A 64.8 kilowatt hour battery 407 kilometers 253 miles of EV range thats, an increase of 22 kilometers 14 miles from the previous model. It has 201 horsepower and 188 pound feet of torque front wheel. Drive only Kia believes that 70 of all Nero sales will be the EV. So people want to know what do you get with it? What are the key standard features? The base trim comes with a 10 and a quarter inch touchscreen and digital driver display wired, Apple, carplay and Android. Auto a battery heating system, heated front seats, a manual driver and passenger seat with height adjustment cloth upholstery, keyless entry, 17 inch wheels and a tire repair kit in the U.S. The base trim get some extra features: a power driver, seat, leatherette and cloth upholstery. A wireless charger and a power liftgate: oh look, Andrea, our favorite, a rotary dial shifter. What are we going to put it in? You got to put it in s for subscribe and if you can hit that notification Bell, youll be notified when all of our reviews drop and then you can watch them, and we do this. The couple car review twice a week, the first one drops on Wednesday. We put another one out on Saturday, so make sure you like And subscribe, but the most important thing is to hit the notification Bell also follow along on Instagram its motor mouth underscore Andrea to get a sneak peek behind the scenes from me, its motor mouth underscore Auto and the links are below the like button.

This video is brought to you by Canada, drives shop online for your next used vehicle and enjoy the convenience of two year door, delivery and the confidence of a seven day, love it or return it guarantee visit Canada drives.ca to learn more. I really like the seating position in this EV. It feels a little bit higher more like the Kia celtos youre sitting up and over the dash. The visibility is excellent. It just handles really well. You know what we have had a chance on this trip here to California to drive the hybrid, the plug in and now the EV. The EV really is the best one, because it has the most power its got that snap, that Andrea loves so much, but also because its heavier its got. You know the big battery right. It just feels more substantial and more grounded, more grounded, more polished, more kind of upscale, almost yeah. Now this has four levels of regen braking. It has the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel that you use to control it, so youve got coasting, which is the first mode, and then youve got three others that control the regen from soft to heavier feeling and then theres eye pedal where you just pull the Paddle shifter forward for about three seconds, and it goes into this mode and boy. It is a strong regen mode when you put it in that the minute you take your foot off the accelerator.

The vehicle begins to slow down immediately yeah thats, your real one pedal driving mode were not big fans of that it can be jerky for the passenger driver knows its coming passenger doesnt its like driving a manual youre kind of anyway, its something we dont love, but Have at it, if you have an arrow one thing, we should say about this because if youre tuning into this video youre kind of thinking on maybe one electric vehicle and youre considering this, this is just a front: wheel drive only vehicle theres, no all wheel, drive Even though its got that crossover, SUV, Vibe, really front wheel, drive only and weve got that question actually as a Hot Topic so well get into a discussion about front wheel, drive and all wheel. Drive new to Kia is digital key to touch which allows the driver to both unlock and lock as well as start the vehicle Kia tells us that you dont even need the key present. You just need your phone, you know what that sounds like Tesla, and you know what they have innovated a lot in the EV space, so yeah they deserve credit for that. Its kind of cool technology theres. Also some great driver, Assist Technology in this, including forward Collision. Warning Lane keep assists Lane, follow, assist blind, spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert. So we were lucky enough to go to the design center here in California and meet the designer of this car.

Nice young guy, talk to him and I asked him. I said the blade on the side of the car that airfoil thing that looks like an Audi R8. I said why didnt you make it on every single version of the Nero, because its really only on the top trims of the plug in the hybrid and this EV yeah. He said thats above my pay grade, so I think its one of those things. If you want it – and I think people want it, you got to get the top trim. Well, the thing is its a really unique design element and the fact that its functional and improves airflow and aerodynamics is even better. Youve got a really neat looking vehicle here. Yeah the one thing about having something thats Advanced attack like an electric vehicle – you dont, want it to be too freaky looking no, but you want to get some street cred for driving something different, and I think that this is a fun car. I think it would be cool if it was in a fun color too yeah, like imagine if you had like a Sunburst orange or super bright, blue or turquoise yeah. So the headlamps are pretty cool because the daytime running lamps have the line of a heartbeat and then, when you go to the rear, you can see that theres. Some inspiration from the Kia Sportage wait. Wait. Andrea were in the United States, thats a Kia Sportage yeah.

