If you want a detailed review of the vehicle itself, do check it up on your pod banner down in the description below or indeed in the pinned comments. Now, in terms of its audio configuration its actually quite baffling to see that the SC and the SE long range have only got four audio drivers, and by that we mean theres no rear drivers. Indeed, over here, youve got 170 millimeter mid range drivers found within each of the front doors and 35 millimeter tweeters found towards the a pillars. If you do want rear drivers, youll have to go for the trophy long range which we have on review and that adds 170 millimeter mid range drivers within each of the rear doors and also gives 3D sound processing and a virtual subwoofer, speaking of which, if you Do want to alter the sound youll want to navigate on the 10.25 inch infotainment system and here its great to see that youve got a multi band EQ in our case, weve taken one notch off 80 Hertz left 500 Hertz and one kilohertz untouched added two notches To five kilohertz and one notch to 16 kilohertz, as for the sound field, balancing weve left it as standard, we have disabled the rear seat, silent mode and weve, also gone on the all 3D sound preset and enabled virtual subwoofer. Of course, these are our own settings. So it very much depends as to your own user preference, so do feel free to Tinker around with it, but this is what we felt actually resulted in the best sort of sound quality.

Now, for you to connect up to the infotainment system, you have got Bluetooth whereby the SBC and AAC codecs are supported only if you want higher quality playback youll want to plug in your smartphone and hear Android, auto and apple carplay are supported via the USB type. A port, however, if you want even better quality playback and specifically for audio files out there, you might want to use USB playback and thats achieved by the USB type c. Port. Now, in our case, were able to play MP3, wav and flat files without any sort of glitches and better still via USB playback, were also able to play back some videos whereby weve got support for MP4 or mov MKV and also FLV, all of which are certainly Appreciated and can keep your lets say, passengers entertained because you can even watch a movie so moving swiftly on we get onto cabin noise, and here the numbers will be on your screen and these were measured by us using a sound meter, its very much comparable and On par with some of its Rivals and specifically ones which come in at a little bit, more of a premium price tag, specifically at higher speeds better still, the mg4ev does not suffer from any sort of low end resonance when traversing uneven terrain like the zsev and Therefore means that youve got actually a pretty quiet in cabin experience, no matter the sort of roads that youre traversing on now.

With all of that in mind, lets get onto a sound demo. We appreciate its not going to be ideal because its going to be over YouTube and using microphone so its not going to give you a lifelike reproduction, but well give you a little bit of a taster. Do check out the annotations on your screen to understand how the system is actually running and the song that well be using is from prey AJ, its titled like me, and you can find it down description below in case youre interested Music Applause, Music, everything else. Music. Thank you, Music. Looking at me, Music, like me, Music, so the audio demo out of the way, let me get onto my subjective opinion – and here are the sub bass. Extension is cut short, even with the virtual subwoofer option enabled, but it is certainly appreciated to have that option because it somewhat simulates how a subwoofer would act. Of course, systems out there that have a dedicated subwoofer unit. So, for example, lets say: the Bose system within the Nissan Leaf will certainly excel in this department, because a dedicated audio driver to produce those sub bass tones is going to be far better than a virtual subwoofer. Now, as for the mid bass, tones theyre, actually pretty Punchy and exciting, the mid range drivers that are found within each of the four doors, at least on the trophy long range, are certainly Punchy and pretty exciting and will leave a lot of people with a smile On their face now, unfortunately, the lower mids are pushed back and its somewhat of a trend with other vehicle manufacturers.

At this price point, whereby theyre not really emphasized now, you could EQ it to your hearts content through the infotainment system, but by doing so youll take away from the lower mid accuracy. The plus side, however, is the upper mids. Do extend pretty well and can be eqd to a certain degree. As for the highs, we would actually suggest adding a few notches to the treble EQ in order to get a little bit more of that zingy nature, specifically at the front of the cabin where youre treated with those tweeters that are found within the a pillars. However, at the rear, given that you do not have any sort of tweeters, the high end extension is somewhat lackluster. Now. What really took me by surprise was this overall Sound Stage reproduction and yes, it wont, compete with more premium offerings, for example, the likes of the test, Tesla Model 3, the volflex E40 or C40 recharge or lets say the Kia Soul EV. But in comparison to a lot of its other competitors, such as the Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf, VW, ID3 Cooper born its actually pretty impressive. The positional cues are done really well and the overall width and depth that you get at least on the trophy long range whereby youve got six audio drivers is again pretty good now its worth, considering that, in our case, we actually preferred leaving the 3D sound on All, whereas on driver and off it did sound somewhat lackluster, specifically on the latter option, it really subdued the overall audio experience that one could attain.

Of course, that is more of a reference sound, but again takes away in terms of the overall presence that one can attain within the cabin. Ultimately, what were trying to portray over here is that the mg4 EVS audio system, at least in the trophy long range, is actually pretty impressive and, as a result, gets our approved audio Awards. Now, if you are considering the regular model, in other words the SEO or the SE long range, it is worth considering the trophy long range purely for its audio system, because theres, two, two extra audio drivers and a 3D Sound Processing are certainly appreciated and in comparison To its competitors, its on par, if not a little bit better in certain departments but of course thats just our opinion of the audio system, so being free to hear your thoughts down in the comment section below if youve liked. This independent detail review definitely do consider. Dropping a like, subscribing and hitting that bellification, all of which are greatly appreciated and allows us to continue delivering orders. Reviews like this one as such Ive been Chris from Total EV and Ill, hopefully see you next.