This is the latest entry, its the electrified gv70 coming hot on the heels of the gv60 and the electrified G80 size. Wise Its a step up from the gv60, but its still firmly placed in the luxury category before we tell you all about this luxury vehicle dont forget to like comment and subscribe. The front of this electrified gv70 looks like the combustion engine version, theres a fake Grill, and you know the port. Where you charge the vehicle is so well hidden. You really really have to look for it, but it is there. We promise you. This is a proper SUV. You know that, because when you slip into the drivers, seat, youve got a lovely High position and a great view of the road ahead. Unlike the rest of the Genesis range, it wears the large Bentley inspired radiator Grille at the front, while the lower grille is shaped with diagonal edges, giving the car a sporty stance. The headlights are positioned on the corners as two horizontal strips around the side, its athletic. Looking with a prominent spoiler overhanging, the rear windscreen, almost like the peak of a baseball cap, in contrast, chunky side, skirts and tapered Windows, add to the character at the back. The car has a minimalist design again featuring dual horizontal strips on each side for the tail lights. Sport grade is the only variant featuring 19 inch Alloys. Although our test car has 20 inch rims. So this is the electrified Genesis, gv70, but its worth remembering that there is a combustion engine version of this and it was the original gv70 metallic Pearl and matte paint schemes are offered for the gv70, some of which cost north of a thousand pounds.

The main options, though, are the bolt on packs, in particular The Innovation pack, which totals over 3 500 pounds and includes a 12.3 inch. 3D digital instrument display a head up display an advanced highway, driving assist heated seats, a heated steering wheel and three Zone. Climate control are, among the add, ons in the convenience pack. Meanwhile, the Comfort seat pack includes ventilated seats and adds a massage function to the front seats. A lexicon premium audio system is available for around a thousand pounds, theres also a sunroof pack, a fingerprint reader and a vehicle to load package. The interior of the electrified gv 70 simply amazes, and this car is fitted with the comfort and convenience packs, but rather than being rattle on about it, lets just jump inside and show you. There are lots of options available, although its worth mentioning that you will be spending a lot of money. For instance, this car is fitted with Napa leather with quilting and thatll cost you 2 000 pounds more heated seats are heated, steering wheel and three Zone climate controller. Among the add ons in the convenience pack, meanwhile, the Comfort seat pack includes ventilated seats and adds a massage function to the front seats. Youll never have to worry about adjusting your seat too much, because all the electrical switches will do it for you and if your partner or wife or husband or whoever decides to borrow the car theres, no need to worry about readjusting to get comfortable.

Youve got memory and youve got two different positions, so you can just hit either of those switches and the car will bring the seat back to the position. You absolutely love comforts, just not an issue with this car, its just gorgeous. It really is just so easy to sit in this thing. Glide along get out 100 miles later. You really, you dont, feel like youve, been in this car a long time. Headroom is great in the front, so youll find generous storage space inside the cabin, including this center console cubby here very deep, as you can see its enough to take a bottle of water. For instance, no problem whatsoever, two cup holders and youve got two USB charging ports there. So you can either plug your phone in or use this wireless charging tray here. Weve got generous door pockets and this fairly okay glove compartment, its not the biggest but its enough to fit. The substantial Genesis owners manual in there Ive already mentioned the front its generous when it comes to head and leg room the rear, well, its still respectable, but not quite as good. There we are, you can see for yourself, six foot tall sitting behind the seat, so Ive, just sat in Ive still got okay knee room Headroom, but its okay, but its the shoulder Rim. Here, look, you might get somebody small in the middle, but you wont want three across the back for too long. This is really designed for two people in the back, especially when you lower this rather chunky and lovely center arm rest with two cup holders.

There. However, many people youre going to fit in the back seat, none of them will complain about being too cold or too hot because you have your own temperature control here. You also have heated seats, although notably only here and here so maybe Genesis has decided that no one is going to sit in the middle or if they are theyre going to be very cold or very hot. Youve also got this here. Two USB slots magazine Nets havent been forgotten either perfect for your kids to keep their copy of the squid games, annual 2023 Edition or whatever it is. They want to keep in there and, like all cars, its really important, not to forget that you have isofix points in this electrified, GV 72, perfect for your toddlers or growing children. Certainly, although its notable that we cant find any ice fixed anchor points in the front passenger seat, which is a bit of a letdown, this sunroof doesnt come as standard but isnt it gorgeous. If you go for this sunroof pack and the because guess what the key isnt working and I cant find the button to um open it from the outside cameraman couldnt find it either, which is a bit worrying. So let me just go around to the front of the car and open it this way. Well, now weve got the boot lid open. You see before you a fairly sizable 503 liters of cargo capacity, not forgetting you can open up the boot floor and theres things such as this cover the charging cables and if you really dont want to fit everything under there.

Genesis has provided a neat little case for yet more charging cables. Weve also got these storage Nets here. Tether anchor points as well for child seats, its also really nice to see that theres, no real boot lip. Some people really do object to that. These seat. Lowering handles are really really handy, look really handy. Yes, you have to go around and lift them back up again, but hey no great shakes doing that gives you one six. Seven, eight liters of space and the boot floor is not quite flat but its flat enough. Overall, thats, a very decent capacity for an SUV of this size. Closing the boot is slightly simpler than opening it. It would appear you have to lift the seats back up manually. You have to be Jeff capes to do it all right. Im, exaggerating, not really. You cant have everything and you can adjust The Rake of the rear seats with handles at the side like so this cars got a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery. The official claim range is 283 miles. Although this test car will only do 276 because of the 20 inch Alloys fitted to it, that range is on the low side, especially when compared with competitors such as the Tesla Model y long range. So, as we can see or maybe not see, the port is very well hidden. You just press on the Grille and hey presto. Here we are this. Cars got a Hyundais 800 volt technology, which means it can charge up to 350 kilowatt DC thats.

