Everything else is, is changed, youre not locked into a two or three or even four year contract which a lot of these these deals are like that, so the really cool thing about an onto subscription is that the costs are all included within that monthly payment. So every single thing that youll need to to run your car is is covered, so you dont have to pay for electricity to charge the car you dont have to worry about. Even the insurance for the car, the breakdown and the maintenance are included as well and theres no deposit, so youve not got that surprising deposit to pay after youve seen the entire seeing monthly payment for your lease. So this Fiat 500e, its a very well put together car, it feels very um refined. It feels smooth its got a very comfortable ride and Ive really been enjoying driving around today. It has that sort of electric surge of torque that when you put your foot down on on the floor it just it just really does surge forward, and it just feels effortlessly, quick and, of course, the other thing about the the Fiat 500. Is that it just its got this really cool retro thing going on, like I really love the interior of this car. It looks great, especially with this body colored section here, which is the same color as the outside of the car, which in this case is like ocean green, which is like a weird flip color between green and blue.

So it looks green kind of most of the time, but then you look at it from another angle and it looks blue. I really like what they did with that and of course you can pick whatever color you want. It has got all the very latest tech on it, so you do have like this. This cool screen here with all the um things you need on it, like youve, got Android, auto and apple carplay, which are really good and thats Wireless, so you dont even have to plug your phone into it. Youve got this like Digital dash in front of you, as well with all sorts of information, and for me, I really like the the power and the charge meter, because you can see how much it is going back into the battery or how much is being used. While youre driving along, I will be doing a full review on this car, but that will come later on when Ive had a bit of time to properly get to grips with it. You need to charge your electric car with onto theyve partnered up with many different charging companies, so there are over 12 000 charging points around the country. For you to pick from. All you have to do is take the the card; they give you and scan it against the charging machine and then press a few buttons on the thing. Stick the charging lead into the into the car and Away you go.

It really does just work like that. Theres, no other messing about you. Dont have to download all the different apps that you that you might need for all the different charging points it just works now, speaking of apps onto have an app themselves, which means that you can keep an eye on things like how many miles youve got left For the month, as well as what charge your car is currently on, and you can lock and unlock it from a distance as well and then, if you dont, want to use the app to lock or unlock your car, you do get the key as well. So its Best of Both Worlds, you can choose to do what you like there and then the other Joy of onto is that you you go on their website. You sign up like a normal website like youd sign up to anything else. You put in your details. You you upload your driving license and then once youre ready, you pick your car and they can deliver it to you in 72 hours, so its very, very quick delivery. If youre, someone like me and you, you kind of always finding yourself uh getting a bit bored with a particular car and you and you think, oh after a year of owning a car, you want to try something else. Theyve got you covered because you can just uh swap it for another electric car when you like, so if you, if you think oh, I need a bigger car, I need bigger back seats or I need a fancy, something a bit sportier or anything like that.

You can just uh very easily order a different one and theyll swap it for you for a small fee in the past, Ive actually only ever had a new car once and its because I dont like the idea of getting locked into the two three or four Year, contract, because you never really know where your life is going to be into in that time, and you dont know whether you you might end up, you know, have a couple of kids on the way and you need to change the car it always. It always sort of made me think. Oh I dont want that to happen to me halfway through three years of a PCP so with a subscription thats fine, because you just uh, If your circumstances change you just uh cancel your subscription. So if you want to see what electric cars are all about and uh, you dont want to have to sign up to a two to four year deal to to do it then uh definitely worth looking into go on to on.2 thats the website on.