Oh, by the way, there was a Korean host there yeah and then and were talking about this car, the Sportage Sportage in Korea called Sportage. You, I think, is how he said it yeah that sounds pretty good too doesnt it. So youve got those Boomerang, LED tail lights back there and thats another very unique design, cue and its nice – that they integrated that and took something from another newer vehicle that theyve just come out with this EV gets 5.9 inches of ground clearance and it comes standard With projector beam halogen headlights LED tail lights and 17 inch Wheels along with a tire repair kit. Did I just hear you say halogen headlamps, Andrea. You did available LEDs right, yeah, yeah, thats kind of cheeky dont, you think yeah. I think it should be standard. Led headlights, we think it should be standard Ledge in business, doesnt cut it for us, and also we want the blade on the side deviated color on all trims, throw it all in Kia bam. The inside of this thing certainly looks, futuristic and modern, but also traditional at the same time, well get into that in a second, the techie part of really the screens right yeah. I really like the modern and clean look in here and it comes standard with a 10 and a quarter inch touchscreen and a ten and a quarter inch driver display. So I think that that gives it a real wow factor.

The HVAC controls and the infotainment system share the same panel and you can toggle back and forth to each and its actually a great concept. It keeps everything very clean in the interior and it doesnt take up a lot of space, so I complained in other vehicles like the Sportage, the Sportage, and the Sportage, I think, is how I said it is that you would take your eyes off the road to See whether youre in HVAC or youre in the radio we found out a trick today, if you press and hold one of the buttons you can preset your favorite, so you set it to entertainment. So when youre driving along and your favorite song comes on the radio Andrea likes, take that yeah – oh God, remember that song um. Do You Turn up the radio or you turn the button and you know its the volume and you only occasionally change the heat. I think thats a great idea. We only found that out today now these seeds are really comfortable in here. I think that you would enjoy the Nero on a long drive. Actually, weve done a lot of driving today, thats been great yeah like so comfortable now, weve got the top trim of the Eevee, its the limited model, and it comes with everything you could possibly want, including a leatherette interior. It also has the Harman Kardon sound system, driver C memory, a power passenger seat. It has ventilated front seats and heated rear seats and the sunroof no panel roof, though no panel roof.

Now I highly recommend going up one from the base model. Theres only three trims in Canada, but thats where you get the heat pump, uh thats a pretty important feature in Canada. You also get a heated steering wheel, a power driver seat and the power tailgate. So we should explain what that is. A lot of people ask what the heck is a heat pump. Why does it matter? So if you dont have a heat pump, you have whats called resistance, heat thats where you take electricity and you put it through an element to create heat. Just like a baseboard heater, well youre, using electricity right with a heat pump, youre using electricity where youre using what you have in a housy heat pump that takes the cold air and warms it, and vice versa. Its a much more efficient way of heating or cooling. A cabin thats why you want it now in the U.S theres two trims, wind and wave, is the top trend Im more wave, so Andrea can attest. It Im, definitely more a win. Yes most definitely, but we dont need to go there right. Who needs to know this stuff? Well, you know I dont even want to know it okay, so what do you get and when similarities similar standard features to what we get in Canada? However, if you want the heat pump, heated, rear seats and a heated steering wheel, you can get that on the base model.

You just have to add a package and its the same with wave. Now the heated steering wheel is a standard feature on the wave model, but you have to add a package on that top trim to get the heat pump and heated rear seats. Can you believe that I can believe that Zach loves getting in the back seat and can stretch out youve got quite good leg room quite good Headroom. The seats are a little bit firm, but definitely passable with the armrest, its pretty comfy. As we said, the Nero EV is a spacious vehicle. It has similar front leg, room to other EVS like the Kia Soul, the Hyundai Kona and the Mazda mx 30. The Chevrolet bolt euv offers the most space in the front row. Second row: legroom is excellent. At 36.7, inches beating out most of the competition we mentioned, except again for the bolt euv at ‘.2. Inches cargo area is very useful. You have a power operated liftgate on this trim and then you have a fairly low floor. However, what is not under the floor? Andrea yeah – and there is no spare tire – I have it right here, but how does it Stack Up compared to the competition excellent for overall cargo capacity and space behind the second row, all of the competition that we mentioned? This beats them all so thats the rear cargo area. Yes, the EV in the Nero range is the only one that gets a frunk its, not that big.

Maybe you could to work some cables there, but its nice to have all right. You have some questions. We have coffee lets, get at it time now for questions, coffee and cars. Your questions from Instagram Ive heard Kian Hyundai battery degradation is nowhere near Teslas. Are these the same batteries as previous generation? So we spoke with Kia candidate about this, and they said that these are vastly improved to the point that the system remains around 36 Celsius and that it doesnt get too cold or too hot. Of course, Kia recommends, as do all brands. Dont use a DC fast charger all the time, because the battery does get hot and its just generally, not good for the battery this or the base model ev6. How does this compare price features wise to the Chevy bolt euv? Well, we are actually recording this right here at Kia headquarters in California. All we see is Kia yeah, all we see is keys and right in front of us is, is a Kia ev6. Now the ev6 is a sporty looking vehicle. The thing is that it has a lower roof yeah and its a sportier looking Vibe than this car, and you need to check out the Headroom is sufficient for you, its a more expensive product. It has all wheel, drive, of course, and this is just front wheel, drive and then you get into the bolt euv. Is it really good direct competitor to this? So we were on the phone on the way here.