So, quick meaning you can charge this car from 10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes, assuming you can find a charger in the UK thats that quick, then the slightly lower range on this car doesnt matter quite so much and if youre charging from a regular 7.4 Kilowatt home charging wall box, then youre, looking at around 12 hours to charge this car up. My overall feel when it comes to the cockpit is that its very, very easy to use yeah? Okay, some of the menus are buried here within the infotainment system, but whats really lovely is that you have some obvious physical dials here to adjust. The temperature within the car youve got some buttons here. The map, the sat nav, the radio, the media and the setup here too very easy to use and youve got the controller here. It might not be quite as good as the good old, BMW, iDrive controller, but it works very well and youve got this rotating gear. Selector here yeah, all in all, I love the car, the steering wheel. It feels good in the hand, youve got this very, very obvious, boost button here that well talk about later and when it comes to looking into the drivers, binacle youve got this 3d effect. So you can see very very clearly all that you need to see when it comes to driving on the UKs roads, its really lovely, to see that these temperature controls are physical, theyre, not buried within the infotainment screen and uh yeah.

The Heat and the cooling system is here for the seats you can adjust the speed of the fan here very easily, its just really easy to use, unlike some cars on the road today, weve got this rotary knob here that helps you look at all the screens And the information, its very, very useful and very very easy to use, got another rotary control here, which is the gear selector and youve got the radio on off switch tuning button and volume. Youve even got a little switch here for camera. For when you come to park and youve got also a drive button here for driving on different trains, snow mud and sand, but all in all this is just very nicely laid out and its its lovely that its just so physical everythings really easy to reach. On the steering wheel, youve got the volume here you can switch through different media settings. Here you have a huge, very obvious boost button, which we will speak about this later and you have here the different controls for cruise control and there we go. Theyve got a head up, display button here, yeah and, of course big old horn in the middle. Now the instrumentation is so crisp its almost 3D, so it stands out at you. Youve got the range. Youve got Sat, Nav instructions in front of you. Youve got the kind of terrain youre driving on down here and probably its the most important thing.

Isnt it in an electric car youve got how much electricity how much charge youve got left um and uh yeah. You can configure everything here very well inside its really hard for the camera to see, but this car does have a head up display not as standard but as part of a pack, but when its there, its really useful. So an incredibly clear, infotainment screen here and you have this great array of options: the EV map, navigation, radio, media phone Genesis, connect Services, Genesis, live and it continues phone projection, voice, memo, settings, valet modes seats, God, climate terrain mode, and it continues and youve got the Manual, you are code, you can scan and of course it shows the range in front of you, the percentage of the charge left in the battery and it will show you nearby stations, so you can go and charge your car up, um its very, very easy to Use and you just press the home button here anytime, you need, if you get lost this Genesis. Electrified gv70 has got 490 PS and that will get it from naught to 62 miles per hour in just 4.2 seconds. Without exaggeration thats, getting on for lamborghini esque speeds. Isnt it, but there is one caveat you do need to hit this boost button to attain that kind of performance Im not going to lie, and why would I this GV 70 does feel big even more so when youre on these narrow ish country, roads and the Tarmac here is relatively smooth, but I still feel jostled about and not particularly confident taking Corners at speed, but then again, you dont buy an SUV to take Corners at speed.

Indeed, this is a car built for Comfort, mainly on motorways. Really you know what its still fine, though, were driving it just under 40 miles an hour right now, cameras not wobbling about too much. Is it so maybe I am being just that little bit too picky. I suspect this will be used as many cars are, for the school run. It isnt designed for urban driving, though its not really a car youd want to be weaving in and out of narrow terraced streets in itll. Do it fine, but youll, probably end up, knocking a wing mirror off at some point or, Worse still, carving your alloy wheel up on a curb motorways and dual carriageways are where this Genesis electrified gv70 belongs. It is a car designed for cruising designed for sitting back hitting cruise control and almost letting the car do the driving for you. It is utterly Sublime to sit in really. I could just part this up and use this as my office, its that comfortable when it comes to the all important safety Factor, and particularly so, for an SUV, because most people buying an SUV will have a family. This car hasnt been tested by the experts at Euro in cap. Yet, however, the combustion engine version of the gv70 has, and that attained the top five stars. However, this car is absolutely jam packed with safety kit, so I have no reason to doubt that this car wont get five stars if its tested as well.

You get automatic emergency braking with cruise control with stop and start theres highway driving assist with blind spots. Collision avoidance assist as well youve got Lane keeping assist and forward collision avoidance. This car also provides Lane following assistance. You also get front and rear parking, sensors and a reversing parking camera, and if you go for the rather expensive Innovation pack, you do get a lot of extra safety Tech put into the car as well. Now we come to the elephants in the car, which is how much this SUV costs the base price is 63 600 pounds, but this test car is over 78 000 pounds, so this car is more expensive than a Tesla Model y, but not quite as costly as A model X, But whichever way you slice the cake, you are looking at Mercedes, Benz pricing. However, it does compare very favorably with BMWs IX. You also get a very good five year, 100 000 mile warranty its still, not quite as good as Kias. Seven year. Warranty, though, is it overall, the Genesis electrified GV 70 isnt a bargain, but its not hideously, overpriced either for a luxury SUV. There you have it, then the Genesis electrified gv70, yes, its expensive. Yes, it hasnt got the longest range, but isnt it good. Looking especially in this color scheme, its also not German, which in some ways is quite a good thing, youll stand out from the crowd, especially with this badge. It looks a bit Bentley.