So if you dont get the stair by wire technology, youll have a standard steering wheel, but when you get this technology, you get this half steering wheel, which I understand. Why Lexus did it? Because when its a half steering wheel here, you can stare forward. You can see the 12 or the seven inch display and the heads up display it actually gives you really great visibility. This is my first time sitting in something like this, because I havent had a chance to drive the new Tesla Model S with the Yoke, but Lexus basically says this because its a steer by wire technology, its going to have the ability to sense a no when Youre making a? U turn or you need a sharper turning radius because, for example, because the wheel isnt connected to the actual driving Wheels. When you turn the wheel, a certain amount Lexus says they can speed up the ratio and actually allow the vehicle to perform. U turns to where you can kind of just turn it this much and itll turn all the way around how it does that I dont know this is still all very early prototype Proto type stuff, but I will be looking forward to driving this eventually when Lexis Has one available the rest of this interior? You can see youve got this kind of interesting shifter for the one speed reduction Gear transmission where you push it down twist it to the right to go to drive the other way to go to reverse push for p.

To go to park uh these buttons here, look pretty familiar. You have electronic parking brake there, your stability control off switch. You have your Dual Zone climate control over here as well, which this was pretty much lifted off of the uh NX and the RX. You have a wireless phone charging pad here. You have a full 360 camera view where you can see itll actually stitch together a full view of whats around the vehicle. You have three USB charging ports over here. This really nice kind of wood grain trim this model. Here has this gray leather with the two tone: suede Alcantara. You also have a nice storage cubby here, where you can open it up in two different ways: its a pretty deep storage, uh cubby as well, where you can store stuff away and hide them away. And then above me here you can see its got a glass roof that doesnt open, but it has that electrochromatic feature to where I can push a button. You can see it actually tinted the glass. If I push it again, itll untint it so you can kind of see through it so thats a really cool feature that they took from the Venza and then its a Lexus. You probably want to know what the interior quality is like. You can see the door panels have a soft touch: injection molded plastic, suede Alcantara here padded leather over here you have really high quality window switches which are pretty much lifted out of either Alexas product and then on the dashboard.

Here you can see its a soft touch: injection molded plastic. It would be nice to see more leather here and some more wood and stuff, but its all over here. But again, this interior is still pretty nice. The seats you can see are comfortable and supportive. They are heated and ventilated and theyre adjustable in 12 different ways. You have a two person memory or three person memory over on my side over here and they feel pretty much like every other Lexus seat among the best seats in the industry. But lets go ahead and hop into the back seat, because I want to show you guys what that space is like now again its got those digital latch door handles and when you get back here the car, because its built off of a dedicated EV platform, you Basically have a flat floor uh back here, so if you need to put three people across theres, a slight hump here but again, Lexus is trying to utilize the space efficiency. Here you have three level heated seats back here. You have two USBC charging ports. You have rear seat, air vents and then Lexus also throws into storage pockets, and then you can see here pull this down theres an armrest or two cup holders. I dont have final legroom figures just yet, but this is pretty much comparable to the bz4x which had a bigger back seat. I select the fact that theres a lot of Headroom here and then with these uh two glass roof panels.

It will let in a lot of light, or you can just push a button and itll actually electronically tint the glass. So you can block out that sunlight, so weve been waiting a long time for Alexis to finally come out with a fully dedicated battery electric SUV and Im really excited to finally get behind the wheel of these things. But youre gon na have to wait a little bit longer in terms of the specs. I like the fact that this has 100 more horsepower versus its arrivals, uh or versus its sister Vehicles like the bz4x and the solterra. I like how Lexus only offers it with all wheel drive. I am slightly disappointed with the range figures of around 200 miles on a full charge for the model, with the 20 inch wheels, but hopefully itll do better in the real world, because the Toyota and Subaru twins tend to do better. In my actual testing and youre probably also wondering whats, it whats it going to cost to buy one of these vehicles. Well, Lexus hasnt announced final pricing just yet, but just remember, the Toyota version starts at around 43. 000 goes up to around fifty two thousand dollars. Im going to estimate the RZ is probably going to start in the mid 50 000 range mid to low 50 000 range theyre going to offer it in the premium and the luxury trim, so Im gon na estimate 57 000. To start this.

One here with everything is probably around 65 000 and also remember the RZ, just like its twins is going to be built in Japan, so will not, sadly, qualify for the 7 500 federal tax credit while thats. I hope you guys have enjoyed for Redline reviews here.