Oh Andrew was driving. I was looking it up and you know what the top trim of the bolt euv thats, the more utility looking one yeah with all of the features, their pan or roof, and and so on – comes out right around forty nine thousand dollars Canadian and this ones. How much uh this top just over 52.? So it is a little cheaper and you did some comparisons when it came to actual space right well before I get into space and that comparison, the base model price of the bolt euv is around 40 000.. So this is quite a bit more for the base model, plus the bolt comes with a power driver seat which this doesnt on the base trim. So there are a few extra features but space, wise front row, legroom and second row legroom. The winner is the bolt euv, but this has more cargo capacity, but both of them really are Korean people. Dont understand that the bolts drive system is basically developed in Korea, yeah and the batteries too, and both of these qualify for the federal EV rebate in Canada. At five thousand dollars, and also rebates in different provinces across Canada that are participating, we put out a lot of content each week on the motor mouth YouTube channel and its super easy to find all you do is go to the YouTube search bar and type in Motor mouth, the name of the channel, then the brand youre looking for, in this case its Kia and all our videos pop up its that easy.

Looking forward to the video review, have they told you when they will arrive in Canada or the ordering process? Well, they told us, but we cant tell you no theyll tell you, they actually have started pre orders, they sold out pretty fast in the pre orders, but you can go to your dealership and pre order now and the plan is for them to arrive next year. Sometime, probably in the spring or maybe even earlier than that they said, production of the Canadian models will start in the first quarter of 2023, so its going to take some time for them to cross the Pacific Ocean and come to your dealer, but yeah late winter. Early spring and now its time for our Hot Topic, whats this one Andrea. I really like this car its too bad. It doesnt come in all wheel, drive love the look! Well, the whole all wheel, drive front wheel, drive thing: this is a debate that never goes away. You have to really remember it wasnt, that long ago, where most Vehicles were just front wheel drive its really only been in the last 20 years, where utilities have really made such big inroads and everybody got around fine in the winter, especially, we have things like traction: Stability control to standard equipment and much better winter tires. Yeah, I mean, if you put on a really good set of winter, tires. Youll find that a front wheel, drive vehicle is quite good.

I do understand that people who live in colder climates, who are dealing with deeper snow, that they just feel more comfortable with an all wheel, drive vehicle. I remember my first vehicle was front wheel, drive. Oh, it was a beauty, it was the Dodge Colt and you know what I went up to Squamish. I lived there because I was in broadcasting at a radio station up there lets just say Whistler, because more people Whistler up in Whistler, I drove that Highway. Twice. A week from Vancouver and – and I was just fine and we got quite a bit of snow up there and I think that front wheel, drive vehicle says you said – are much better today, providing extra features to help with that, like traction control. So this is a full EV front. Wheel, drive Andrea says it is the subcompact class, so what other vehicles can you buy? That are like this for your consideration. Four vehicles for you to consider up first is a Chevrolet bolt euv. It has 200 horsepower and up to ‘7 kilometers of range, it has a starting price of just over 40 and a half thousand dollars. The Hyundai Kona EV has 201 horsepower 415 kilometers of range and a starting price of just over forty seven thousand dollars the Kia Soul. Ev has 201 horsepower with 248 kilometers of EV range and a starting price of just over forty three thousand dollars. Heres our Used Car alternative from Canada drives.

ca we chose a 2018 Kia Soul EV with just over 83 000 kilometers on the clock for 30, 590 click on the tab or the link in the description below to find more vehicles in this category from Canada drives.ca. So there are four EVS for you to consider. Everybody wants to know the charging times and More in our Vital stat ads lets start with pricing in Canada. The base model starts at just under forty five thousand dollars, and the top trim is just under fifty. Three thousand dollars, Canadian in the U.S, the base trim starts at just under thirty nine and a half thousand dollars, and the top trim is just under forty four and a half thousand dollars U.S. The Nero EV comes with an 11 kilowatt on board charger. The Nero can go from 10 to 100 percent with a level two charger in just over six hours and with a 350 kilowatt DC fast charger, 43 minutes, the top EV trim comes with an onboard power generator that can power or charge various items in the US. This EV no longer qualifies for a tax credit. This EV is not recommended for towing and Kia offers a warranty of five years or a hundred thousand kilometers sixty Thousand Miles lightning round two things. We like two things we like to see improve. I, like the range on this totally enough for what I would do daily. I think its funky, looking what Id love to see is a heat pump standard, at least in Canada, on this EV and that side blade, thats a deviated color all trims KIA KIA is killing it with electrification, hybrids, plug in hybrids and now another EV its good To have options this video is brought to you by Canada, drives shop online for your next used vehicle and enjoy the convenience of to your door delivery and the confidence of a seven day, love it or return.

It guarantee visit Canada drives.