Besides offering the expected pampering features of a luxury sedan, it also happens to boast more range than any other EV on sale and a power equivalent to what would happen if you stuffed two beefy V8 engines under the hood. Does it have your attention yet? Music, Music, Edmonds cost to drive and tested range. The air dream Edition Range model has a marathon like range of 520 miles on a full charge. This is the epas estimate and no other car currently comes close. The Rival Tesla Model S included. We also subjected the dream Edition range to Edmonds real world EV range test and ended up at 505 miles, thats still Stellar, even if it was a little short of the EPA figure. Then theres the horsepower Lucid says the dream Edition range produces 933 horsepower and the performance version goes all out with 111 horsepower otherworldly outlandish outrageous. Maybe all three, the air is one of just a few electric vehicles that are compatible with the super Speedy 350 kwbc fast charging stations hooking up to one allows the air to potentially regain up to 300 miles of range. After just 20 minutes of charging for home use, the air has a powerful onboard AC charger that can also shorten charging times. Assuming youve got a robust enough electrical setup, the Airs battery pack can even be used as a power source for your home. In case of a blackout, though, at this time that functionality is not available, put it all together and youve got a promising and intriguing rival to the Tesla Model, S Mercedes, Benz, eqs, GMC, Hummer, EV and Porsche taken.

But there are also some drawbacks associated with being an all new car from an all new manufacturer. That youll want to be aware of check out our test teams expert rating below to see how the Lucid Stacks up Music. How does the Air Drive we tested? The air dream range Edition in Edmonds testing, its all wheel, drive and 933 horsepower helped it Accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in blindingly quick 2.8 seconds. The quarter mile time in case youre interested was 10.3 seconds at 132.2 miles per hour. Thats quicker than most Vehicles, weve tested, save for the Tesla Model, S plan 2.3 seconds. The major limiting factor was our test. Vehicles 19 inch Wheels with relatively narrow. All season tires. These are great for efficiency and allow the Lucid to travel more than 500 miles on a single charge, but they have nowhere near the grip you need to perform at a dynamic level, especially considering the cars. Considerable weight grippier summer Tires, which are a no cost option, for this model would improve the lucids, braking and handling which otherwise failed to impress against class standards, at least at our test track. But the air is plenty quick and smooth around town. Various levels of Power are available depending on your selected drive mode, and even the base smooth setting provides more than enough power for the street. The air also offers excellent one pedal driving, which allows you to accelerate and slow using just the accelerator pedal.