This is something that I feel I need to apologize to Aura for because I got it all wrong when the when it was launched nearly a year ago. I thought this would be another Chinese Mass manufacturer trying to again compete with mg and the like and uh, and go for kind of the budget sector. The budget brand thats. Not what Aura are here for theyre very adamant. They are not a competitor to mg so who are they a competitor for and can they cut it in the UK Market because the difficulty is Brits are typically bad, snobs and premium is more about the badge for some people than the actual product, as always, lets Take a look around this car before we take it on the road and see what its like to drive. I think whoever designed this and apparently he used to work for Porsche, but he definitely likes the mini theres, a lot of mini going on here, theres. Even a little bit of Porsche in its kind of front end, look, I mean its very squat, its very sharp front end. I like these kind of Bonnet ribs or bulges a little bit of Carmen gear going on here. A little bit. Youve got this faded in pattern down here, Im, not sure what its doing there or what its far, but it just breaks it up quite nicely, and you know what its a car thats at least attempting to do something: thats, not Euro boxy panel gaps spot on Cant really argue there definitely not being made by Tesla theres, no front storage in this one, its all just kind of you know Mechanicals and Machinery, so its all in the boot which Ill show you in a minute, and I do quite like the drls.

You can just see them theyve lit up now. If I get the key forget the key, because Im a professional dont worry, I found it. These are the indicators and the drls, so its all in this light, pod unnecessary, but quite a cool feature. The way the lights do their thing and it wont make me buy the car, but again it gives it a little bit of Personality, whether you like it or not, everybodys going to be different. I fear this will divide the comment. Sections in terms of looks youll, either love it or hate it, but Id prefer that to you, like the Volkswagen ID range, its not ugly, its, not brilliant, its very safe, very Bland. This has just gone Lets. Go Nuts lets see if we can get some personality and objective achieved the side very bulbous, like I said its got a lot of Curves going on swoops up here to this kind of quite chunky, rear end. The charging port is here CCS. I will give you the specs of that later on now. Let me give you a bit of an idea on on its size because its tall, but its quite squat, so, for example, against the Nissan Leaf, its nearly a foot shorter, but its about about that much taller than the Nissan Leaf, so its very squat, its good For UK roads, I suppose to compare it against the mg4 its near as dammit, given a few centimeters the same size, although its about nine centimeters taller.

So again, most of its space is in its height, not the length and the width, so its nice and compact should be easy to drive in well Urban environments, Country Roads. That sort of thing not really a major fan of these 18 inch wheels, which are standard on the first edition rear entry, is excellent. I have to say very very good, although I wouldnt class this as a family car, its more of a coarser sort of size, you know Fiesta sized car, you could use it for family stuff, but for me this is more of a second car or a a Couples car that sort of thing its, not something that I think youre going to go camping in, for example, the rear end now Ivonne, two Nissan Leafs. In my time, the original Mark ones, if you will, from 2015 to 2000 Im very familiar with the back end of that car, I feel like Im looking at the car, I used to own its even the same sort of color. Its got a very much a Nissan Leaf, rear end Im, not saying thats a as a bad thing. Only the lights are missing. Where are the lights? Well, youve got them here and along this light bar here, which, if I get the key, which Ive actually got on me this time, hey again unnecessary, but cool, never gon na get tired of that one. This is again the funky cat. Naturally, it says funky on the back.

People are just going to set the mick out of you because it says funky on the back of your car. Youve got the reverse camera here in Prime dirty place. My cat manufactures put it in the badge when it flips in and out, but I guess it wouldnt fit. The the very minimalistic rear end that youre going for here again no lights in the traditional places just there and there I dont think youre going to mistake. This for anything else – and that is a bonus for me right – the boot little bit of an Achilles heel for the aura cat, its got quite wow watch your head Im, not very tall, and I nearly cracked it its not the biggest boot in the world. In fact, its one of the smallest, its bigger than a Fiat 500 a mini, but its quite a bit smaller than things like a Corsa, the ID3, much bigger boot. So youre not going to be going on, like I said, camping trips, this isnt, a family sized boot youre not going to get a pram in here. Its got quite a high lip. So you can do your shop. You can do all your day to day stuff. Youre commuting you can, if you pull these, pull the seats down. 60 40 split, so you got a bit of tip, run esque going on there and if you want to put anything bigger in there is that option. But ultimately this is quite a small boot.

