We have to wait a couple weeks and weve got red number plates at the moment and we had to put a deposit down for those, but we get that back when we get the real number plates um. You also get a box um with the mg fast charger and that can be installed at home and thats. What were going to do to install the fast charger you have to install the wire from the place where youre going to charge it to the electric meter. Um on the post, which is outside the property, were going for a separate electric meter, so weve had to arrange for the electric company to come and fit the meter that was 4 700 baht to install the wire, the um consumer board, the uh, the ground wire. That was, I think, about 2 000 Baht for the labor and 7 000 Baht for all the materials and mg come and they just screw the charging box to the wall and they put the wire into the consumer unit and they do that for your charge and Set it up so that thats all the costs um at the moment were charging the car using the emergency charge. They call it but its the wire that comes supplied with the car and you you plug it into the car and you plug it into the um. A home socket and you we can get about 30 percent charge um for nine hour period overnight.

Um weve tried a couple of fast charges in town um, but obviously you have to wait uh for them to to charge up, but some of the super fast ones, probably about half an hour or so so at the moment, its more convenient for us just to Plug it in at home, when its about 50 and we charge the car to 80, we dont go above 80 percent and we dont let the car go below 20 charge. Um, the there isnt much in the way of toys, I would say in the car, you got the the tire pressure monitors which is new to me. Um air conditioning climate control, um Central lock in you got cruise control um its pretty basic. You can set the speed and you can increase or decrease the speed, um theres theres, no Lane activation, alarms or anything like that on this vehicle on up, you got the seat belt alarms. If somebody takes somebody sits down and puts a seat belt on and takes the seat belt off, and you get an alarm um thats thats new to me and yeah thats it really for the well for the gadgets um driving a vehicle. Maybe I dont think its quite as responsive as driving um petrol cars um, its absolutely fine. Just for you know, going going to work and back um, not much feeling you get um when you drive in the fear. Quad say that um but yeah its comfortable enough were using it for the wife to take to the office every day and she does about.

I dont know 100 kilometers there and back so I say its ideal for that its ideal for popping into town with um. We havent tried it on Long Journeys, yet um Journeys, you know two or three hours. I think thats going to take a bit of planning um, considering where we live um, but yeah its okay to drive um the wifes, a big fan of the car. She said she would never go back to a petrol diesel, its fine for for what we use it for Music um, so yeah yeah.