Can you imagine what happens to planet Earth after a hundred years? If you keep polluting the Earth like this, or will you make a smart choice with the Nissan Leaf? This is a Nissan Leaf, first introduced in 2010 and the second generation wasnt 2017, and this is a all electric car and the first electric car from the Sun. Zero admission: this is the perfect car we need to save our environment. Do you know what the leaf means? Besides this foreign runs on a 60 kilowatt battery and can go 450 kilometers, which is like going from Tokyo to Nagoya. Non stop on just one charge: isnt that amazing anytime feel free to charge your Nissan Leaf anywhere theres. More than 30 000 charging stations in Japan, you can see which charging stations are close to you or which one to go with the navigation system. How fast does Nissan Leaf charge? Then? The sun leaf takes one hour to charge it super charging stations. You can charge your Nissan Leaf at home, but it takes eight to ten hours to fully charge it Nissan, BMW and Tesla all have different charging cable, its. So annoying so Im going to recommend them the same cable like this type c Nissan, oh sold, almost 600 000 units of Nissan Leaf and the Nissan Leaf was the top selling electric car. Until today, when Tesla and other EV makers took the market, 60 percent of the Nissan leaves the plastic is from recycled water bottles, foreign.

You can increase your driving range by turning the AC off. This car has heated seats, which is cool in the winter. This Eevee is so quiet that pedestrians may not notice, so you can press this and there will be extra engine noise theres, a heated steering wheel button so that your hands dont get cold in the winter and you can tilt your steering wheel front and I mean Up and down, but you cannot telescope, the trunk capacity is 360 liter and you can fit a lot of cargo or luggage. Dont. Do not leave your Leaf under a degrees of 25 minus 25 degrees Celsius for one week or it will or the battery will freeze and then it will not work anymore. Then you have to go to the maintenance to get it fixed, which make takes some money and time and also takes your time and others time to fix it. How good is the battery Music in case your trunk is full. You can turn your back mirror into a back camera like this. When you turn on the e pedal, the e pedal is like an automatic car breaking force and when you let go of the acceleration when this is on, it breaks automatically slowly and produces some power. Five Doors: five seats: electric hatchback – I totally recommend it. It has good price and good quality Music.