Does that mean that this is a car which is made for India thats? What we want to bring you on the electric experience, an authentic, genuine user experience of the Mercedes eqs? All I can say is, as I open this door Welcome To The Future. The real USB of this car must be his battery pack, but there are things about it which tell you all about the future and what the future of automobiles is all about: its all electric, Its All Tech and its all about futuristic design. For instance, if you look at these flash door handles theyre quite interesting right, swipe them to open them, and there you go. You got these frameless doors as well. You see how sporty it is out here, but you can actually hear these tires on the road, especially here in Mumbai, on the tarmac thats. Perhaps the only noise that youll ever get because the cabin is absolutely silent and then of course, well walk you to this side of the car as well, branding on either end with the eqs written here when you open the boot of an EV and now youve Seen this very often the whole thing goes up, and this is massive when were talking about boot space, a spare tire in the back and then, of course you have the charger when were talking about charging by the way it all happens here. The magic happens here that massive battery pack is fed from here and, of course, you have slow and fast charging options.

Look. This is a very expensive EV. What we want to understand through the course of this review is if the technology is there and its really expensive, when Mass adoption starts with AVS and its coming sooner rather than later, we keep saying that on Tech today, then theres enough inspiration to draw from the Eqs a lot of the Indian manufacturers are working on bigger battery packs, better battery Management Systems. If this car claims that they can do 850 kilometers on a single charge, thats the arai range in real world scenarios, if youre really zipping it like, we have 650 to 700 kilometers, and I think that is amazing on a single charge. If an EV can give you that range anxiety is down the drain, look for me. A commute to office from home is around 10 to 20 kilometers 20 kilometers is 2 and fro 20 kilometers over a month. If I go to office every day would be 600 kilometers. That means I need to charge this car, maybe once and a small Top Up in the week and Im good to go. I think that speaks volumes about how EVS are going to overtake ice engines, but thats just a topic that I wanted to talk about if we get inside the car theres, so much Tech loaded in this car that its really not an auto review. It is a technology review, in its truest sense, lets hop on inside Music. The minute you enter the cabin of the eqs it feels like youve, actually walked into the sets of Star Wars or Star Trek, or some sci fi movie, because this is like a spaceship Music.

I want to quickly show you the cameras as well in this car, because if you look at the camera system, it is quite impressive. The good part is, you can check your surroundings either way right. If you were to turn it around, you get this full 3d View. Im gon na now take you on the road and give you a little bit of a low down in terms of some of the features of the car. This is a massive 56 inch dry screen sort of a system. They call it hyper screen very intuitive, and what I like the most about this system is the Maps 3D maps which can blow your mind its literally better than Google Maps, its very accurate and Brilliant depiction when you go all 3D on it as well. So I think, thats a great feature if you are approaching say a speed breaker, then what you need to do out. There is actually slow down a little bit press this button and theres a bunch of buttons here and then theres a button right here on the screen which says raise vehicle level. The car is lifted, I think, by a few millimeters, and you can then take the speed Breakers quite easily. I think thats a really, really helpful, Nifty sort of a feature. Of course, when you are giving an indicator move on the left to the right, theres, always an indicator in the side rear view mirrors telling you, if its safe to turn and its, not just that this ambient lighting that you see in the car, which is adaptive, Is actually quite purposeful as well its not just a gimmick, because it does change its colors to Signal certain safety features in the car, which I think is great.

For instance, if you open the door and theres someone or some obstacle in your path or some oncoming traffic, it will then turn red to signal to you that hey, you know what theres someone coming and you need to wait up, and I think these kinds of Small Tech features can go a long way in making the whole experience a lot safer. If you look at the Mercedes eqs right here, we know what the charge levels are like. You can also see this on this screen. If you want that screen doesnt do too much barring the fact that you can play some some content with wireless headphones for the passenger. I think this is a car either youre driving it or youre. Seated at the back thats, the kind of car the eqs is now, if you go back over here and its not like the other buttons do not exist right. There are still buttons over here with all sorts of functionality. If you want the eqs menu like I showed you can go back to it over here, then you have Drive modes, eco, Comfort, Sport and boy. It really does come into its own in sport mode and then in individual mode as well. Let me put this in sport mode foreign. There you go effortless for this vehicle. I am just so impressed So Silent, so safe and so blunted. You know if you take this on the highway. I think this would be the highway vehicle that everyone would actually want.

