Give yourself give yourself. So, in terms of boot space, all right so max is already in the forward position. Lets see how strong his core is. Thank you yes, guys, I hope youre all well and welcome back to another video. As you can see, we have the Audi Q4 each one here – sportback 50. well get on to that in a minute, but todays video is going to be span across two days and were going to be taking it out doing a few practical jobs going to a Few meetings and getting some honest opinions now this is an SUV that weighs over two tons, so I dont expect it to do what it says on a tin, but no real EV does bearing in mind Motorway speeds using heating. It all affects the miles, but enough talking lets, go and see how practical it is and lets get some honest opinions on it. Okay, so we are off on our drive to Swift performance, a place that doesnt really do anything to do with Audis, but we still got to go in there for a little cheeky chinwag and have a discussion on a few other bits. So weve got 36 miles to go and weve got 163 miles of range, and if my Quick Maps um calculates that 7 plus 20 27 127 Ive got eight star Maps 127 miles is what it should be reading when we get to Swift. But is that going to be the case, so our journey is going to be a mixture of Motorway B roads and a bit in a city driving, so it should be a fair.

I dont know result when it comes to seeing how practical this car is going to be again. Our trip is going to take us over two days, so today, weve just got this job to do, and tomorrow well be meeting up with a few good mates of mine and having a cheeky chin, wag and just having absolute Advan, okay, Music. Here he is the main man hows it going big man, you good yeah, theres, an electric car, no man, honest opinions, starting with the color. What do you think this is called Gaza, blue, Gaza, Giza, blue Giza, blue man, thats one for the Essex line? Is that wheres Jack at all? I do when you need it, so the grill, obviously where it is an EVS its closed it doesnt open at all. So its quite a aerodynamic feature. You know Aero no spoiler on the m2s like Aero, so you know what I mean. What do you think honestly, the color, the color, the colors are right: yeah, the colors, all right Im still not sure about grillless cars. You think so just looks a bit. It does look like its kind of been slapped on the nose, but the interior interiors banging in it thats it 100 Audi virtual cockpit, MMI screens huge its got a round steering wheel, and so I think to note on the previous. You had flat bottom and flat top yeah yeah yeah, so this does look quite cool little wind down too, though, a bit sporty 100 man Royal steering wheels knowledge its a rapid.

You know as well like where its got no turbo lag. Its absolutely a rapid question is so as a guy that likes fashion and likes pretty cars like would you, okay, Fashions, probably a strong, a strong, strong fashion? This is working man. I know youve got the Gucci. You got the Gucci in the M2 around the corner. Honestly, would you have one of these as a daily eVoice, an EV big, Eevee SUV as a daily get into work, doing long journey money? No question, because I dont know the price. This is like 50 Grand well, Teslas are more arent, they yeah, but Teslas dont. Have this whole thats? What I mean Teslas are more money, yeah and theyre, not as good. So what would you say? Yeah, German, all the way German, oh its a thumbs up from that Josh, hey, so weve made it to Swift performance and, as you can see here, weve covered 38 and a half miles and weve gone down to 117. And if you remember, we started off with 163, so if we do that, take away one one, seven, according to this weve covered 46, so were eight out and thats, not too bad. Bearing in mind, I did do a couple Full Throttle overtakes as you do, when you have an Eevee either way you shouldnt have to just Coast in proper try. It should just be a natural drive and thats what it was so eight miles out.

I dont mind that okay, so its now time to wave goodbye to the family at Swift were going to be going a minute, its 44 miles to get home, but weve got 115 miles of range if we add 56 and turn it to 100 and then add 15, that makes it 71, so weve got 71 miles. Weve expected to have on this. I might need to stop for a p as well. Okay, so last night I forgot to bring this part of the update, so were going to do it this morning before we head out to meet Max and go on our journey. Weve gone down to 89 miles from 115, which theoretically means we only covered 26. But as you saw, we covered 44, it took us 44 miles to get from Swift and we need to get discharged, because if we were to do a launch control, we wouldnt have 100 power because, as you go down in the battery power, you also lose how Much power its going to give you okay, so Ive stopped it at 95. Um bearing in mind 95 is good for a long distance were estimated 237 Miles when I did unplug the charger. It said 50 000 KW, and this is a 40p per kilowatt hour, so that makes around 20 pounds if my math serves me correctly so 20 pound for 237 a moment of truth. If we punch this on and put it into drive, you can see we have Boost now to test the zero to 30 were going to be using this.

