We cant deny the fact that Revolt Motors is the early mover in Indian EV industry, but still we have only one product from them, which is rocking Indian roads. That is Revolt, 400., hello, everyone. My name is Perman Kumar and youre watching electric vehicles, India, Indias largest ev, YouTube channel, and we are on a mission to make our Earth a better place for upcoming generations. And if you want to be a part in our mission, please subscribe to our Channel and trust me. We wont make you regret and he is the owner of this beautiful Revolt. 400. He almost got 21 000 kilometers within 15 months of time, and now he is ready to share his experience and feedback with us, hello, Mr Ajay Kumar. How are you hi Im? Fine, yeah? Okay, could you please introduce yourself to our audience? Yes, hi guys. My name is Im from Hyderabad Im, doing Vivian VV college koti right now, so you are a student yeah. So speaking, frankly, we have very limited options when we want to buy an electric bike. So what what made you to purchase this uh electric bike, like we have only limited options right so have you done any kind of research before buying the bike? There was only revolved bike in Hyderabad, okay, so when you want to purchase back at that time, there is only one option that is revolve 400., any kind of research about this before buying this.

Yes, I did lot of research. I saw many customers reviews in YouTube. Okay, so with that, you have went to purchase this one right so in which showroom you have bought this vehicle. I have taken delivery and uh foreign and – and we have already taken some kind of customer reviews uh with this bike, and we got to know that there is only one particular problem which everyone is facing. That is a seed problem and even I also like. I also faced the issue when I sit on the bike that we are getting some kind of Burning Sensations when we are traveling on the bike for a long time. So have you ever faced that kind of issue? No, I never faced it okay, because it was my first bike: okay, thats, why not face any issue right right? Okay, at exactly what price you you have purchased this vehicle because now its uh, it is around one like 60 000 rupees, but that is a new model right. So at the time of purchasing what is the its exact value? I mean exact price yeah. I got a delivery. On 20 August I paid total cash on one lakh, 20. 000.. One lakh 20 000 is the purchasing price of this vehicle and for uh for uh previous models. We have eight years or sixty thousand kilometers of warranty right eight years, one like fifty thousand kilometers okay, eight years or one like fifty thousand warranty.

Now they decreased it to uh some kind of six years, six years, one like kilometers right and coming to issues. As I already told you, we have already taken some customer reviews from other customers and we have seen the like after or one thousand or two thousand kilometers of uh time. We are getting kind of foreign issues and also there uh. Most of the people are worrying about the belt, so it might break so. Have you ever faced any kind of issues like that? Yes, I have faced many issues. One time control was changed. Okay, four times weld were broken and one time mono, sock, suspension change and my RN also not working right now: okay, yeah. So when controller is not working, how do you found that like control is not working? How how do we get to know that? I also dont know how it happened. They switched if we ride bike automatically getting off okay, so that is the problem we will face when, like controller is any kind of damage, is there right? Okay, so how the showroom people are sorted out? The problem they took clearly 15 days to replace foreign 10 to 120 kilometers, with what top speed like 50 or 60 or 14. uh top speed, 45. 45. So top speed. You are getting 110 to 120 kilometers of range so guys you have to make a note. Uh note of this, because it will be helpful in choosing this bike, whether you have to choose it or not, anything is depend upon our body weight, entire pressure and road condition.

Okay, tire pressure also places some crucial role right right and coming to Aesthetics like we have uh. These are fiber optics right, so have you ever met with any kind of accidents? Okay, but nothing happened to body. Okay, only two three times I changed the big levers. This brake levers, okay and one time handles it fully. You have changed right and we have 85 kilometer kmph is the top speed of this vehicle and have you ever tested that yeah, I usually till 93 kilometer per hour 93 kmph, okay, so with billionaire without billion? Without billion without billion, so with pillion, it will be around 90, 90, 87., 87. So without billion it will be 93.. I got 93., so you got 93 right. Okay and some of the common issues we may get for, electric vehicles is when we are in when we are in under rainy conditions. We may get some issues so have you got any kind of issue not got right? Okay and in bumpy roads, uh suspension might get some kind of issues Music, so is it warranty only for battery and motor or it includes vehicle parts? Also? No, they include all parts. Okay, not physical damage points; okay, so anything if its there internally, they will change that uh without having any without charging any price right right. Okay, in Jubilee San banjaris area, we used to have slopy roads, slanted roads right so at that conditions. So how like? How its performing its performing good and not got any issue in early areas? Okay, so youre not getting any kind of issues while you are on hilly road, so that wont be any problem right.

So, Im coming to suspension suspension, you have already told me that you have changed that one, its a mono shock observer right, so how its performance there like when you are in bumpy road or when you are riding on a village road so holds the performance. The suspension was very good okay, one time it will change it. Okay, yeah. You already told that, and now what about breaks yeah brakes are dual disc: okay, yeah its good traffic conditions, its okay yeah right, its, not okay, its good, very good. Try it: okay, okay, its very good, yeah. Okay, there will be no no problem right and coming to customer service part how uh showroom people are offering how they are responsive, foreign, okay, so uh you have taken. You have purchased this vehicle for 1.20 lakhs and if I have 1.60 X, because the showroom now uh the bright price is 1.60 lakhs. Should I go for purchasing this vehicle? What do you say? No in your Market if any vehicles are there? Okay, if you do some research and you can select it right, okay, so you are not suggesting to take the vehicle right. Why? Because, because nowadays, whenever where it is available right, so many bikes, if you, if you okay, yeah right so its not advisable. No, if I ask you to rate this vehicle out of five, how many stars will you I will give you four shots? Okay, may I know why why it has lost one star due to service due to service the only problem, so this is the only problem.

Revolved okay: bike is very good. Only service responsible is very low. Okay, first yeah, okay, and at last, as a conclusion, if I ask you tell me uh three positives and three negatives of the bike. What would you say? Revolt uh advantages are good, attractive. Okay, public will easily attract the bike. Yes, second thing: uh light: headlight is very good. Okay and third, one is break and suspension. Okay and range also can be a positive. So what are the negatives? The negatives mostly uh reward bike, not having mud guard. This is the main disadvantage. Okay, second thing: quality lights, uh, brake quality, breaker quality is not good and uh Revolt, not having middle style, its understanding. Yes, you are right. I also face that, because uh we need to have Center stand right. Sometimes it will be useful to us and coming to stand also. We have stance, and so for that it is a safety feature. Okay, talking about the features of the vehicle. What are the features that they have uh given for this vehicle, the world reward app? Is there its good for all people? Yes, app connectivity, it is very good and we can see the writing. Statistics say in that type, also right that you can say, live location, live percentage, okay, why rates right? Okay, so thank you. Thank you, Mr Ajay Kumar. Thank you very much for your time and valuable information, and we have uh seen a good response from your side.

Good feedback from your side and thats all in our friends, thats all about the customer review of Revolt, 400 and hes, saying that if you want to buy a new bike, new e bike, just do some research, because more n number of electric vehicles, n number of Bikes are going to come to our market, so is better if you wait for some more some more other models and thats his review, guys thats all about the video, and, if you like, this video, give it a big thumbs up and also share this video. With your friends and family members for more such videos, please subscribe to our Channel and hit the Bell icon to get instant notifications.