If they could afford it, this is an absolute pleasure to take on these sort of roads and, like you saw on the highway as well, you can overtake anyone take turns whenever you want to its very planted, it feels very stable and honestly, this is perhaps one Of the best EVS Ive ever driven Music, I always say technology is a double edged sword. Youre driving this in Indian traffic in a city like Mumbai, like I showed you just shortly before, and people are coming all over the place. If youve forgotten to turn off one function, then this car can also sort of let the tech overtake you or should I say overtake you, let me explain how, if you have a lot of pedestrians coming your way, you need to turn one feature off. Go on the settings in the car and the minute you come right here on brake, assist, youll, see collision avoidance. Active brake, assist turn this off its off right. Now. You can leave it on this right over here and Ill. Tell you what that actually means that now means that the technology in the car, which ends up breaking by itself, assisting you with the braking or thinking it needs to break when theres a chance of a collision with a pedestrian or any sort of object. That will stop so this seems to be the first thing and I think Mercedes should have made a nice neat little shortcut for this, because this is the first thing you need to do when youre driving in Mumbai traffic.

Now this is a very long car and Im saying long literally, because its 5.2 meters long to actually take a. U turn like this, its no easy task. We take this road, often on some of our shoots, and even the compact SUVs dont always do this in one shot: thats, because they dont have rear axle. Steering this one does. Let me show you what it means: normally youre, just going to move from the front right. These wheels would move to make you turn, but this has a little cheat code at the back, which is what I want to show you 10 degrees of tilt and youre, going to start seeing how this rear wheel now is helping me turn this massive massive EV And there you go with a lot of room to spare. This was even easier than most of the small cars we brought on this stretch and honestly Mercedes well done. This should be a feature on all Indian cars off. I go now all right whats it like to be seated in the rear of this car, a lot of leg room, because that is adjusted for someone on my height. So if two people around six feet tall can fit then fantastic. You have a bunch of vents here and yes, this is not ideal for a full adult, but someone in their teens can fit here or someone very lean, but thats, not the real fun right. The real fun is when you look at this lever and pluck it out and there you go – youve got a nice neat little screen out here.

I think its a Samsung tablet. You can pull it out as well. Theres the ambient lighting. You can change the color from here. You want to go, monochrome, go monochrome, you want to go the particular color. You can have a look see. The colors are changing right here, its quite a good mirror of the three screens in the front, mainly primarily the center screen. You can also access some of the settings only things for the rear, passengers, interior assistance system, lights and, of course, basic vehicle thing. There is a small little button here. If you want to access this space and maybe place your phone on charging fits perfectly the bromax, and also there you go its already started charging thats a great little addition over here, Music, all in all, if youre taking this vehicle on a single charge, it can Do Delhi to Jaipur or Mumbai to Pune back and forth, or maybe even Kochi, to trivandrum, back and forth, and not just that by the way. This already knows that we have reached a speed breaker and it can then raise the vehicle level based on GPS, which I think is a really cool, intuitive Tech feature. But coming back to our point, if youre even doing a boys trip to Goa – and you want to head there at least one way and then get a charging station out there – I think the eqs can actually last you on a single charge and thats saying a Lot, yes, its 1.

55 crores X, showroom and then youre gon na get all sorts of rebates for EVS and stuff like that, as well, its slightly more expensive than other AVS, actually much more expensive than most TVs, but in terms of tech, its right up there. So if anyone from the EV space wants to innovate and has to look up to something, this is the big brother that everyone should be looking up to to get that sort of inspiration to make your EV Tech even better.