Thiago EV 2023 can take delivery from January. You will get 8 ER or 1 lakh kilometer warranty on battery and motor, and you will get three year: one lakh 25, 000 kilometer warranty on the car. If you meet at Global impact to four star rating and Tata motor has sold over 46 000 electric vehicle till date. This is the fog lamp with DRL. If you move, you will see the EV Grill, then you can see Tata Motors logo and then there is EV badging, and this is the automatic electric projector head clamp. There are run sensing wipers and here is the antenna and electrically adjustable Auto fold outside mirror, with Tron indicator 3.7 meter length and 1.5 meter height of this car, and this is the 14 inch hyper style, steel wheel. You will get front disc and rear drum brakes. It is available in Midnight, pump, purple, color, blue gray, white and tropical mix color as well waterproof and dust proof. Ip67 protection for motor and Battery. There are camera rear, wiper, with washer safety included by dual airbag ABS, EBD seat, dependent volume, control door, open and key reminder, front seat belt reminder and tire pressure, monitor system, reverse park, assist speed, depend auto, unlock accident, auto battery, stop impact sensing, Auto door, unlock seat Belts, glass, locking Tron there is jet Connect app that let you access over 45 feature of the car from your phone like car tracking near the charging station, find my card jio fancy remote door, lock, unlock remote cooling, remote light on off car Health alert.

Smart Watch connectivity much more, you will get two battery option in the Thiago EV. This is the high mount stop lamp and this is the tail lamp and it is a 7.2 kilowatt volt AC charger box that will charge the car to 90 percent. In 3.6 hour. Foreign key Tiago AV will get at 8 speaker sound system. Here are some base and power window buttons, heres the bottle holder, the speaker hears another speaker and its leathered apostle that fabric apples T also have to offer. They are a fixed headrest, but a foldable seat can be found in the back pocket of the seat, and this is the dashboard lets open the driver side door. Driver side will get one touch up and down power window button base, transmitter control, unit, high level, processing power for comfort and dynamic type foreign. There are some paste at the button and some paste at the top here is the Power Window, Control of urvium height adjustable from here driver and get adjustable headrest in front, and this is the Tilt adjustable steering charge the car from here foreign opening lever slightly above The pedals, AC events – and this is the manual handbrake – the 12 volt Port here – is the cup holder, and this is the automatic transmitter. Foreign and the USB port is a 12 volt port and it is fully automatic temperature control s and its button to on regeneration, fog, light and boot open, and this is car, start stop button and thats important on the 7 inch Harmon touch screen.

Infotainment support Apple carplay, Android, auto USB Bluetooth, audio streaming, SMS notification call to reject phone book access and Radio FM F of 2 AC event, beautiful dashboard card holder, speaker, cool glove box with tablet, storage, passenger side, vanity mirror, and there is day night rear view, mirror Driver side, sun visor on that mic, its leather wrapped electric power steering here is the phone information and voice control Tata Motors logo, followed by the screws control it controls the light over there or VM controls below is the steering adjustment, and this is the digital instrument. Cluster, it will show charge level, speed, trip, meter, range battery level time and much more lets go and see the electric engine. This Diego AV has a 24 kilowatt lithium iodine battery with 73 horsepower 140 mm torque 0 to 60 in 5.7. Second and full charge will run for 315 kilometer.