228 liters, as this has got a Premium Edge to it, lets see what the interior is like. Okay, this is the inside of the aura cat. The steering wheel two spoke feels okay, I felt better, but I felt worse, this material is, I would say, hard wearing its, not the most expensive Ive felt thats, okay, the door thats quite soft, feel to it. I quite like this trim here. Youve got this kind of quilted leatherette sort of approach that feels nice again. This sort of carbon effect trim again, I will say it feel premium but theyre not far off. They feel quite good to use this bit here, thats quite hard wearing plastic. That goes all the way around to the door bin, so its its not the biggest in the world, but itll. Do then around the dashboard. Youve got this kind of soft, the suede Alcantara effect its not. That goes all along the dash. If I just zoom out here, you can see that the way this dual display is kind of embedded into the dashboard, and I think thats actually quite a good way of doing it rather than just slapped on the dashboard. If I put my foot on the brake pedal, the car turns on and again youve got this very common dual display here now these buttons, so this set of buttons does that screen this set of buttons? Does that screen, which is nice and logical fully enough? I quite like that, so this is the sat nav which is built in and if I go to these ones here, you youve got all sorts of vehicle settings and all the usual stuff Ive seen quicker, Ive seen better Ive.

Seen worse, I would say its fairly average when youre adjusting the temperature, you can do it from there or when you turn it off and on from here. This comes up, so you can do it in increments by pressing these buttons on either side or you can hold it down and do that. The other thing I would say is, though, that when youre driving its quite difficult to do because its its a very small area you have to press, I prefer physical knobs, as always, this again very mini esque. I mean its straight out of mini, really isnt it. So this is the climate control, the air conditioning and the front and rear windows. Now, the materials along here are kind of again that hard wearing plasticness youve got a lockable glove box which isnt that common these days – and you know what its not too bad its quite deep. Actually, this entire bit here is the air vent and it feels okay, doesnt feel cheap at all, because you can get this in full black which Ill put up now you can get it in the green. You can get in various colors and Ill just cycle through them, but ultimately it does look quite high end. These seats, which again are standard on the launch edition youve got the Quilted effect its bit Fiat 500 eh and thats, not a bad thing either, and they are comfortable down here. Youve got two USB ports.

No USBC uh youve got 12 volt there. If Ive plugging stuff into thats, where your phone can sorry, your key can charge as well as just about storage down here, youve got cup holders and then, when we come back, youve got a rotary dial to pick reverse drive on neutral. So you just spin it round, drive and press that for pack and then back here, youve got your wireless charging for your phone and a bit of storage. There um rest that lifts up and thats thats very deep. So you can stick your junk in there. It doesnt move forwards and backwards as this, but its in a reasonable position for when youre driving depends. How close you are to the steering wheel. I guess in the back. This seat is as far back as it will physically go and Ive actually got a good amount of room still so again, this is for an extremely tall driver. You can see that seat is in our reasonable position, its virtually flat, so thats good youve only got one USB port at the back. I dont and Im not sure why theres two, but I guess thats enough uh and the seats are very similar in the design and again nice and comfortable youve got the armrest with some cup holders as well. Headroom is actually pretty good Im. Not you know that tall five six and a half five seven um and if you kind of sit up you might be close.

So you know six Footers youre not going to be in this car in the back for long, but I suspect thats not going to be a major issue. Your feet do sit quite high up, though, because you sat on top of the batteries, so theres not much to support underneath your legs. Now before we get off. I want to just make something clear which again I got completely wrong when the original it launched this car, because the original price that was banded around was from 25 thousand pounds so instantly everyone thinks Chinese manufacturer similar to mg in terms of pricing. This is another mg alternative. They actually said back then 25 to 30 000 pounds. It was a year ago, obviously theres a lot going on in the world. They didnt quite know where theyre going with the brand to a to an exact point in Europe. But this is not an mg alternative if youre thinking mg4 or this thats, not what Aura are aiming it at. This is a more attainable premium car. I think the phrase would be by which you can get a lot of Premium features theres a lot of specifications. Theres a lot of safety features but youre not paying through the nose for it. However, youre not getting, you know, think of it like genesis, so Genesis are the premium version of Hyundai. This is like the premium version of well, not mg, but Im going to use that as an example.

So this is very similar size to the mg4 and almost as practical apart from the boot, but the interior is is very different. This interior is a lot better than the mg4s interior. Even the trophy. The price of this is essentially nearest, damn it 32 000 pounds thats for this launch edition. Now I asked whether or not theres going to be cheaper versions, more expensive versions, and the answer is theyre not sure if theyre going to do a cheaper one. So this could be the cheapest Aura cat you can buy. There will be more spec and more expensive versions of this car and its going to cost you between kind of six and seven 800 pounds if you want a specific color and two tone interior so 32 to 33 000 pound for the first edition, depending on what Kind of color you go for other than that everything is pretty much what you see here its standard on this version. Now this will come in a 63 kilowatt hour battery. Eventually, this one has got 48 kilowatt hour battery that isnt out. Yet that will be out sometime in 2023., I cant tell you the price of the bigger battery version, because theyre not sure yet, but I reckon its going to be what three or four grand more for me a premium car would be kind of 40, 50, 000 Pounds of this size, but its nice 32, and up so its its semi premium Im on the motorway.