This is the race logic, performance box touch and its a nice step above the previous vbox sport. Now, if this not only do you get acceleration timing, you can also use the test, deceleration, lap, timing and just general speed. I love it for the fact that its touch screen and you dont need to pair it with your phone and you can have it mounted on the screen. So you dont need to stop and check the times. You know straight away: Dynamic mode activated performance box touch activated. Can we beat 2.65? Oh come on come on, come on 30.? Oh, can you see what I see so? Did we beat 2.65 there? We go 2.62 theres, nothing in it. I feel like. I should do. One more because Ive still got boost just to make sure, and I just love doing it as well, and go oh much quicker. Oh, give me give me: oh what foreign second round very creepy 2.62 again this car and this system knows what its doing lets go and pick up Max because hes been messaging me loads. I keep seeing it flash off on the carplay, and here we have Mr Max looks wise. What would you say? Does this look EV to you or does it just look like a normal car? It looks futuristic like, but it looks a bit more normal than like most EVS. If not, I was gon na say it doesnt, look like its its exactly color, gray or blue.

What do you think blue blue? Do you know, do you know the name of it? Its called Giza, blue and obviously guys thats it wait Max, is from Essex as well. So this is probably what Max is going to buy next year. Okay, so just here you can see weve got 181 miles, excuse that song title this is Maxs phone that weve connected. So all the music youre gon na see is Maxs 181 57 miles to do. If my math serves me correctly, were gon na. Add four thats a six turn it into eight thats 20 124 miles. This should say when we reach Carls lets, see, try and see. If you can keep your body forward or try and move forward, no, no trying to keep it stable, all right, all right! So max is already in the forward position. Lets see how strong his core is all right: Music, um! Let me just I dont really so in terms of boot space I definitely could fit a lot of a lot of luggage in here. A lot of youre gon na say what youre really doing it yeah hahaha. I just want to talk about something so this. When are you getting the new wheels for it anyway, because Ive seen it I just I just I just need to there Achilles would not be proud of this. This is Good Year all right, so this is called from the flying coder. So Carl quick one just want to just tell people what you do and my names Kyle uh I run yep.

No one cares so, as you will see, I got you twice now all right, no banter how you doing anyway, bro its been a while too bad. Give yourself give yourself so will you say what do you think of the Q4 each one? This is a sportback as well sloping roof. So I really like these. The shape of it reminds me of like X6 X4 – very s, yep, which is quite nice. I mean Evies the way of the future. I would definitely have one of these color. This is called Gaza, blue, yeah whatd, you think yeah. It does very well. It does like for we left Maxs and got here, and we should have had a hundred and I dont know, but we were 7 124 and it showed 131 miles. So weve done better than what what so you can actually Drive. Slowly, yeah its got 300 break and 460 newton meters at all. It does zero to 30 in 2.62. So what I believe everyone wants to know is: does that thing? Do zero to Thirty click on Ive got the race logic in the boot, so I think its gon na happen. Yeah 100 thats cool! Oh! What what what? Oh my gosh, what okay thats so good? Okay! So, as you can see, weve got a 1.86 0 30 in the x3m. So yes, it does launch faster. It is a three liter by Turbo, but boy that will cry. Dont worry Im joking! I got you again.

So yes, guys, Im gon na end the video there its a big thumbs up from Max Kyle and Josh. Everyone lost the Q4, so yeah. Let me know what you guys. Think in the comments is this the most practical and good, looking EV SUV on the market.