This is a full in depth: Tour review of the 2020 Green Building air EV standard range, exterior, Mechanicals and interior. The for the air AV Standard Version – this is a normal type theres. A flip key mystery color is of good time. Theres a Blackberry and black cycle manners. The main exterior filler is galaxy. Blue Music front door handle light gray fabric seats. Two spoke multifunctional steering wheels. There are white panels on this boat. The steering wheel is made out of rubber for transmission. The air EV comes with a single speed reduction gear. I think this is for Park, reverse neutral and drive. This one has rear parking sensors, along with the thing cam were behind the gear. Selector are the two different electric windows. Both of them are automatically in both directions. Up and down the standard stream has a mechanical handbrake. The driveway selection Music now lets take a look at the exterior foreign Music plastic covers the wheels are locked in the wind Max Eco Towing, 145 70 R12 tires for headline this. The standard range past energy reflector headlights down below are the indicators in June rolling over the fetal hatchback pure electric micro car, the air EV. It is sold for now only in China and Indonesia, but willing has plans to select worldwide. This is the fifth model to be based on sdmw global small electric vehicle platform underpins the Willing Hong Kong mini EV and the bergeon EV micro plus E100, E200 and E300 in Indonesia.

Last August, in two variants, standard range and long range hoist that 250.6 million Indonesian rupees at willing arrest the Ringwood one. In fact, the air EV is the cheapest electric vehicle on sale in Indonesia, and it is also built locally for the design. The Willing air Evie looks cute and feels outside the planet Earth in his galaxy blue color for the front and Evie means no Grill. There are halogen reflect the headlights and the Willing logo on charging port illuminates early when stationary on the standard. Spec standard makes the gloss black piece instead of LED light bar, which extends into side mirrors along the side. It has giant windows for increased passenger Comfort phone door handles and dual tone Wheels. I wonder where the LED rear lights, a flatware window with an inside for brake light and willing lettering on the gloss black piece. There are gray, molding, trims, front and rear. However, the air EV comes without a rear. Wiper foreign foreign foreign comes with two options: standard range and long range. The Mechanicals are located inside the cars flowing powering. This AEV is a single electric motor mounted on the rear axle, which produces 41 horsepower and 110 newton meters of torque. This has a lithium ferrofosphate battery with an IP67 waterproof rating contains a capacity of 17.3 kilowatts per hour and 115 volts charging times on a 2 kilowatt. Ac type is eight and a half hours. Air AV has zero ca2 emissions and the standard range has an estimated range of 200 kilometers or 124 miles.

The air EV is rear. Wheel, drive foreign Music pressure monitoring system to leave her to release different days automatic transmission. Dual pedals Pharmacy has four manual adjustments for flying and the bar for sliding Music pinwheel has no adjustment on the standard trim. Only Longridge has detil only adjustment, as you can see: theres no bar there, but onto the steering wheel on the wires but use the audio controls volume seat. Cap blue to accept core voice control media sources, the less one can this one controls the instrument panel. The watch store is the light and indicator controls. The left door is the wiper controls a 7 inch TFT mrd display controlled by these buttons there foreign to get used to you just adjust the cast settings through these buttons. The air AV comes with manual aircon controls temperature on the left, AC button fast speed in the motor. We do recirculation different zones, including the front defrost. There is no main touchscreen display. As you can see, it is through this mrd display controls only for the driver. This has FM, AM Bluetooth, USB, Etc, and so its provided by two speakers on the standard page Lets test that sound quality Music lets turn the audio down, because I dont want to alarm anyone else. The sound quality sounds adequate enough. You can try the media sources for here. This has voice control, hello, hello, which is only offline and below our two USB inputs, one for charging in the Overflow media, two hidden hooks in front of the gear selector, the 12 volt power outlet manually adjustable view, mirror theres a USB port behind it.

A little different reading lamp has a light, switch grip, Honda only for the front passenger side, driver side, sympathize there with vanity Miller and a card holder. Some of the Willing air EV standard ranges. Interior, the interior is purely simple. Also, the driver can only control the audio and like a drivers, seat adjustments. Nevertheless, there is a current drivers display. The seats has enough comfort on the dashboard. The hard plastic materials, along with white panels, now lets check out the rear seats. These are the rear seats for rear seat space Im a short person. The rear seats are fine for my height tall people, or six Footers would be fine back here. Theyve got plenty of Headroom legroom front seat back pockets on each side, with grip handles on each side too. Now lets check out boot space to gain access into different Bay, pull this lever twice Bay; another Vehicles, mechanics the white plastic fluids, cars battery, Etc. To open up the boot theres, a touch pad right beneath the wooden lettering. Music, its based in the air EV, is such tiny inside is the charging kit, the first aid kit, the rolling triangle? If you want to carry luggage, you have to fall down the rear seats, which split 50 50.. You can either cover rear passengers or luggage, not both foreign side Music. This has two airbuses standards, all the storage which can be ventilated, exposed bit of storage. There, net storage with my wallet inside there Music.

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