Now its not the quietest cabin Ive been in, but its not the loudest again its kind of in the middle. You know it is quiet, its an electric vehicle. They pretty much all are um. It feels like Im driving a a small car in terms of Im. I feel very close to the front end, so its very easy to kind of position the car and park its something thats more of a lifestyle choice. For me, I guess that means this is aimed at somebody who would buy a Honda e, its not a practical car. It rages in particularly good, but people buy it because its quirky its Built Well its its quite expensive, its quite unique on the roads. I see maybe one a month at most, and I think this, given the amount of sales targets theyve got for next year. I think this will be very similar, youre, not going to see a lot of them on the road. I think theyre going to have a tough time of it, though, to build a reputation that takes time if someone looks at this and thinks what I thought when it was launched, cheap Chinese manufactured car, its going to be quite difficult for them to change that. I wish theyd have said six months ago: whoa whoa 25, Grand no. No, we didnt say that so 25 to 30 grand were not sure on the price, yet its just the media that went ah 25 Grand thats thats the market, thats thats.

What put it out as performance in spot mode, its got decent pickup, I mean its not fast, but its not slow, either its its more than adequate. For what I expect, I think its about nearly 170 horsepower 8.8 and a half I think to 60.. If you want something that the neighbors dont have similar to, if DS3 crossback e tense, I guess there are parts that you would consider relatively cheap in terms of interior quality, and then there are parts that are a premium esque as it were now. Would I have the DS3 of this? You know what Ive got for this, because its more fun and theres nothing else around like it. The DS3 is just a C3 made posher. This is a ground up. Ev Aura is just an electric car brand. One of the indicators turn off shut up shut up. I cant turn. Oh, that was a nightmare. You do ride quite tall. As I said, it is a tall car, so theres a bit lean going on here, not in a majorly bad way, but again, expectations. Tell me this is not gon na handle, like a mini, so Im getting what I thought I would uh an average handling car thats built for Comfort over. You know, hooning around Country Roads. You can have a bit of fun in it, though. If you dont push it too much, the steering, even in sports mode, is connected to the wheels just about so its not yeah its clearly a city driving sort of setup.

It doesnt do anything really bad it doesnt do anything phenomenally well either thats. Just looking at the cold, hard kind of spec sheet top trumps factor in its personality, if you will the funkiness it does have a niche people will buy this Im. Sure of it. I do quite like it would. I buy one, probably not, but I have other priorities when I buy a car. If youre, like my wife, she couldnt care less. What the car is to be honest as long as its nice, you know its easy to drive its easy to see out. Well, shes, not a cat person theres, nothing to do with male females, shes, not a car person, so she would probably base the looks of this over how it rides and handles thats who this appeals to that sort of person, male or female. If youre, not a car person, I think you, you will probably like this. If you are a car person, you probably wont now, according to this, its done over the last few hundred miles and thats, mainly press people driving it 254 Watt hours per mile. If I transfer that into the other metric for a second thats near as damn it just shy of four miles per kilowatt hour, So based on that Im going to say that well, its 13 14 degrees at the moment, its quite mild youre. Looking at 190 mile real world Ridge, so Im going to say, 170 to 200 mile Real World Range in Winter, if its really cold and youre doing poor driving, you know.

Obviously there are many variables, then it could be a bit less, but in summer, if you try to add enough, you would probably get over 200.. It only weighs 1500 kilograms, a one and a half ton, ish um, so thatll have a player. Its five star end cap – it does have an app its, not ready yet, but it will be by the time this car launches and that will be launching by the end of this year, 2022 so effectively within the next month or so. Its got facial recognition. So Itll recognize whos driving, then itll, preset. All your parameters that youve already done automatically charging theyll only do around 64 kilowatts on ccs, of course, thats a little bit low, I mean for me. Every accounts coming out now should be doing over a hundred. It does make a difference when youre charging so thats a bit of a downside. It will do 11 kilowatts on AC if you happen to have three phase charging eyes now. One thing which I am quite impressed at the warranty on the battery and drivetrain eight years 100 000 miles on the the rest of the car, with a few caveats. Of course, as always, five year warranty, unlimited mileage, so its essentially similar or the same as Hyundai as a comparison mg. They have a seven year, warranty on the battery drivetrain and the car, but thats limited to last. I checked anyway, 75 000 miles. This is unlimited over five years for those that are wanting to know.

I dont have some PCP figures for you with a five grand deposit and a 13 800 pound balloon price at the end of a four year. Agreement 300: well call it 400 pounds per month. So anyway, uh thank you for watching guys again, let me know what you think. If you want to join support the channel see videos early, then uh, please do its 99p its bugging.