Now an EV subscription can be a great way to dip your toe in the water if youre, unsure about making the transition to EV its also an ultimately flexible alternative for people that perhaps dont want the tie in of traditional types of car finance. The other great thing that an onto car subscription gives you is one monthly bill that includes your charging, your insurance, your maintenance. Everything is just one fixed price every month and theres just a one month commitment. So, as you can see, Ive gone for the fee at 500e as my subscription car and to me it just epitomizes, really what onto is all about? If youre living in the middle of a city, you might not have home charging, you might not be able to get a home charger installed a little car like this. You can nip around town, you can park it anywhere and youve got use of various different, fast charging facilities, all included in the price charging. The car is really simple and you have access to thousands of public charges all over the UK now, even though from the outside this car looks like you could pick it up and put it in your pocket, its actually really quite spacious, surprisingly spacious, in fact, theres. No transmission tunnel, so you could easily get a little bag down there. Nice amount of space for the driver and passenger two seats in the back, which are perfectly fine for kids or smaller adults and theres a reasonable boot.

Quite a stylish cabin youve got a nice cubby there for your mobile phone and the USB socket very bright infotainment screen with Apple carplay, wireless Apple, carplay, actually as standard and a really nice driver information display here, its really quite a lovely thing. So signing up to onto, I have to say, was an absolute breeze, its just a case of registering on the app which took about 30 seconds. You take a picture of the front and back of your driving license, add your address details and thats it really. You can search for the cars that are available in your area and arrange a convenient delivery date. This one took me just a few days and if you decide at any stage that you want to try a different car dont forget that youve only got that 30 day commitment. So you can easily swap to something else. As for the Fiat, 500 itself is just so much fun. I cannot tell you how much joy this thing brings me to drive around in ever since it was delivered. Ive just been finding reasons to drive it. I mean the Turning Circle, full lock. It just gets. You around anything its crazy and um. Obviously its got absolutely bags of acceleration, its so Nimble and you can park it just about anywhere for me, its possibly the perfect sort of EV City car. Now, if youre new to EVS, you might not be familiar with the term regenerative braking, but basically that means that when you lift off the accelerator pedal, the car brings itself to a halt fairly rapidly and it uses that energy to put back into the battery its Very clever and it allows you to do whats called one pedal driving.

So basically, you just use the accelerator about 95 of the time when youre coming up to a junction, you very very quickly learn how to judge when to take your foot off. The pedal for the car to just naturally bring you to a stop so subscription on one of these costs 489 pounds a month, but that includes Insurance, maintenance Breakdown Cover up to 750 miles a month and, of course, use of thousands of UK public fast charges. Now. Public fast charging is becoming more and more expensive and if you were to say that you might spend 100 pounds a month on your charging, possibly 30 or 40 a month on your insurance, possibly 20 to 30 a month on, your maintenance brings the cost of the Car really down quite a lot, especially when you consider this is a 31 000 pound car. So folks, have you wondered about how it may be to actually live with an EV? It may seem like a good idea on paper, but does it fit your lifestyle and your use case with no deposit up front and just a month to month, commitment? Maybe onto is good for you enjoy access to some of the best fast charges in the UK. Have just one monthly payment that encompasses everything, including your insurance, your maintenance servicing everything else in one payment and if you are thinking of trying onto, I can hardly recommend trying out the little Fiat 500e, as perhaps your first car, because its just a fantastic City, car And guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

So, if youd like to find out more about onto and perhaps look at what vehicles are available in your area at the moment, follow the link in the video description and pinned as the top comment, while youre doing that Ill be finding any excuse. I can to nip around in this little Fiat 500e, most likely with a big smile on my face.